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Question on Obesity by 49 Year Woman

Posted by K on 07/29/2007

Dear Ted, I've been on the Earth Clinic website and have been reading many remedies and cures and high praises for you. I'm 49/female that for the majority of my life have eaten a high fat and sugar diet, overweight by at least 60 lbs, majority of weight is in my stomach area. I started the ACV, BSM +1/4 tsp Baking soda about 3 weeks ago, along with a healthy diet plan. I've seen a slight reduction in the puffiness in my face and reduce bloating in my stomach area. But, I'm still an unhealthy mess. I figure I'm in peri-menopause (irregular, extremely heavy menstrual cycles that has reduce me to wearing adult diapers, and believe I might have a hypothyroid condition (my mom, two sisters hypo, and one brother who has grave's disease, I don't believe I have it just because they do but I have tried many times throughout the years to lose weight and no matter how much I exercise, and eat healthy I still can't lose the weight). I also have the typical hypo round, puffy face, and large belly, I have a second chin that seems to swell up and shrink back down at times. Here are some of my major concerns and hope you can advise me what I need to do in order to get back into a healthy body: Extreme fatigue that I can't seem to overcome Hair loss on head but more hair on face, arms and back of hands Very achy joints and sore muscles I don't sleep well at all I get up more tire than when I go to bed Brain fog and poor concentration so bad that I barely function I've had a mild sore throat for over a month now, and sometimes it seems like I have a lump or something stuck in my throat, right behind where my thyroid is located and was wondering if this has anything to do with my double chin increasing and decreasing in size from time to time. With my years and years of bad diet habits I'm sure my liver is a toxic mess, I did buy powdered lecithin, and been taking it for about a week. I'm hoping you can help me get on the path to better health and feel like a live person again. I sure you have been blessed many times for the people you have helped and I wish for many, many more blessings for I been eating plenty of vegetables and fruits, stopped drinking soda, eating white bread, white sugar, and working on stopping coffee. Switch to raw 2% milk or chocolate soy milk. Stop using Canola oil, now use Organic pure olive oil, cut back on my meat consumption and now buy organic, lean and grill it instead of frying. Thanks in Advance

Replied by Pamela
Coloma, Michigan

K, urgent you see your doctor.' What you described, your Thyroid is not working, this is inherited, as the regression, happens. your brain is slowing down, can't remember what you just did. Go before this happens. Hypo-Thyroid can lead to mental retardation. Dry skin, lump in the throat, tired all the time, are red flags. I go annually and have mine checked. I'm on syn-thryoid medication, without this I couldn't lose an ounce. Then follow through with Ted's formula for weight lost. I have learned so much from this lady, Mary Shomon, who also suffers with Hypo.thryoid, and has helped people with this ailment lose weight. She has a thyroid test questions quiz, to take before going to a doctor.

"Mary Shomon -- Patient Advocate" http://thyroid.about.com/od/findlearnfromdoctors/a/katelemmerman.htm

Replied by Pamela RN, CCT
Springvale, Maine

K describes classic symptoms of a' case of Toxemia. The 'cure' for this condition is to allow the system to clean out beginning at the cellular level. Fastest way to accomplish this is to use therapeutic water fasting. There are fasting institutes around the world- find them here:


If checking out of life and into a fasting facility isn't possible, doing a therapeutic juice fast at home will also allow the body to rest digestively and begin to clean itself out. Google "juice fasting" for resources, or use Green Smoothies for a few weeks to achieve wonderful results:


Most people are looking for cures to what ails them, and physicians are prepared to prescribe a pill for every malady. Instead of searching for ‘cures', wouldn't it be better to stop building disease? The "remedy mentality" is going to bankrupt America, both financially and physiologically. The basic recipe for eliminating disease, in 80% of the cases, is quite simple: stop poisoning the system; provide mega nutrition and adequate hydration; secure ample rest; and employ detoxing modalities as indicated. When these conditions are supplied, the body strives to heal itself. It will always act in its own best interest.

There was a time when American doctors reviewed patients' symptoms and then began to investigate what might be the cause of those symptoms. Before drug companies came on the scene and began funding medical schools, doctors helped remove ‘causes' more, and wrote prescriptions less. If a patient leaves a doctor's office without a prescription, s/he almost feels cheated. And if a doctor doesn't prescribe meds, s/he can lose his/her license for not practicing within the accepted standard of care. No doubt, many doctors must feel quite compromised these days. Today, we are locked into a ‘disease management' system that is designed to perpetuate itself.

