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Anxiety and Hormonal Balance

Posted by Christian (Kentucky) on 11/22/2007

Checked many sights about this matter to no avail till i found this site with alot of great info even though i haven't seen this topic addressed i know a great deal of men and woman would really benefit myself included so if anyone knows of any natural way to deal with this issue all help appreciated.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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A premature ejaculation is ejaculation too quickly which is relatively common. However some even more serious is a delayed ejaculation, which ejaculation almost never occur from improper practice. Usually in a premature ejaculation the descriptions I read were quite complicated, however nervousness, hormonal imbalance, and neural functions are the major cause. There are over the counter drugs which reduces sensitivity for premature ejaculation, but that is hardly a cure, but it is quick and dirty method. The quick and dirty method is profitable because people will continue to buy medicines to reduce sensitivity for the rest of their lives, much like getting hooked.

To reduce nervousness and anxiety, the remedies of using at least 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda (plus 1/4 teaspoon of potassium citrate) in 1/2 glass of water taken for two weeks may reduce nervousness, cause the body to be more relaxed, and hence, reduction in premature ejaculation. It takes at least 2 weeks for the body to properly establish alkalinity. I have also found adding 3-5 drops of sodium thiosulfate (dechlorinator) in a glass of water reduces the body's nervousness and a strong calming effect too. Excess chlorine and fluorine are the other that leads to impotence, which makes a good policy for population control, but it also leads to sexual dysfunction. So avoid chlorine, fluorine and bromine (from bromine bleaching processes found in white bread and white flour. Boron supplements, or a small pinch added to drinking water might in some cases lead to normal hormones and reduce fluorine levels too. The second thing to reduce nervousness and anxiety is deep breathing exercise. A slow but natural breathing where the lower stomach, not the upper part does the breathing. Inhale slowly and deeply and exhale. This is followed by some meditation together with proper breathing. The simplest way to achieve some hormonal imbalance in line with neural problems (neural function tells what glandular function to produce the hormones) is both lecithin supplements (from one tablespoon of granulate lecithin) which normalizes neural function and reduce "shortages" in neural function as lecithin is an important supplement that insulates neural condition. A shortages occur with lack of phosphatidycholine which causes premature ejaculation is one of my theory. Although this needs about a month's of supplement to reduce this problem. Certainly, neural shortages can be reduced with some chlorella supplements, as free heavy metals tend to cause neural condition problem as are sufficient electrolytic balance of potassium and sodium, from certain sport drink taken now and then, such as once a week. Vitamin B complex in my opinion is also important and vitamin C sodium ascorbate also help normalizes neural maintenance, especially acetycholine and serotonin which is needed for normal ejaculation.

One final supplements that seems to help may be due to lithium deficiency, but only a tiny amount is needed, such as 5-10 mg of lithium citrate, as these support neural growth and has a calming effect also. Of course I kept this last in case the above remedy didn't work as expected. Finally and most importantly is magnesium citrate 250 mg/day (or magnesium chloride, or magnesium gluconate) for 5 days out of a week also reduces the metal toxicity which I think may also cause the premature ejactulation, ESPECIALLY to cause muscular area involved in ejaculation to relax instead of contract, which leads to premature ejaculation. An excessive contraction, usually from excess calcium may be one of many cause of premature ejaculation also. My personal opinion is magnesium causes the muscles to relax, reducing the premature ejaculation, but lack of potassium can also cause the problem by reducing muscle contraction and hence, the use of sodium bicarbonate and potassium citrate remedy. Of course too much potassium is never recommended as it may also lead to muscle fatigue. The potassium reduces the electrical potentials that causes reduction in muscular contraction thus reduces the premature ejaculation on that basis. Still all remedies should be considered and no individual remedy should be considered.