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Husband with Restless Legs, Feet and Arms

Posted by Saba on 05/31/2008

hi! my name is Saba, and i've been reading ur stuff at earthclinic, not to mention i'm impressed ... i'm here emailing u with a problem, my husband is having for the past 2 or 3 years. he feels restlessness in his legs, feet and even arms, sometimes it's that bad that he couldn't sleep . i'm sure u have something to say on that,pl ease plz answer my mail. take care, saba

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Yes this is a common condition often called hyperactivity and various other names, such as ADD, restless leg syndrome. There is a cure for this condition that I observed, although it will take time, but improvements are usually seen within a couple of weeks, usually three weeks, but often sooner, if only people got all the supplies. lol.

Recently I have tested successfully of suffering from several years of suffering astenia and another of a sleeping disorder. Astenia is a more serious condition in which extreme weakness also.

However the cause is quite often a condition I called an acid brain condition. An acid brain condition causes depression in woman, but in men there are several disorders depending on the location in which the acidity of the brain occurs. If the acidity occurs in a left temporal lobes of men, then it becomes aggression, if it occurs near the central inner region of the brain, which controls the clock mechanism then sleeplessness is the problem, but if combined with lack of cellular energy from reduced oxygen and metabolic acidosis located on the pre-frontal lobe of the brain then it becomes hyperactivity or ADD in men.

If it occurs in the middle top region of the brain which controls the arms, legs and face, then it becomes restless leg or restless arms or even a restless face syndrome. Sorry, sometimes, I am forced to invent new words because I just got these conditions are often not yet recognized by authorities.

Well, at least that's the basic physiology of the problem. So Kip Kinkel who murdered many school friends and also murdered his parents were suffering from brain damages often what I personally called "acid brain" induced by various psychoactive drugs (such as prozac and ritalin), which I suspect to damage further in the left temporal region of the brain. Obviously mobile phone use near the left temple of the head, or left ear isn't going to help during such use as it cooks the brain, as some Russians who cooked boiled eggs using two cellular phones in an hour. I still haven't resolve whether left handed people are similar affected, but right hand people do.

As to why the brain is acid, and why the brain is in oxidative condition the common cause are metabolic acidosis induced best known through the use of aspartame which are now added in many consumer products from Flintstone's mutlivitamins in children, to Gatorade drinks for sports, to common sugar free products such as diet Coke, Coke Zero, diet Pepsi, Pepsi max, and many other foods. These tend to degrade in presences of human enzyme trypsin and become a methanol alcohol, which is in presence of oxidation becomes formaldehyde which kills the brain cells. I suspect it kills off the glial cells and other cells which controls the alkalinity of the brain too. Obviously the remedy is to avoid that first as it is the most dangerous of them all. While authorities refuses to acknowledge its' dangers, methanol and formaldehyde can be found in high amounts, especially if one takes a combination of oral rehydration salts, creatinine and aspartame, which can kill a person. Of course
there is a case of a person actually dead from aspartame from methanol poisoning. THe reason is simple. Oral rehydration salts cause retention of body fluids, creatine supplements causes retention of water too, so kidney is not getting rid of it, and the longer methanol stays in the body, the further it degrades into formaldehyde. Doctors use ethanol or alcohol to stop methanol poisoning but this can kill a person too because it kills off brain cells. Certain brain cells control vital functions such as heart beat and breathing. So the effect of alcohol can further kill you as a means to find antidote of methanol. Actually vinegar and sodium acetate would have stopped the methanol or formaldehyde poisoning but of course doctor's don't do it, which is why the person was killed.

The other cause is heavy metals and acid forming foods. Heavy metals, usually what I found in restless leg syndrome is the cadmium, but mercury and other toxic heavy metals are also apparent. They can come from metallic kitchen utensils, old faucets, and old uncleaned water filtering device, which actually pollutes more than an unfiltered water. Bacteria frequently grow on metallic objects and if you observe the metals inside the faucet, they are very rough, which further increased surface area for more heavy metal poisoning.

Now once the body consumes free heavy metals it shorts the electrical circuit in the brain as heavy metals are carrier of electrical condition. So obviously reducing heavy metals will help reduce restless leg, arms and face syndrome. Heavy metals are hydrophobic, which means they are oil soluble, but soapy products, which are alkaline in nature will dissolve them, allowing the body to rid of the heavy metals easier. Two remedies are in order, one is a more milder remedy, although it's not going to help the sleep problem, and the other one is a more effective one in helping the sleep, although it is a bit harder to find in supermarkets.

1. 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water taken three times a day. If the mouth is metallic in taste, or sour, then a small pinch of potassium is added, such as 1/8 teaspoon of potassium bicarbonate is also added, but only temporarily until the conditions go away. The alkalization remedy seem to work and restless conditions reduced rather slowly.

2. A more effective way to reduce restless condition is what scientist called the carbicarb remedy. The remedy is really confined to CPR and revival of dying people, but I found it to be very helpful against many conditions. Although I have used this remedy before I was aware they have a name, I have found their measurements of 1: 1 ratio molar is not appropriate where baking soda to sodium carbonate are about 1: 1 in ratios based on calculations of atomic weights. The more ideal one seems to be 2: 1 at least for sodium bicarbonate to sodium carbonate. Where 1/2 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate plus 1/4 teaspoon of sodium carbonate in 1/2 glass of water seems to be somewhat better in practice. It's taken twice a day. To help sleep, the remedy therefore is taken between 1-2 hours. For me the remedy kicks in rather fast within about 15-30 minutes, since I don't have sleeping problems that severe. So a more chronic one, may take as long as 1-2 hours.