Have we all been brainwashed? Let's look at a healthy person. What makes us say that that person is healthy? They have no ‘symptoms' of illness. But, what actually are symptoms? Are they the disease itself, or are they the body's effort to communicate to us that something is wrong?

Most contemporary doctors prescribe drugs to eliminate the symptoms that bother people. But does that make the person healthy? Eliminating symptoms does not take away what was causing the symptoms. It's almost like putting duct tape over the warning lights on your dashboard; if you can't see them, they might not bother you as much. All causes have effects and results. True healing is an art that has been lost by most mainstream practitioners today, and true healing is something that the body initiates when it is supplied with all the raw materials it needs. These include, but are not limited to: superior nutrition, clean water, fresh air, sunshine, peace of mind, adequate rest and sleep, and elimination of environmental poisons.

If we look at the physiology, (functioning), of the body, we see that the basic life process carried on by each cell is ‘metabolism'. This process consists of two components: anabolism, (building up new cells), and catabolism, (breaking down, or digesting old, spent cells.) There are many reasons why the process of metabolism might ‘go haywire', or become inefficient. The two major reasons are these: 1. Inadequate rest/sleep; increased stress, worry, or fear, and, 2. Improper nutrition/ dehydration. NEVER underestimate the powerful effects that STRESS and lack of sleep have on the body. They can negate the beneficial effects of superior nutrition.

When metabolism becomes less than optimal, each cell can begin to become congested, unable to process and eliminate its own waste products. (Each cell is like a factory: it needs to respire, receive nourishment, and eliminate waste material, among other functions.) This collectively, and systemically, becomes toxemia. Hence, not only does the body lose its self-protecting power, this also sets the stage for the development of inflammation, which is the cause of all pain.

The following is what happens if ‘toxemia' is not corrected- "The Health/Disease Continuum":
1. Excellent Health
2. Enervation (Decreased nerve energy)-Exhaustion
3. Cellular Irritation (Acute inflammation)
4. Cellular Inflammation (Chronic inflammation)
5. Necrosis (Ulceration; death of cells)
6. Fibrosis (Scarring)
7. Tumors
8. Terminal Disease

Conservation of energy is the greatest step toward health recovery. If you are ill, especially with cancer, you must rest everyday to provide your body with the cellular energy it needs to heal itself. Digestion is the greatest energy-utilizer of the body, so lightening up in this area is a step in the right direction. Locomotion requires huge amounts of energy, and to accelerate healing, stay horizontal- (lay down); it is much harder to overcome cancer and maintain an outside job. We are very much like an engine; we require fuel, we generate energy, and it is finite. Without cellular energy, (enervation), the body cannot keep itself healthy, We can readily see that the body is self-healing; when we cut ourselves, a scab forms, the scab falls off, and new skin is present underneath. Not only that, the body has self-cleansing mechanisms too: tearing washes the eye; sneezing/coughing clears the respiratory tract; diarrhea cleans out the intestinal tract, and vomiting rids the body of what it considers harmful. We must develop confidence that our bodies will always act in their own best interest, unless we debilitate them too much. Clearly, our organisms are self-healing, self-defending and self-cleansing.

Without ‘nerve energy', (which is generated during sleep), the functions of the body cannot carry on properly. This translates into cell congestion, and if not reversed or removed, ‘toxemia'. This poison in the system is the underlying cause of most disease. When toxins accumulate beyond what the body can handle,(the 'body burden'), a ‘crisis' occurs. This crisis is actually a process that is eliminating the ‘poison' through the mucus membrane of the organ in the area. Remember, rest is a nutrient, and healing functions are accelerated during periods of rest..

The chain of events leading to disease is as follows:
1. Stress (Environmental, daily habits)
2. Strain (Physical, mental, emotional, environmental)
3. Enervation (Loss of nerve energy)- Exhaustion
4. Inefficient elimination (Lungs, bowels, kidneys, skin)
5. Retention of waste products
6. Toxemia (Disease reactions, acute crises, chronic and degenerative conditions)

The kind of disease that each person will manifest is, in part, determined by their genetic makeup and by their own constitution, (being weak or vital).

Each of us must decide whether we will assist our body's efforts to be well, (maintain homeostasis), or if we will thwart our body's optimal functioning. Eating junk food regularly; not getting enough sleep/rest; not drinking enough water, (1/2 your body weight in ounces, daily); all contribute to forming an acidic bloodstream. We must maintain an alkaline pH to insure peak performance of all systems. To a large extent, our health future is in our own hands; "Health Care is Self Care".

