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Infestation of Home and Family

Posted by L (Missouri) on 11/22/2007

Ted, I having been viewing your site for about a year now looking for more information on scabies. We have had a severe infestation for about 1 1/2 years now. My husband came home with a hunting dog a friend gave him. He told him it had red mange but it turned out to be sarcoptic mange, we were clue-less. Anyway all of our dogs caught it, we have 9. We used the borax and peroxide to start with because I never use chemicals on our dogs, even their shampoo is all natural. As for the humans in the house, I have been covered with scabies from the start the boys and my husband have bites but nothing like me (is there a reason for this?). The guys took over all the animal care to keep me away from the bugs but I still get them off the laundry and if one of them come anywhere near me after they have been around the dogs, the bugs get on me! This has been a nightmare for over a year now. The family Doctor put us on permethrin cream and the Vet had the dogs on tac-tic (very poison!) We had been using the cream for months and the dogs had went to pro-late, sulfur dips and others, all poison. I have had dogs very sick for treatments and we have twitching eyes and just feeling ill and the last Doctor visit were given Stromectol (thats ivomec for people). I have tried for months to figure out why we were unable to get rid of these things!!! My Vet and Dr both were treating us and the dogs but no one ever said anything about our horses and cattle!!!! Also mice rabbits and other varmints that may be here and there. My husband has been setting live traps for a week now and has caught 8 opossums just around the barn at night. We had no idea, neither have ever had mange or scabies and don't know a thing about them. Recently I found something that has worked better then anything else I have used. This is the first time in over a year that the front of my legs and thighs and my face have been clear! I would like you to check it out, I think it can help alot of people. I did have one problem with it, I was carrying a small spray bottle around with me so if I felt a bug on my face I could spray it (it would stop it dead in its tracts) but my face and other tender parts of my skin were getting a little raw, I looked sunburned. I was using it alot more then I really needed to but I could not take these bugs running across my face and getting in my ears anymore. Its a pesticide-free formula that contains enzymes from plant sources. It kills head lice too. I found it at my health food store. I don't want to give the name but I have never seen it in any of my web surfing. They do have a web sight you can check it out and decide if you want to share this with others on your site. This stuff has been wonderful for me, its giving me my life back. I don't sell it and have no interest in it other then using it. I really hope this can help others, its been a long horrible journey for me!!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear L: the bugs get on me! The bugs get on you because there is a hives of them around the house. Use DEET spray please (such as OFF! and other brands) and get rid of the hives!

Therefore, to get rid of scabies, re-infestation should be dealt first. Regardless of what product you used, the biggest problem about infestation is that they have hives hidden in the house responsible for nearly all of the re-infestations. Most treatments work, in killing off demodectic mites, for example but they came back again and again non stop in greater number, until I found a way to stop the problem completely.

Let me give you an example of what happened with my dog. I experimented with the concept of re-infestation theory by observing various treatment on my dog. My dog once had a thousands (actually more) mostly ticks, but also some mites and fleas fleas that can fill a medium sized cooking pan over the course of a over month (mostly from the fat ticks). I should know since it accumulated over into that pot in diesel fuel oil, before throwing them down the sewer. After such huge numbers of mostly ticks, and some mites and fleas, the dog then acquired mange. The reason it had gone to such a severe case that my dog nearly died, was the unusual rain in Thailand this year during the three month's of almost continuous rain here.

I used permethrin based shampoo on the dog and used especially the borax and hydrogen peroxide. The efficiency in killing of the fleas and lice, I noted were most effective with the borax and hydrogen peroxide. But the numbers of fleas and lice refused to reduce in numbers. One record day, during the rainy season, I collected 500 dead mites on my dog, but still some more on my dog, and the next day the same number of dead. It is as if there is no reduction in number.

The best way to control this sort of infestation is what has worked well in the field of health officials for years: quarantine.

After over a month I refused to quarantine my dog in an attempt to find the source of the problem, which I know full well, but I just had to prove it to myself before making recommendations to other people. Despite the spraying and killing all the mites in the house, the mites refused to reduce in number. Since my dog is nearly dying, and its amazing how my dog can survive this since he is about 16 years old (yes, I am doing an experiment on longevity on my dog too) so I had to give him some supplements to prevent him from dying.

On the 1.5 months of non-stop infestation despite best efforts to spray with borax and hydrogen peroxide and permethrin based insecticide or shampoo. I decided to quarantine the dog on the theory that re-infestation occurred because there is a hive of mites, fleas and demodectic mites in my house. The dog was clearly supplying their food despite all the toxicity.

