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Posted by Marianne (Monteagle, TN) on 10/08/2006

After testing my blood, I was diagnosed with Polymyalgia rheumatica exactly one year ago. At the onset I had a low-grade temperature, a general feeling of being ill -- close to what it feels like to have the flu. I also had extreme pain in my shoulder & hip joints, neck and wrists. I was very stiff for several hours in the mornings. I could no longer get up off the bed or a chair without assistance. All of this came on very suddenly. My family doctor prescribed PREDNISONE which helped with the symptoms after 3 - 4 days. Over this year I am being monitored and the prednisone dosage slowly decreased. The stiffness is about 90% gone, the joint soreness is tolerable BUT I am feeling the side effects of prednisone. (Bloated face, weakened muscles). The prognosis for polymyalgia rheumatica is that it will cure itself within 6 months to 4 years. 'I found your site hoping to find an alternative (natural) to prednisone.

Replied by Ted
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Dear Marianne: Polymyalgia rhematica is bought on by the body's low immune responses. You need to raise your immune levels. Certain supplements such as magnesium chloride or magnesium citrate for example at 250 mg/day should help. Some zinc acetate 50 mg/day, brewer's yeast about 2000 mg/day, kelp, and vitamin B complex and some selenium and you should feel much better the next day. It is necessary to raise your antioxidant level using a recently revised formula I have used, just came out yesterday which is as follows:

One whole fresh lemon juice you just squeezed yourself, then mix add some water, to about 1/2 glass of water at least. Then keep adding baking soda 1/4 teaspoon each time, until it the lemon juice tastes like water. Then drink this twice a day, once in the morning and once before bedtime. This will effectively alkalize the body, increase the immunity by more oxygen, raise the antioxidant level of ORP (oxidation reduction potential) of -140 millivolts, so the body can recover. This is the closest a healing water analogue I can come up with, that is similar in many ways of the natural healing water or sacred healing water found in certain parts of the world. So this should help with a great many conditions, perhaps as much or even more than ACV. However, I haven't had the time to tests which one is more therapeutic, chemically speaking whether it is the ACV + baking soda, or lemon joice + baking soda. If I do, I will post when I have time