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
383 posts

This is going to be one long posting, in order to clear up some of those misunderstandings and narrow approach in obesity, I wish to clear up. It took me quite awhile to figure out the really proper diet that can result in weight loss after reading so many research articles and finally there are only three major groups of food group of proper diet that can result in weight loss. While I couldn't possibly cover everything, this is only a highlight.

It is more like WHAT you eat as being a priority as opposed to how many calories. Certain foods actually triggers that you don't want to eat without adding unnecessary calories. Apparently fishes basically triggers the brain of fullness with minimum calories, while eating sweets basically delays the brain to tell you that you are full. There's actually a biological basis for this that will be discussed later.

So basically weight loss foods are typically found in three major food groups:

1. Protein Diets of Fishes
2. Vegetables
3. Complex Carbohydrates

I have remembered poor people who have never gotten fat simply ate a bowl of rice (complex carbohydrates), with vegetables and fishes (high protein). Suddenly years later these same poor people became rich (owners of a major Department store here in Thailand) and have gotten to eating Cakes, Pork, Chicken, Steaks, Sandwiches, and Cookies. And within a space of a couple of years became fat, obese and diabetic. After a couple of more decades, died of diabetic complications.

Only about a 100 years ago, it seems everyone knew that diabetes is a "rich man's diet" from eating sweet and rich foods, before of course the media is now controlled by the few in name of commercial interests.

Obesity in the third world (even Thailand) we sometime regard people as being rich or financially secure because of this dietary differences.

It is strange that the media right now makes obesity something of an impossible feat when something as simple as avoiding sweets and fats is real problem and it is actually the protein, usually from the fishes, but sometimes from soy proteins, whey protein, and lean meats, that controls the appetite. Actually it is the amino acid (that breaks down the protein) that tells the brain that you need not eat, and at the same time causes the body to burn fats more readily.

If and when the liver cannot break down the complex proteins into simpler components, amino acid are actually more effective. The biggest looser of the amino acid whenever excess sweets and fats (the so called cafeteria or fast food diet, are taken appears to be the l-glutamine and l-glutamic acid where the uptake is NEGATIVE. So the body looses glutamine stores from the body. Actually the amino acid reductions are across the board by general reduction of liver uptakes by about 1/3 (or precisely 32%) from eating something as simple as a salami sandwich, pizza, meat loafs, and other easy to find items of food.

The cause as to why people eat more is that a well balanced amino acids triggers the feeling of satiation. The hypothalamus actually detects certain proteins and amino acid found from the proteins in the food that decides that its time to stop eating. The most interesting part of it all is that whenever high fats and high sugar diets causes the reduction of uptake by the body (actually the liver) to reduce amino acid by 1/3. When this is done, the brain sensing that there is not ENOUGH amino acid in the system, tells your brain to keep eating UNTIL there's enough amino acid. In other words, it is possible that that person will eat 3 times more food than he or she needs.

The problem about this is that the liver's uptake of amino acids (from the proteins of fishes, triggers brain to satiation relatively quick with minimum calories. One simple experiment is to try eating tuna salads with salmon without the sweets and see how many calories I can consume when I feel full. Chances are the numbers of calories consumed will be theoretically 1/3 of what I eat before I stopped eating. So the real answer is NOT counting the calories (might help in the short run though - and also profitable to companies that market calorie counters!), the brain does that FOR YOU by it's own check lists of amino acids or protein. The brain DOES NOT COUNT CALORIES, it counts on nutritional value of the food (usually from amino acids, sometimes from vitamins and minerals) and if it is lacking in nutrition it will trigger the body to excess eating disorders or in case of a b deficiency, anorexia. So a complete protein source can usually be from fishes, and might be supported here and there from soy proteins, whey proteins and on rare occasions the meats. Complex carbohydrates that usually eaten here in Asia is the rice, while in Italy it's the pasta and spaghetti, but there are also others that are acceptable:

As to certain complex carbs:

Bran whole
Brown rice
Cassava (sometimes, but it lowers the iodine levels)
Corn Meal
Pita bread
Porridge oats
Potatoes (not too much, calcium is too high)
Vegetable Roots
Whole wheat or whole meal breads
Whole Grain cereals