I send my dog to another house, where it has been unoccupied for years and took a bath with borax and hydrogen peroxide and some DEET spray twice daily, so that the mites and other infestations won't occur.

The next day, there is no more new mites, fleas, and some reduction in mange. I decided to investigate why that area my dog lived had so many fleas. As it turns out, the fleas, and mites were living by the hundreds in small crevices (of the cement floors), walls, and other dark places I can't see. The reason why I know this is when I spray them the insecticides in these area (permethrin based) there are hundreds of them coming out. Apparently they can live on months without blood from the dog.

The key to prevent re-infestation therefore is to first quarantine the dog to stay in a small confined area, where fleas and mites can't survive. That means, a room that has no carpet, not dark, and relatively isolated, free from the insect eggs. During this quarantine time, feel free to do a daily bath of two things: borax and peroxide. After the dog is dried naturally (no rinsing!), after several hours, I will spray my dog twice a day with DEET spray, to prevent stray mites from coming back again.

The second thing is use a powerful bug spray such as a termite spray, or a safer permethrin insecticide spray THOROUGHLY in the area where the dog used to live, which is relatively large, if the dog is free to roam. The key is a dog can roam free, provided that the area is dry and away from dirt. If you allow the dog to roam on the grass, or dirt, he will get a re-infestation for sure. It must be noted that fleas, mites and demodectic mange exists and live in hives, much like a beehive in hidden areas around the house. They can walk as fast as a cockroach or a cat walking whenever the dog is caught sleeping. The favorite area for a re-infestation in humans is the same: the bed. And that needs to be sterilized. I will use orange oil mixed with 80% ethyl alcohol to spray on the bed, humans and dogs to prevent re-infestation. The house needs to be disinfected, much like a major overhaul of killing off all the insects.

The third thing, mites, and demodectic mites MAY not be in the area in the house after spraying them. The reason is I have seen as many as 100 mites a day running like tiny speeding cockroaches (although not as fast) from the outside going into my house! Apparently these mites can detect the smell of dogs from as far as 200 meters! Therefore it is necessary to kill the area of these mites, or prevent the mites from outside from reaching the house. What I did was I need to spray regularly a tank of borax and hydrogen peroxide in the surrounding perimeter, and sometimes using permethrin.

I have never seen a worse infestation like this, but it does happen as a result of rain and who know, bioengineered insects released from laboratory that is now infested the world over. I have no way to prove any of this, but I have never seen them so prolific in producing as much as 500 mites a day, based on the numbers of DEAD mites the next day from the washing of my dog with borax and peroxide. However it can be stopped, as long as we understand the source, which is it can live in large hives in the house. It can come from OUTSIDE the house.

One final tip: a neighbor of mine uses toilet cleaner that has hydrochloric acid to kill the thousands of mite eggs by cleaning with a strong acid cleaner. I don't like that and prefer a milder borax and hydrogen peroxide, plus quarantine of the dog. I am sure that if it happens to me, many other people should have the same problem I have, and insects lately have gotten so prolific, perhaps from GMO, horizontal gene transfers and other things scientist do that gets released out into nature causing havoc. I has happened before with Killer Bees, it seems now we have killer demodectic mites, ticks, and fleas.

In case you are lost with my details, to prevent re-infestation it is most important to use quarantine, killing off mites and the use of DEET, to prevent them from coming back. The DEET spray should be used on dogs or humans at least twice a day. Killing off them is easy, the big problem I have encountered is the re-infestation

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
391 posts

Dear L: To reduce the scabies assuming reinfestation is prevented, than application of most permethrin based creams and borax in 1% hydrogen peroxide applied to the skin three times a day should stop it.

Replied by Maria
Las Vegas, Nevada

I feel like I'm being eaten alive, like the scabies mites are going to kill me. I don't have money for diametacous earth. Or for permetrhin I can't find sulfur. I can't stop cleaning and bathing and its torture, and I can't sleep unless I pass out from exhaustion. Do people die this way?

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Maria, read up on Epsom Salts, and Borax (cheap items).

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Maria, one more simple thing to try: try chopping up a bit of garlic daily, and swallowing it like a pill with water. It may make you less hospitable to the critters.

