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Looking for Natural Cure for Sarcoid

Posted by Charles (London, UK) on 11/03/2006

I am interested in finding out if anyone know of any natural cures for Sacoid. I have had this since 1996 and I take prednisolene (steriods) for it. I will appreciate yours or your readers response. Thanks.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Charles: You mean sarcoid. Yes, prednisone is a common treatment. As always to solve sarcoid you treat the cause. Usually a sarcoid starts when you have a bout of cold that refuses to go away. If treated early with zinc acetate 50/mg per day. That condition would have stopped.

Later on, the conditions will buildup into a persistent cough. At this stage taking menthol crystals, and licorice extract would have stopped the persistent cough.

Then when the cough is persistent enough, it goes to the lungs. Since the immune systems are down and no one ever bothered to raise the immune systems anyway, fungus like organism will begin to invade, often you will have a pneumonia-like conditions. At this stage, inhalation therapy will help destroy the fungus like organism, such as adding some grandmother's old remedy like, eucalyptus to the humidifier, and some other recommendations posted in earthclinic.

If you allow the conditions to persist, it goes into the blood. Usually people with a suppressed immune system, have have either one or two conditions, such as frequent immunization, which suppresses the immune system or the body is high in heavy metals, which tends to accumulate around the glandular functions, which obviously suppresses the immune system, and other glandular functions sometimes simultaneously. Heavy metals usually come from defective water filter, faucets, fried foods, metallic cooking utensils, such as rice cooker, etc.

At this stage of the game, oral chelation, taking citrates, alkalizing, minimizing immunization, or taking minerals antagonistic to mercury, cadmium such as N Acetyl Cysteine, selenium, zinc, etc. would have saved you. Of course most people don't so they go to the next stage. At this stage, there is enough mycoplasma colonies to enter your bloodstream. Interesting things begin to happen. The mycoplasma in order to survive needs heavy metals, of which they are in great amounts around our glandular organs, such as pancreas, thyroid, pineal, thymus, adrenal glands etc. where heavy metals tend to stay. So this is where the fungus also set up colonies to hide behind the heavy metals. Antibiotics cannot reach areas where heavy metals are high, as they get destroyed in presence of heavy metals. This is why chemist love metals, we used them as a form of catalyst in chemical reaction. Unfortunately, they also destroy antibiotics too. The only way to remove naturally in this stage is artemisinin (artemisia oil) and or chinese parsley. Not many will chose to do that either, so once the mycoplasma begins to grow, it causes glandular inflammation or irritation. In which case they become hyperactive.

The bad part about glandular hyperactivity initiated by these inflammatory mycoplasma is they can be in any part of your glandular functions. If it is in the thymus gland, they cause "lupus", if it is in thyroid glands, they cause T3 or T4 imbalances, if it is in the entire thyroid, they you get hyperthyroidism. Just think, only a couple of months before you had this sarcoid thing, you had hypothyroid because heavy metals tend to suppress their activity. Now it is going hyperactive because mycoplasma are making colonies in the same heavy metal sites. Of course other areas are good possibilites, in the pancreas it initiates hyperinsulinemia, in the adrenal glands, it initates hyperadrenalism then pretty soon, for too long it gets adrenal exhaustion.

Of course, mycoplasma as is in all cases of fungus are the single most difficult organism to kill. The ideal bioweapons is not the anthrax, it is not the bird flu, or any supervirus, as what Hollywood movies imply such as Aeon Flux, or Ultraviolet, etc. It is the mycoplasma or the fungus. In the event of a nuclear holocaust, only two organism survives: the cockroaches and the fungus.

Of course they have an achilles heal. It is alkaline diets, ammonium salts, chromium chloride (through supplements), copper chloride (through supplements), zinc acetate, and some others. The key is to disturb their protective shell, which is heavy metals through chelation, ammonium compounds by virtue of penetrants, and alkalinity since they can't survive there. Certain aromatherapy, such as oregano, thyme and tea tree oil kills them too. You can take them internally, the tea tree to kill them. However antinflammatories applying lavender in the area of body where there is glandular inflammation will help. I now begin to suspect camphor, the active ingredient of the lavender to be the one that stops the mycoplasma, and nano growth and also stops glandular hyperactivity to normal via anti inflammatory activities of them. To make a simple camphorated oil, I might use grape oil with camphor powder. So as you can see there are other natural ways, a great many ways other than the use of prednisone.

The theory, practice and cures of scarcoid are pretty straightfoward, but how many websites out there really tell you this? If I know this, I think a lot of other people know too, just that they don't want to post the information. Ted

Replied by Pat
Colorado Springs, Co, Usa

God Bless You! Randomly finding your posting today will save my life and the lives of several of my family members. Thank you!

Replied by Joyfulbeauty
Miami, Florida

Thank for posting such a wonderful article. I just had a cat scan yesterday and they have found a few patchy groundglass densities in the upper let lobe and a nodule in the right upper lobe. I will be seeing a pulmonary specialist this week to rule out anything else, but they believe I have sarcoidosis. In the meantime, I have completely gone vegan, with sprouts, wheatgrass, etc... And am going to be hooking up my alkalizing water machine. Thanks again and my desire is to reverse whatever I have and become even healthier than I am today.

Replied by Erica
Plano, Texas

I would like to say thank you very very much for giving this wonderful information. I was diagnosised with sarcoidosis October 2009. My symptoms began as sever sinusitis , numerous enlarge lymph nodes, loss of smell, and inability to breath from my nose, dry eyes, and weight loss. I was told there was no cure and prescribe steriods and antiboitics over several months before finding this site. I want to thank Ted, because I started your protocol nearly a year ago and every symptom has been reversed, I even regained my sense of smell which I loss for nearly a year. Since then I also have referedd friends and family to this website and they have regained health in many instances. Thank you!

Replied by Denise
St. Louis

What brand of zinc do you recommend. I can only find it in the gluconate form. Thank you.