As to the issue of protein and amino acid supplements, the single most interesting fact, is that a all of the amino acids plays an important role in any one of bodily process of the burning of fats, increase energy, control of sugar, chronic fatigue, brain fog, hypoglycemia, depression and other related conditions. There are even several amino acids which helps burn fats directly or indirectly, such as ornithine (burns fats and growth hormones), leucine (visceral fat where dieting don't reduce), tyrosine (metabolism), phenylalanine (feeling of less hungry), serine (fat metabolism), arginine (reduce body fat), and threonine (fat digestion). While Chronic fatigue is linked to lack of serine, aspartic acid, glycine, and tyrosine. Therefore the conditions of,

Extreme fatigue that I can't seem to overcome I don't sleep well at all I get up more tired than when I go to bed Double chin Brain fog and poor concentration so bad that I barely function

Amino acid supplements and protein foods are related to those three conditions. It is this fact why the 1960s Stillman Diet were so popular in weight reduction, but it misses the point of the concept of fishes and the importance of VITAMIN B COMPLEX, taken now and then, which are synergistic with both high protein diets and amino acids. It is this problem at least in my own personal idea as to why Karen Carpenter, the singer of The Carpenters had a terrible case of anorexia or bulimia and other similar conditions. It was simply a sign of vitamin B complex deficiency since amino acids if taken more can bring about this problem. Of course while The Press implies that Karen Carpenter died of this condition, the truth was she died from gaining weight too quickly through supplying food by IV. Weight loss should be a gradual process and if done too quickly can also result in heart failure usually from NOT eating protein and the loss of amino acid, as in one case of Laurel and Hardy, the comedian, where Oliver Hardy died from lost of weight too quickly. In the case of heart failure due to rapid weight loss, I suspect it was the electrolyte deficiency and certain key amino acids, of glutamic acid and possibly glutamine, which is directly or indirectly involved in the potassium, magnesium and sodium transports which controls the electrolytes, where the electrolytes controls the heart. In general amino acid and protein food is always needed even in weight loss situation and more so, because it burns the fats. So the idea of eating less is really not the solution, WHAT we eat that matters.

As to what portion of each of the food should be eaten for the three groups Protein rich source (usually from fishes, sometimes from soy, whey, soy sauce -MSG free and others), Complex Carbs, and Vegetables, is that in general the energy content portion of food should be minimized since a typical standard fast food diet or cafeteria diets are about 60% carbohydrate, where a majority of them are high energy and high glycemic index. Fats in general are very high in energy and burning them is very difficult therefore should minimized only to provide essential fatty acids needed by the body only.

So technically, a carbohydrate, comprising almost entirely of complex carbs of low energy should at least 1/2 or 1/4 below of the standard cafeteria diet or the best measure is how much calories are needed should equal the amount of complex carbs to be consumed. So in that 3 group in my opinion should be at least 90% of the foods I would probably eat anyway. However if a condition of being fat, protein rich foods (usually from fish, sardines, tuna, etc.) and amino acid supplements and vegetables are likely to be the major concentration area.

However, I have read from anti-aging research that the older people get, the larger the portions of protein (and amino acids) that is required by the body. In case you are wondering what is the other 10%, it appears to be fruits, such as papaya, mango, apples and generally other low sugar fruits concentrating more on high fiber, which obviously rules out fruit juices and only whole fruits are consumed, with plenty of water, to dilute the sugar further as to not disturb the sensitive blood sugar concentration.

The problem is certain cultures forbid the drinking of water while eating and I have found that in the live microscope analysis of blood taken after eating food shows the blood platelets to be in a mess. Either sticking to each other, as well as some debris is seen in the blood. That was usually the result of eating too much sweets and fats, but also as a result of not drinking ENOUGH WATER. So if enough water was taken the blood chemistry would not be changed and it won't strain the liver unnecessarily. The body therefore becomes dehydrated on the mistaken belief that the stomach acids will be reduce if drinking too much water. The truth is the stomach filters or squeezes the water out before it begins digestion to produce the hydrochloric acid necessary to digest the food. The body amazingly needs plenty of bicarbonates necessary to neutralize whatever acid that may be produced by the stomach acid, so that the digested food with stomach acids DOES NOT digest the intestines, which can result in yet another problem such as the Leaky Gut Syndrome.

