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Hair Loss From Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Posted by Juju (Algiers, Algeria) on 03/08/2015

Hello Mr. Ted,

Let me begin by saying knowing there's still a noble soul out there such as yourself gives me hope in human beings. It was uplifting and felt really nice reading all the thankful words from the people you have helped. I've found out you were on house arrest, I pray that God will protect you and keep you safe from every person who intends to hurt you. I wish each one of them gets beaten by karma as soon as possible.

I apologise beforehand if I happen to sound informal or impolite, also if I didn't express myself properly, it surely wasn't my intention to do so- English is not my mother tongue.

I'm a 26 years old female from Algeria (white African) with B+ blood type. It all started when I was 19 (2008), I noticed my hair density was less than before but didn't care much at that time as I never had problems with my hair. It was always long reaching my lower back and the hair texture was medium. When no improvement was seen I visited a doctor, he reassured me the reason was stress given the hard times I had passed through previously and told me in 6-8 months everything will be back to normal. Then I moved to the UK (2009), the hair loss was noticeable to me whenever I looked at a mirror but people who didn't know me from before would never guess I was suffering from hair loss. I purposely mentioned the UK because I repeatedly heard a lot of people, including hairdressers, saying all the time how the water was too harsh for the hair, so maybe it was one of the factors that contributed to my hair loss?

Since then I've went to a so called leading hair loss clinic, gave me some liquid to apply on my hair, it was a total waste of money with their ridiculously expensive products- nothing changed. I tried Phyto serum for hair thining, I'm not sure if it helped, I still use their shampoo though. I did countless blood test. At the beginning my GP wanted to describe me antidepressant so bad he didn't even bother paying attention to whatever I said just because my hair looked "fine" to him. I don't have iron deficiency nor thyroid problem, although after seeing another doctor this summer in Algeria - who said my blood results were perfect - I showed my blood tests to a friend studying medicine in Germany; as far as I remember he said I had a very minor thyroid deficiency (not sure if it's the exact expression he used) and usually doctors won't consider it a problem because it's minor. On the last blood test I had with my GP he found out vitamin D was low. He described vitamin D along with iron for 3 months.

In 2014 my right side lower tummy started hurting me constantly. It was like a stabbing sensation, as usual the GP didn't take me seriously though I told him the pain hadn't stopped for a month and I should be sent to the hospital to have an ultrasound.

After some research, I got to know cysts can cause hair to shed. I was excited, after all this might be 1st step to finding the cure and re-gain my confidence. I saw him again and convinced him to let me do an ultrasound. To my surprise I didn't have one but ten small cysts just in one of them (both ovaries have cysts)! I was relieved after I linked the stomach pain to the cysts. Never thought about it as something serious specially after I was told by another doctor half of the women have them and they are doing fine when I asked whether it could have a negative effect on fertility.

I went to two doctors in regard with this matter. When both of them failed to convince me they would fix the cause of the problem and not just treat the symptoms with contraceptive pills, I stopped trying and hoped the cysts will just go away.

I've been worried the last few months after I noticed my overall hair density has been reduced drastically. The scalp on the top of my head and sides is very obvious now. I can't wear my hair loose anymore and I'm seriously thinking to shave it,, it's so bad my heart breaks whenever I see my hair in the mirror. I wouldn't be exaggerating if I said my hair now is a quarter of what I had if not less, I think in a year it's possible for me to become bald. On top of that my period has been acting crazy. For example the last one came after more than 34 days. The bleeding period was reduced from 6-7 days to 3-4 days! For a second I thought I might be having an early menopause! I finally decided yesterday to look on the net.

I read the abbreviation "PCOS" when I was going through an article, it hit me and I instantly remembered I saw "possible PCOS" in the paper the hospital gave me where it described the cysts measurements. I'm writing this with a tear on my cheek,, it's very irritating I showed the paper to two doctors and none of them told me about this polycystic ovarian syndrome, all they wanted to do is to stuff me with contraceptive pills. Please tell me the glimpse of hope I see is real and that you can help me cure what I have. I always dreamt of a beautiful family of my own and now all I picture the whole day is "PCOS causes infertility", "there's no cure". I don't know what to say but help me, PLEASE

