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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 02/15/2008 391 posts

There are many causes of photophobia, the most common with me is cataract, retinal detachment, and a vitamin B2 riboflavin deficiency. It is usually best to begin with riboflavin B2, at about 100 mg, plus the other vitamin B complex in the form of B50, taken 4 days of ot a week for a couple of months. Certain foods that is high in zeaxanthin, such as chinese wolfberries, that is prepared by boiling them in hot water over a glass coffee pot taken daily.

The other is carotene from carrots and vitamin A.

Cataract is one possibility and the only remedy against glycation or cataract is vitamin E 200 i.u. and L-Carnosine 500 mg taken usually at least once a day. L-Carnosine is most helpful if taken more such as 2000 mg and taken over an extended period of time, while acetyl l- carnosine is best, they are currently too expensive, but synthesis is relatively simple by boiling with acetic acid in laboratories, so my suspicion is that their high prices has a ot to do with low demand, despite the widespread cataract that often goes undetected. The cataract condition happens whenever looking at a light, fluorescent causes a glaring effect where everything seemed bright.

A macular degeneration, can also lead to photophobia too, and I have got macular degeneration mostly from two things:

1. Cellular phone use. The microwave radiation from the mobile phones is directly adjoining to the sockets in back of an eyeball, which leads me to retinal detachment and burning causing macular degeneration. Its easy to know that this is the cause, I always answer my cellular phone using the left ear and my best eyes BEFORE the cellular use is my left one. Now my left eye I can barely see. The condition is permanent, but the problems can further be delayed if handsfree mode is used. An earphone will never work as the cooking microwave radiation still goes to the earphone since it acts as an antenna, so the radiation is focused. The microwave burst are quite strong, and I have a microwave radiation meter to measure it so I should know. Research that it won't effect you is faked. Just by your own detector and this is the best way to confirm.

2. Aspartame. Decades ago, drank diet pepsi which caused deafness, than later partial blindness. Discontinuing stopped the problem, but some permanence is seen so it won't reverse some of this condition. In studies of laboratory tests, it caused testicular atrophy, and ovary atrophy, and brain tumors. I remember years ago an avid drinker with aspartame had his testicles removed after drinking for only a year, despite the fact that he was in perfect condition before drinking it, and another case of menstrual cycle didn't come on time, was another sign. I am sure there are plenty of unbelievers to the aspartame issue. It is easy to prove, if someone don't really care to damage himself permanently is to take one teaspoon of aspartame for a month, the conditions of diabetes is almost a guarantee, plus normal urinary pH of 7, is very likely to drop to about 5, which is the pH at which diabetes and tumors occur too. One case of lupus died just drinking diet cola despite years of suffering lupus without much ill effect. Taking aspartame in presence of human enzyme chymotrypsin, it breaks down to methanol alcohol, which further breaks into formaldehyde, which is toxic to the nerves, immune system, and the effects of acidosis, can be in the extemes. If I take just 10 mg of aspartame (and I won't dar now), the urinary pH of 7, within an hour of taking them it went down to 4.9 to 5.6 pH.

Photophobia might occur if albinism happens, and color distinction is not good, as well as possilbe use of botulism, botox, conjunctivitis, heavy metal poisoning, mercury poisosoning, and rabies. Which ever the case, I don't know of a way to prevent albinism, but I do do using botox might be problematic in this area - it is a toxin. Some use it to remove wrinkles. It's safer to use keratin coconut milk and niacinamide rubbed over the skin than injecting them. Botox removes the wrinkles because you can't smile, basically speaking. A heavy metal poisoning can be helped, such as mercury through the use of chlorella and spirulina supplements, but also the N Acetyl Cysteine. There is one catch: many aspartame are added in N Acetyl Cysteine products to make it tastes good. They are also not required to label them in some countries, so I ended up phoning the manufacturers and check whether they did add the aspartame or now. They cause light sensitivity for me too. What I do know is aspartame makes excellent bug killer, at least it prevents lices and mites from laying eggs. So they can be mixed in shampoo formulations along with pyrethrin insecticide or hydrogen peroxide. However, I prefer borax as a much safer alternative.

The one thing that is most important factor, is at least to see the doctors to examing what is the cause of the eye problem. Once the cause is known, than natural supplement can be used to remove the cause.

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Ted, do you have any update? I noticed, this is a while back.