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Post-herpetic Neuralgia

Posted by GR on 07/27/2007

Ted, Thank you, thank you! Your reply is the first from any source which has specifically identified helpful and exact dietary considerations. I have already begun the 1/4 teaspoon baking soda with apple cider vinegar and 1/2 glass of water twice a day, and will begin using it with lemon today. Also, for two days now I have used the oil pulling method, for the Gerson diet prohibited all oil or fats, and I followed the diet for many years. I too prefer fish, but find that locally it is often radioactively contaminated. For that reason I now rarely eat fish, though wild salmon is very good Locally we formerly bought King Mackeral, but no longer buy it. What in your opinion is the best fish to buy, and isn;t sushi eaten raw (which destroys a B vitamin), and one cannot identify the fish? I even ordered frozen wild salmon, but in delivery, it had begun to thaw. Canned fish has few nutrients, but would that be best? My heartfelt thanks to you and Earth Clinic for all this thorough information!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear GR: Thank you for the feedback. Raw cow's milk is quite good. Weston Price also talked frequently on raw food, which is a very important source of nutrition.

your opinion is the best fish to buy, and isn;t sushi eaten raw (which destroys a B vitamin), and one cannot identify the fish?

Most fishes are generally o.k. but I always supplement myself with perhaps a once a week vitamin B complex at the very least. When doing this it becomes synergistic for the body to begin repairs. Alkalinity is the basics at least because of most the foods we eat today are acid forming. Therefore, I won't worry about certain fishes destroying vitamin B since I supplement them with B complex. I find that some taurine supplements to be useful (I take them myself 1-5 grams a day a least, but not every day of the week. People who do get sick have low urea (cancer) which is why the ancient practice of urine therapy works. However, eating fishes and reducing the sugars and fats (they block the body's ability to uptake amino acids by the liver and hence detoxification is difficult) can also raise the urea to normal.

Salmon fishes are a good idea, wild salmon is the best. My favorite also! Canned fish have few nutrients, true, but a still it provides the necessary proteins which is lacking in most meats. Still mineral and vitamin supplements I take as a cautionary measures.

The biggest problem with present dietary practice is the food is too high in energy content food, which is similar to putting too much too fast a coal in the steam locomotive, overburning the system. Protein and amino acids is akin to repairing the body and allow the body to heal. Vitamins and minerals are about the same thing.

Vitamin B from direct food sources are lacking, which is why now and then there's a need for vitamin B complex supplements.

Canned fish has few nutrients, but would that be best?

It's not the best, but it does provide the needed proteins the body in event a fresh raw source cannot be obtained. A good pure fish source free of mercury and radioactive contaminant is always important.

Oil pulling does not add oils to the body, but pulls out the toxins. It's done between brushing of teeth, so oils don't get into the body. Still omega 3 and fish oils and cod liver are always needed now and then. GLA from evening primrose oil and other essentials oils can be considered, but not taken in excess.

The body really have problems processing oils, which is why lecithin (a fat emulsifiers) is taken at least 1 tablespoon per day. Oils tend to accumulate in the body and become rancid and builds unnecessary liver fats in the liver. It is the eating of HIGH ENERGY food that the body DOESN'T burn which is creating congested liver and problems of detoxification. Today's modern food is HIGH ENERGY, but the ideal food source should be HIGH HEALING FOODS. Excess energy food and hence the "coal energy" simply will congest and cause the steam boiler in a train to blow up.