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Peripheral Neuropathy and Other Issues

Posted by Denise (Tampa, Florida) on 01/22/2012

Hello Ted, I have neuropathy which might be from my hepatitis c which I have had for over 20 years... Last summer I was in stage 4 cirrhosis, but went through multiple alternative cures and am currently at stage 3 fibrosis... And for whatever reason I can't take a lot of things that are green, like chlorophyll, alfalfa, parsley, even alpha lipoic acid , coenzyme 10, olive leaf. etc. etc. They all makes my heart race terribly.. Is this detoxing? or is it a legitimate allergic reaction? I do eat a very large salad every day with various kinds of nuts in it..

Also last summer I came down with a terrible case of peripheral neuropathy in 2 days... I am taking 600 mgs of neurontin... However, this raises my liver enzymes... I just started taking 3% h2o2 for my hep-c and it seems like my neuropathy has increased... Also taking (for 74 days) 350mgs of BHT for my hep-c... Will the BHT take the lipid coating off my myelin sheath and increase my neuropathy???

Am I correct in assuming that the h2o2 is increasing my neuropathy or is it just the fact that my neuropathy is increasing on it's own?... I currently have neuropathy in my thighs, calves, feet and it's moving into my arms... One of my forearms has been sore for 2 months... Cramps, tingling, hot feet and hands I get TERRIBLE twitching all day and night... Full body jerks which is horrible...

I also was just diagnosed with non cancerous lesions on my entire bottom lip... I think it's because my liver cannot produce vit A and E... However, I did spend a lot of time in the sun years ago... My dermatologist wants to do an operation on my bottom lip and remove the lesions... This will cause my lip structure to be changes as they are going to operate on the entire lip and put stitches in... Is there something nAtural I can do to get rid of the lesions?

I have been to about 8-12 doctors who don't know anything about alternative care and a lot of the alternative people want cash and charge (in one case) $405.00 just for the consultation... Then $300.00 per visit... I can't afford that... Then they want to sell me an electrical machine for my neuropathy which costs $2000.00...

I certainly would respect your comments on these matters... Thank you very much and God bless you for helping the people in this site...


Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Yes your liver is not working because of cirrhosis. Selenium 200 mcg x 3, and granulated lecithin 1 teaspoon twice a day, would be the obvious choice. To replenish the liver, B50 for a couple of weeks until appetite is returned. B complex deficiency can result in neuropathy, especially B1.


Replied by Denise
Tampa, Fl

Hello Ted, Thank you very much for your valuable feedback. I currently have HORRENDOUS Periferal Neuropathy with SEVERE calf cramps. From my knees down I am numb, trouble walking up stairs and can't sit for very long as cramps follow after sitting for a few minutes.. I'm told calf cramps are not from PN... PN came on last JULY in 1 1/2 days

As previously mentioned I have hepatitis c... I had stage 4 cirrhosis, but am now in fibrosis from an extended regemin of various supplements... My liver enzymes are both in the 80's... Down from high 200's... Also have pre-cancerous lesions on my entire bottom lip.. My dermatologist tells me I might need an operation which I'm definately NOT looking forward to..

I currently take: One tablespoon coconut oil... 600 mgs ALA... 2000 mgs Schizandra... 700 mgs milk thistle... 300 mgs NAC... 3000 mgs Acetyl L Carnitine... One tablespoon lecethin... 2000 mgs magnesium... 1000 mg calcium... B-50 balanced once a day... 10,000 IU VIT A... Selenium 600 mcgs from tablets and Brazil Nuts... 50 mgs zinc... D-3 4000 IU... 2 tablespoons of wheat germ a day...

My appetite is fine.... I have taken B-1 up to 1500 mgs per day for 9 months with no results... Also took B-12 1000-10,000 with no results except at higher doses loose breath...

My appetite if fine... Energy fine...

I went vegetarian last July for 8 months and am now eating meat again...

I would like any feedback about any of the above... My neurologist just wants me to take Neurontin and is oblivious to any alternative treatment as is my PCP...

Thank you, thank you, thank you... And much blessings, Denise

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Denise, read up on Oscar's recommendations for BHT for Hepatitis, right here on Earth Clinic.

Replied by Denise
Tampa, Fl

Thank you for the feedback: Mmsg from europe...

I just read the BHT info on Earth Clinic and am wondering if you (or anyone) knows if the BHT will eat through the myelin sheath surrounding the nerves as it does with the lipid coating surrounding the virus? Of couse this is a great concern of mine... The myelin sheath is a lipid coating as far as I know...

Thank you again, Denise

Replied by Preston

Take a teaspoon of sea salt or Himalayan salt in a glass of water...You'll see a difference in days...

Replied by Preston

Take a teaspoon of sea salt or Himalayan salt in a glass of water...You'll see a difference in days...