Hopefully this covers major ground related to obesity. The other important fact as to the most effective way to reduce weight, but not necessarily safe if not done right is the hormones. Hormones is what controls directly the body's metabolic process and it can result in major weight loss, such as DHEA, human growth hormone, and Boron supplements (usually from borax as it increase certain bodily hormones). However, estrogen DOES NOT decrease weight, but it increases them especially those birth control pills which causes more fat buildup in the middle areas of the body. In my experience the safest hormone supplements are the DHEA, but again, I believe that a woman's dose for DHEA should be about 1/2 of a men's dose, so it would appear that DHEA is taken at 12.5 mg while a man will take about 25 mg. DHEA is reduced as people get older, especially if the age is around 49. Post menopausal, the progesterone to estrogen ratio in a woman is seriously out of balance where the progesterone drops precipitously and therefore, at least for woman progesterone is needed to maintain the proper ratio to keep the body functioning normally. I am not necessarily pro-hormone person, but if nothing works, at least I would consider these avenues, especially the safer things I would consider would well likely be DHEA and melatonin. One key biomarkers to aging is the accumulation of calcium and fluoride in key biological clock mechanisms in the human body, which is the pineal gland. The only known (by me!) that removes fluoride buildup is the boron (often in the form of borax) but the dose I take now and then is rather low, usually a 1/4 teaspoon in one liter of water drank throughout the day, and usually only once a week, but this depends on other sickness to find a proper dose in itself. However, I suspect that a woman's dose is likely to be 1/8 of that, and it usually helps me with the joint pain and normal sleep.

As to the other questions:

Extreme fatigue that I can't seem to overcome Some clove oil - a tiny amount, such as one drop per liter of water well shaken is one easy remedy to help with the extreme fatigue, especially if the cause is viral in nature. Also clove oil is the strongest antioxidants based on ORAC scale, at 10,000,000 units.

Hair loss on head but more hair on face, arms and back of hands

Quite often hair loss is related to vitamin B and manganese, but certain amino acid such as N Acetyl Cysteine, cysteine are common natural therapies used to help. Most often Manganese is taken on an empty stomach and the ones I prefer is the manganese sulfate, but manganese gluconate and chelated amino acid manganese might be acceptable, but haven't yet tested that. Vitamin C also prevent hair loss as it also helps with manganese absorption. Certain testosterone, even in woman if it is too low might also lead to hair loss as well. DHEA and boron might indirectly help that, in a very few case.

Very achy joints and sore muscles

In my opinion, most achy joints are often due to lack of magnesium and boron. Those helped me the most. The magnesium citrate or magnesium chloride I take is about 250 mg and boron I get from borax is only taken 1-3 times a week, not not all weeks since I only take them enough until the pain goes away. The dose at least for me are about the same as previously mentioned.

I don't sleep well at all I get up more tire than when I go to bed

Certain amino acids, such as tyrosine, boron, and melatonin may help. Detoxification of chorine using a drop or so of sodium thiosulfate 10% in a glass of water helps also, quite often by neutralizing oxidative chemicals in the body, removing heavy metals, and generally it also have a relaxing effect. I get my sodium thiosulfate by making them myself, or I can always go to the aquarium pet shops that sells dechlorinator with clearly labeled sodium thiosulfate (smells like rotten egg) where the color is usually clear white just to make sure they don't add the food coloring.

Brain fog and poor concentration so bad that I barely function

I posted this brain fog in earthclinic.

I've had a mild sore throat for over a month now

A mild sore throat can usually be helped by me with taking a small sip of 50/50 baking soda and potassium bicarbonate, or just baking soda, where the mixture is about 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water taken at 5 cc at 5 minutes interval. Or a 1/4 teaspoon baking soda and 1/4 teaspoon of potassium bicarbonate (if I can find the potassium bicarbonate!) in 1/2 glass of water. Its a rather mild remedy. If in the case of a severe one, I would probably add twice more the baking soda and potassium bicarbonate (or sometimes a more effective one is the sodium citrate and the potassium citrate). The whole issue about all of this is it is hard to buy them!

With my years and years of bad diet habits I'm sure my liver is a toxic mess, I did buy powdered lecithin, and been taking it for about a week.

Certain other detoxification if I have a toxic liver mess is the clove oil already mentioned, but also hydrogen peroxide 3% adding 3 drops in a glass of water taken in the morning. Most people seem to do fine with that low dose. The range I take can by anywhere form 3 drops to 12 drops of H2O2. However it did detox my liver, gave me clear skin and gave me back my energy. I liked it so much I took this about 2 years. Now I only used it as a mouthwash or whenever I have a virus or sore throat. A 1% hydrogen peroxide solution I sometimes use to deal with sore throat also. So there's no limit in my opinion of antibiotics, remedies and other things if we discuss natural therapy. Mother nature is quite abundant with them.