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Woman W/ Rsd Always Had Scaly Skin on Hands

Posted by H (Anonymous) on 04/23/2012

Ted, I've searched EarthClinic but found no explanation or "cure" for my hands. Since childhood they've been thin, bony and the skin resembles chicken feet. Twelve years ago, I developed RSD - aka CRPS - and they've gotten worse. They don't itch or bleed, just look old, bony, scaly - now red and swollen as well as achy! I hoped you might know why they always looked so strange, and might have an idea for how to fix them.

I'm female, 60 years old, and also have asthma/allergies, RSD, and may have Fibromyalgia. I began following an anti-inflammation eating plan which helped my allergies tremendously, and the chronic pain eased up a bit. I'm exhausted most of the time, but cannot tolerate any medicines beyond an occasional pain med, (I hate the side effects - they make me feel poisoned) and try to just "live with" some pain.

Do you have any suggestions for my hands and pain? Thank you for your attention and time.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Although I suspected much of the conditions of this is due to trace rare earth mineral deficiencies (eg. Lanthanum chloride, cerium sulfate, praeseodymium chloride, or the lanthanide series), there are some minerals that contain some of that (but takes long to have an effect such as a week, which for me is very long), they are found in Azomite.

The good news is, there are more down to earth cures that may help relieve the conditions as such, urea 40% water 60%, applied to the skin, and taken internally urea 1 teaspoon taken 6 times a day, for example. It should respond immediately, such as maximum of 30 minutes. The other is bentonite clay, make a wet paste and apply the skin and fan dry. Repeat the process three times, consecutively. and you should feel better immediately after the three applications. As for the explanation, urea is found by me to be very low with people with that condition, and it works that way. Another reason is there is necrosis factor, and with bentonite clay will removed it. The worse case scenario is none of them work in which case I would try Azomite, which is less accessible. Now that also depends on the age of the individual, and they may respond better with red clover, which helps bind estrogen that causes the veins to be in such a state, taken 1/4 teaspoon x 3 times a day, of the red clover powder.

I had one patient with similar conditions. and was basically cured within few weeks and given a few of the supplements that helped, such as sodium thiosulfate, urea, EDTA, bentonite clays, But I believed that urea and bentonite clays will do for now, and try to avoid chlorinated water, fluoridated toothpaste, as this also exacerbates the condition, including most of the vegetable oils especially if heated. Sodium thiosulfate can be applied also.