Both remedies, but especially the second one, is a more proper term of "internal cleansing" since literally, the sodium carbonate common name is called washing soda, which was originally used in laundry detergent. Alkalization is a method mother nature uses to cleanse the blood by removing toxins, grease, toxic fats, etc.

However, conditions of restless has multiple causes, but alkalization is the primary method. Vitamin B complex, after years of trial and error, I found vitamin B complex to be very helpful. The B complex I prefer is any thing from B50 to B100, where B50 is mostly 50 mg each, and the B100 is 100 mg each. Of worthy of mention is the niacinamide B3, which also helps sleep and is taken usually 500 mg before sleep by 1 hour can also help. However, alkalization is primary method and B3 also helps too. Some people with less problems of sleeplness I think can take lower dose, but less effectiveness such as 250 mg. I have noticed for niacinamide to kick in you need at least a 500 mg dose, but some sensitive people may respond to a 250 mg. dose. For me I respond to a 500 mg dose. Niacinamide is most useful in controlling domestic violence, especially by the husband. The key is to give 500 mg whenever a husband becomes violent and the heated argument that can result in violence will be reduced within a matter of about 30 minutes. So it just does not reduce emotional problems it also helps with the sleep and restlessness. Vitamin B complex also increase cellular brain function and metabolism reducing the problems associated with ADD and concentration as well as inducing rest instead of restlessness.

Direct chelation therapies can also reduce heavy metals that cause restless syndrome. A more severe restless syndrome can become an epileptic seizures. Thus cilantro or coriander one to three tablespoons taken once every three days will help reduce the heavy metals. Interestingly, superconductance of heavy metals which helps the body's health can occur if alkalization is used as a method of chelation, where the metals become a superconducting ORMUS, which is an ancient bibles mentioned the use to cure various diseases by burning them into white powder, but biochemically these can also occur internal in the body through alkalization in presence of already toxic metals instead of working against us, in some ways of course. But it is the soapy attributes of alkalization that prevents the metals from interfering with the neural functions by aiding its removal as a more likely case.

Certain acid foods needs to be avoided. Free fatty acids is acid, where it comes from fried foods and vegetable oils used in high temperature, such as potato chips, but heavy metals such as aluminum is also found in the form of aluminum silicate even in common table salt. At my home, I just used sea salt with ocassional iodine supplements, where the preferred iodine I used is a sodium iodide, which is colorless white powder. A more easy access ot iodine is taking of kelp.

One other restless condition is the lack of omega 3 fish oils, NOT cod liver oil. Fish oils come from fishes, usually salmon fishes. Cod liver oil comes from cod fish and their livers. So there is a difference. The omega 3 I used comes from fish oils. Western dietary habits, in particular after 1980s, the omega 6 to omega 3 has gone way out of proportion from something like 4: 1 to 20: 1 on omega 6 to omega 3 ratios. The lack of omega 3, which is found in high amounts in the brain causes brain instability, which leads to restless condition. Therefore, while I do frown from excessive vegetable oils, olive oils and oils in general, especially in cooking because most of these lack omega 3 anyway and omega 3 are easily destroyed upon cooking by oxidation, I tend to prefer to take fish oils one capsules daily, but when I know I lack it, I may take 1000 mg x 3 times a day for only a week, thereafter I might take it once every other day. It is important I buy fish oils with very
long expiry date, which in other words, are new bottles of fish oils. They are also subject to oxidation the longer they stay on the store shelves.

The other important remedy is the granulated lecithin. That I might take, if I can afford it 1 tablespoons of it twice or three times a day. Lecithin is a component needed by the brain to help the brain myelinate. Myelination acts as insulators to prevent brain from short circuiting or preventing brain transmission signals, much like an electricity without the insulators, which obviously may lead to restlessness.

Magnesium citrate or magnesium gluconate supplements are helpful since I used this also in the past, such as 250 mg a day. Magnesium helps muscles to be relaxed, while calcium causes the muscles to be contracting. Hence restlessness symptoms causes the muscles to contract too frequently too.

The usual avoiding of sugar, especially aspartame, chemical fumes, minimum use of vegetable oils used in cooking at high temperatures, wheat products, too much meats, too high phosphoric acid from coke, caffeine in coffee, green tea, , too much fruit juice should generally be avoided if the condition of restless symptoms occur.

Finally amino acid supplements is helpful in stabilizing the brain function. Amino acid taurine supplements protects against the daily assaults of monosodium glutamate often hidden in the foods we eat and Taurine amino acid I think is best taken once a day as avoiding them is increasingly difficult as food companies now hide them under other names as hydrolyzed protein, yeast extract, and other names. I wish these companies would add taurine so the problems of MSG wouldn't be so toxic even if the company does refuse to remove MSG. Of course, it is generally best just to avoid processed food altogether, but reality thrown in, that's not easy either. As to why Asians are not fat despite their intake of monosodium glutamate, the answer is that vaccinations containing MSG when the child were first born within a couple of days was not injected. MSG leads to lifelong obesity, and the fact of adding MSG, aluminum and mercury in the vaccines assures that disability of the child will be a lifetime. Interestingly some infant milk formula don't even have taurine but are an essential amino acid for the babies too. So that's the simplest explanation. The other is that the Japanese, not Asians in general anyway, eat fish a lot, which are high in taurine. Also I suspect taurine to be helpful in condition of restless symptoms as they are neuroprotective in effect against free radical damages too. Ocassional vitamin E, and vitamin C sodium ascorbate are also neuroprotective too.

It's very difficult to cover every aspect of restless condition in just one sitting in one single email, so obviously I might forget something, in which case feel free to ask more questions! If a summary is called for it's a condition of metabolic acidosis, excess heavy metals, lack of omega 3 as a major cause of restless condition.