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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 05/19/2012 391 posts

Radiation causes cancer. This may sound boring, we all know this, but you will be amazed at the level at which it causes cancer. I give you just a few examples, and there are a lot more where they come from. I have this guy in Phuket who got cancer all three times the moment his plane landed in Singapore. Oh sure sounds like coincidence, but its not.

The background radiation the moment the plane lands in Singapore, is over 100 CPM, geiger counts per minute. Any amount over 100 CPM is considered dangerous. Phuket is a lot lower. Bali tap water is dangerous, exceeding the safety levels, as well as Singapore. The moment the guy goes back to Thailand, whether its Bangkok, or Phuket, he feels better, again the radiation count is below 100 CPM, my house is around 50 to 80 CPM. Can't be sure, however my friend measured my house already.

His bladder cancer was first witnessed the first time he went to Singapore, and he started bloody urination. Since he didn't choose surgery, he chose the supplement and diet plan, his cancer is since deactivated by Rife Frequencies on three separate occasions, and to prevent the ones with Ray Tube, is the Rife he was using.

By deactivation I mean, whenever his blood sugar gets above 100 mg/dL, he bleeds, always. But my definition of deactivation, as opposed to cure, is defined as having blood sugar above 100 mg/dL the moment he wakes up, and after meals 3 hours, for the day, is as precise as I can say, and doesn't cause bleeding. Whenever a cancer gets "reactivated", the same is true, blood sugar above 100 mg/dL, for as long as the bladder cancer started, by bleeding. Once deactivated, and blood sugar is below 100 mg/dL, the cancer doesn't grow at 90 mg/dL to 99 mg/dL. The cancer goes into remission (with supplements) at 80 mg/dL to 89 mg/dL, in other words cancer cells break up, and comes out via the urine as scar tissue, so the tumor shrinks.

What matters to you is that the "background radiation" is indeed VERY HIGH, in the atmosphere, its around 700 CPM, from mostly the gamma radiation, found in the cockpit of the airplane, or in passenger terms, in the fuselage. No it is indeed not safe. I have this man in Australia "cured from cancer" of the prostate, was so happy that he went from Australia to New York to visit a doctor to "prove" he is cancer free, using supplements and diet plan I recommended, he then flew back to Australia and had "brain aneurysm" which turned out to be brain tumor. The problem, was he no longer believed in the supplement and diet plan with that experience, but he was not aware that CANCER is initiated by his long airplane trip round trip from Australia, as the gamma radiation took its toll on the immune system.

And there is a simple way to measure "stress", its called the blood sugar! Any form of stress you can imagine can be measured by one simple measure, blood sugar, whether it is not enough sleep, eating too much, heart broken, depression, even the flu, your blood sugar always rises. So the doctor was right in prescribing more water if you have the flu, the water has an effect of reducing the blood sugar, by diluting it! The same can be said for diuretics, such as white tea, they get rid of excess sugar by increasing the urine output (and sugar). The sugar is well known to turn off your immune system, by 3 hours with 100 grams of sugar, for normal people! But the sugar also is food for viruses, including any cancer virus, and bacteria (such as gangrene!),

If you have a Geiger counter, you will know why Singapore has the highest rates of cancer in Southeast Asia, it has over 100 CPM, in radiation and over 100 CPM IS NOT SAFE. The food there is over 100 CPM, in the airport. As to why one country has more radiation it can come from Nuclear testing where much of middle U.S. has high radiation. So if you have a Geiger counter, it will tell you the truth about radon gases, background radiation, maybe even in areas of high leukemia. If you don't have a counter, maybe just test the blood sugar. It measures the basic body subjected to various stresses expressed in a single variable that explains most of the things such as unsafe human growth hormone doses, eating too much, eating too little, vulnerability to flu. But if you don't like to pinch to draw the blood, the next best thing is a Brix refractometer, not exceeding 1.5x, for measuring the urine's sugar.

I submit to you from a friend who bothered to measure with Geiger counter the various places he visited:

  • Bali Airport 80 CPM (ALL data are maximum readings not averages in Counts Per Minute (CPM))
  • 12,000m altitude 781 CPM
  • Singapore outside 140 CPM
  • Cooked fish in Singapore 140 CPM

The result of this is that airline flying is not safe, mostly due to background radiation from gamma rays, it's 700 CPM (dangerous is at least 100 CPM), where safe levels are below 100 CPM, especially for people who are immune compromised, have cancer, or diabetes. In fact the clients who are SEVERELY diabetic of all the clients that I see are actually retired airplane pilots (their blood sugar averages 200 to 300 mg/dL), so severe that some of them are blind! So there is nothing romantic about pilots in terms of health. Beautiful stewardesses would just accelerate their aging process as gamma radiation attacks their immune system. In fact it may explain a lot of things, why do people suddenly get Meniere's disease, flu, stroke, and a lot of condition on their return trip back to their country, especially the frequent flyers? It would also explained to me the cause of Economy Class Syndrome and Jet Lag. It's always about Background Radiation, especially the gamma radiation. Of course I haven't measured other things such as negative ions (they are too expensive), and was lucky enough to get my friend's results from the geiger counter while he flies to various destination.


Replied by Gavin
Manganui, Northland, New Zealand

Alaskan airline staff have been having a problem with regards to their hair falling out and skin rashes, some pundits have been saying its flying through the radiation from Fukishima. But the official line is that they have to much tribuytal phosphate in the uniforms. I can think that both explanations have a high degree of probability. But its worth taking onboard that if the cloth that these uniforms were made of is likely to be in the general population as well.

Replied by Ron


I am wondering what you mean with 100 cpm (counts per minute??? so 1,6 cps?). then this has to be wrong. even with an efficiency of 10% this would mean an activity of 16 Bq while the average human body contains 8500 Bq. so according to your post the natural activity of the human body is over 500 times higher then considered safe. Also it ignores the energy of the radiation. one '100 cpm' is not as harmful as the other '100 cpm'. Actually one has to express this as gray or sievert. Currently one uses the LNT model so it's not even possible to say anything like 'an amount above x sievert is dangerous and below is safe'. anyway, the dose of exposure to cosmic radiation during a (long) planeflight is in the order of magnitude of 100 microSv. this low dose will never cause any deterministic effect. A stochastic effect however is possible from the smallest dose though with a chance proportional to the dose. in this example of 100 microSv it would mean you would have to make 150 planeflights to have a higher cancer risk of 1 per 1000 per year. Or in other words: 1 such planeflight increases the cancer risk with 0,0005%. so I totally agree with you when you say 'you will be amazed at the level at which it causes cancer'. it is actually an amazingly low level compared to other carcinogens.