Replied by Andrea C

Hi, I posted about Scabies on a question about 'Bed Bug's' there is a link there for you to read. You won't die, you are very anxious because of your situation, hence the non stop washing and cleaning. Scabies is not a disease of dirty people, it's a very infectious mite. It can be exterminated, but you may still feel the symptom's week's after their killed off. This is normal, and so is your reaction. They will pass like wild fire amongst people, and unless every one is treated at the same time it will keep reinfecting every one. I only sent the post and link today (4/10.2013) so it may be a day or two before it's available. Please try not to stress your self so badly, and fatigue will only make your anxiety a lot worse. Try to get some rest, it's no good for you to exhaust your self in this way, and your probably at the end of your tether. It can be sorted, but you really need to rest up, I know it's easier said than done, and I am willing to bet a lot of people you have been around have it too. I had it before, and it spread for mile's over a wide area extremely quickly, but we got it off some one who gave a mattress to my friend, and we were trying to tear our skin off!! You would not believe the number of folk who have this, but don't admit to it, odd's are every one around you has it, it was in my case. And try to keep cool, getting over heated make's it worse. If my post is not up by tomorrow, I will find it and post it to you if you let me know whether or not you were able to find it. Just repost and put RE:Scabies... Andrea, then I will remember you and give you the link. Love Andrea C xxxxxxx

Replied by Om
Hope Bc Canada

Scabies can easily be treated with the homeopathic remedy Psorinum 30c. I used it years ago and within thirty minutes all was over. I had no need to do all that frantic cleaning. I my have followed up once more but that was all.

But prior to that I went to a walk in clinic and the doctor gave me a remedy that is also for head lice. On reading the enclosed description I found out it will cause cancer. When I used it I saw my aura become black. So this also must happen to produce that is grown with pesticides. I call it left hand medicine when a remedy brings death in its wake instead of vitality and health. It was then that I was really done with allopathic meds. Unless I were to break a bone or had an accident, I would never use that system of medicine again. That cost me $8o as opposed to the homeopathic remedy $8.

That was many years ago but I have always a twinge in my liver even though I am living a vegan life style. All the best, Om

Replied by Nora

Do to cancer I have a trach in my throat and a feeding tube in my belly and now I have scabies. My family doctor has placed me on Permethrin 5% cream and now Ivermectin 3mg. They are not working. How can I stop these scabies and yet protect my trach and feeding tube. I am in my 70's and live alone? Need help please.

Replied by Nonny

Hi Nora - I'm so sorry to hear about your scabies. Have you checked the Earth Clinic page regarding solutions people have found? Here it is:

I hope you will find the answer that works for you. Don't despair - sometimes it takes more than one remedy. Take care - you are in my thoughts.

Replied by Linda

Nora, I had them as well. Here is a cheap way you can take care of them. I am an herbalist and I tried everything natural that I could find, all to now avail. I ordered many things on the internet and most helped, but didn't truly eradicate the critters. Here are a few things I would suggest. First and foremost MUSTARD SEED POWDER. It's very cheap and you can use 1 teaspoon in 1 teaspoon of water and then wash your hair in that by putting some shampoo in that amount, just enough to wash your hair. Leave it in for a 20 minutes, ideally. Also, put that same mixture of water and mustard powder in your cream rinse so that it stays in your hair. Next, put some plain powder in a nontoxic cream that you can apply to your arm. It will burn, but if it's too strong, just add a little more cream and not as much mustard powder. But leave that on your arms and face. If it burns too much, then wash it off and dilute it a little more. Try to endure just a little bit of burn, though. That burn is killing off the bugs. Next thing is start chopping/mincing up about 10 cloves of garlic each day and put them in a jar. Every time you pass by the jar, take a teaspoon/tablespoon of the garlic and swallow it with water. No need to chew. Use that each day to keep pathogens out of the inside of your body. Next, buy some GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT (GSE) from the health food store. Use that to wash around your trach area and keep that clean. If you have tape around the area, apply the GSE to the outside of the tape. Also, wash your hands meticulously any time you handle the trach. With the Mustard see, you shouldn't have the mites for long. I had the most difficult to cure, the red bird mites, and the mustard seed finally came along upon the advice of others. PRAISE GOD!!! Keep the faith and remain in prayer to fully overcome these critters. God bless you. Don't get step at a time.

Replied by Lula

a good thing is neem, clove oil, cayenne pepper in powder and tumeric powder. Mix with coconut oil, you should spread all over your body and you will feel your body burn. Keep in mind that is acting on the mites.

Replied by Tina

I've had mites for 4wks now. I can't seem to get the doctors help or anything. It's very frustrating. Thank you GOD bless you also.