Changes that occurred since 2008:
- I'm very lazy.
- Lately I started yawning around 8-9 pm although I literally don't do anything the whole day. Never was like this. By the way I sleep 8 to 10 hours.
- I can't tolerate cold weather even if I'm wearing lots of cloths, it's like my body doesn't warm itself properly, my friends would be walking normally and I would be shivering though I'm wearing more cloths then them. The irony, my friends used to envy me because I never needed much cloths during cold weathers.
- I keep getting "your hands are cold" a lot.
- My legs hurt rarely.
- I'm not sure how to describe this, there was a time where my feet or hands would became stiff and the toes/fingers would curl. It hurt like a cramp.
- Even when I'm 100% concentrated my mind doesn't absorb the information effectively. I used to learn before easily without spending so much effort.
- I forget a lot.
- Memorising is not good.
- I'm not myself anymore and it's very annoying. The bubbly crazy confident girl was replaced by a quiet girl who doesn't seem to find something to capture her interest and lost her appetite in life. I'm not sure if this makes sense it's like I don't feel anything.
- My communication skills became bad and poor.
- I can't form phrases as smoothly as before, even my reasoning doesn't function as good. Could it because I don't talk much and lack of confidence?
- 2-3 years ago few dark thick hair appeared on my breast- they still exist.
- Since the stomach ache has started in 2014, it was constant until last month it stopped.
I noticed my stomach is not flat anymore. Maybe I weigh around 56-58, height is 1m65
- Hair is very thin, the follicle is weak, I've seen many short hair falling (aprox 5cm and shorter). I forgot to mention I used some oil for a month along with boiled herbs I washed my hair with from a herbalist. It says on the box 15 oil, but the ingredients weren't written. I thought it was normal for the hair to fall during the treatment,, it harmed me more than did any good to me.
- I forgot to tell you my cheeks turn red and become hot out of the blue.

Regarding my hair, both the GP and the doctor I saw this summer suggested the hair loss could be associated with genetics. Maybe you should know I have one uncle who stated loosing his hair at the age of 25. He has the usual male pattern baldness.

Thank God I came across the earth clinic website yesterday, I pulled an all nighter reading people experiences' and feedbacks about polycyst ovaries syndrome. Came to a conclusion that I should probably do the acv with blackstrap molasses, your remedy for alkalising the body twice a day 8 tsp lemon + 1/2 tsp Sodium Bicarbonate + 1/2 glass water, Vitex (1capsule daily), castor oil packs on lower abdominal, sodium/potassium iodide about 5/mg. what I found on the internet is"Iodine (5 mg as molecular iodine, 5 mg as sodium iodide, and 2.5 mg as potassium iodide) = 12.5 mg" is it the right one? Also noticed people on earthclinic took iodine with other things like selenium, magnesium etc? Another girl on the site warned from taking iodine, it made her hair fall! I'm confused, can you please recommend what's the best treatment for my case and if I should consider taking any of the things mentioned above? Should I follow a specific diet? Any food that I should avoid?

I'm using raw onion juice on my scalp, should I continue? Heard a lot about castor oil but I'm afraid due to its thick consistency it would be difficult to massage it therefore more hair would fall. What do you think? Also a girl on youtube filled quarter of a small bottle with castor oil and the rest with water, she used once a week after washing her hair and she would leave it on the whole week. It helped fighting her Alopecia. Do you think it would be beneficial for me? also my grandmother suggested I wash my hair with Ghassoul or natural soap bars instead of shampoo, what do you think?

Thank you very much in advance, I truly appreciate any help from your part, no words can describe how much I'm grateful. Please take good care of youself. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The simplest to get rid of basic fungus is tea tree oil applied on scalp every night. Fluoridated water in UK is bad so avoid using that. The redness of face is caused by fungus but very hard to kill. The thing that help is maybe tea tree oil or vinegar and it will sting so keep it minimum or apply lightly. Too little iodine or too much iodine will cause hair loss. But 90% of people are deficient. Applying iodine to the feet causes least side effects. The vitamin D is D3 or D2 at 25,000 iu a day for one month should get tiredness less. People with hair problems have biotin deficient and take 1 to 2 mg a day or 1000 - 2000 mcg a day. Also vitamin E at 200 iu a day and B6 to resolve some digestion problem also. Red hot face is due to fungus and borax and selenium should resolve some of this.


Replied by Susie

I'm not a DR but it sounds like thyroid....have you had a test taken? Those symptoms are much like mine. I found mine was low so now I'm on med....not working yet though.

Replied by Big C
Currently Bkk

You might be interested to know that low thyroid is a symptom of Iodine deficiency, it would seem to make more sense to take mineral Iodine over prescription medication to remedy this.

Replied by Green Augustine
North Wales
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I'm a Caucasian woman in my 60's and for a couple of years have had very dry itchy eyes, at times so bad I couldn't drive and especially bad in wind, bright sunlight or chopping onions. neither my doctor nor optician could help so I went to an eye specialist/consultant who said my hormones were out of balance and as a result, my tears weren't viscous enough to stick to my eyes. He prescribed me some special eye gel which helped.

About the same time, I'd started taking 1-2 tablespoons of organic coconut oil a day as I'd read it would stimulate my under active thyroid( daily basal temperature was 31.6 C - it should be 36.6) and help protect me from Alzheimer's which is in the family. To start with I was using the gel twice a day minimum but after about 5 weeks noticed I was only using it a few times a week at most, and my basal temp was up to 36.5. A few weeks later I ran out of coconut oil and didn't replace it for a week. After 4 days without it, my eyes were itchy and I was back to using the gel twice daily. My basal temp was down to 36.2 but I didn't make the connection until I ran out again 2 months later And the same thing happened. Now my thyroid is balanced and I can't remember the last time I used the eye gel. I wake up refreshed, my hair looks better and I don't get the mid afternoon slump. I can only put it down to the miracle of Coconut oil. My doc wanted me to go on Thyroxine 2 years ago but now he says I'm fine. Maybe worth a try?