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Spine and Brain Symptoms

Posted by Louisa (Chicago) on 08/05/2013

I am having frightening central nervous system (CNS) issues. Deep severe burning pain in skull, sinus, ear, neck and spine since fall 2009. Sometimes goes to arms and legs, mostly right side symptoms. Some stenosis and pinching C4 through C6. Many sinus infections prior to 2009. Have had sinus surgery. Have tried pain injections and tried all the pain meds, even anti-depressants. Valtrex has helped some in past, so it seems at least related to herpes, but symptoms are worsening. I know I have HS2, and it erupts alot (every month or so). I have had meningitis (assuming from herpes) 5 times 1985 - 2001. Constant migraines, cannot have glasses on bridge of nose - so much pain. I take botox injections to manage the pain for them. I have flat skin patches and bumps on scalp and neck. Scalp REALLY itches especially when hot. Worried - maybe candida? systemic candida?I have been on way too many antibiotics for sinus - steroids for migraines until 2011. I don't know what to do.

I have been reading all over this site, have tried; no sugar-no gluten-low carb diet, MSM, Borax water, Oregano Oil, Olive Leaf Extract, B-Complex, daily probiotics, Cocoanut oil 1TBS daily, colloidal silver internal and sinus spray, L-Lysine, 6g Vit C daily. Not doing enough of them?? Not consistent enough? Not long enough (4 months) Please help - this feels like whatever it is could be now in my brain.

I have an insurance referral to a university level neurologist, but afraid doctor will not understand. I am only able to be on my feet now about 20 minutes a week or the pain goes out of control. What could be happening to my nerves?

Replied by Louisa

Thank you so much for your reply, Ted. I need to clarify some of the items; Ammonium Chloride- I do not know how to get 10%. I see a way to buy it online which is for aquariums and is concentrated to be used one drop per gallon. Or, powdered fertilizer/animal food grade. Could you let me know best way to get a 10% solution? Also, for sodium thiosulfate, I see it online to order called Na2S203*5H20 - 99. 5% - is this the one to get? For your directions on my drinking water, is it that you mean to add both the H2O2 3% - 2 or 3 capfuls and the borax together in same liter? Drink daily? I am so grateful for your direction - I don't know what I would do without it.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Any chemicals is always food grade or USP grade. You always add borax and H2O2. The solution is taken daily for at least a month. Ammonium chloride to prepare is mixed in distilled water or mineral water to get 10%.


Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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I have seen this condition of pain in the head and itchiness relates more to fungal infections. There is a slight possibility of bacteria/virus forming symbiotic relationship too, but that is not the main concern.

I have seen this also to occur after the rain, hot weather, and higher humidity conditions. The likely cause is fungal infections, or yeast infections, such as candida history as they love humidity.

The opportunistic infection maybe HSV2, but most pain especially burning pain I have seen it in accident victims due to gashes being torn open as a result of exposure to fungus, yeast varieties. Most pain can be easily handled with an effective antifungal anti inflammatory protocol, but not in any sense the conventional medicine.

A quick but not permanent and easy to get cure is H2O2 3%, but you may need more than a capful per liter. Maybe 2 capfuls or three and then you reacted with one teaspoon of borax. This will be your drinking water.

The reason why fungus and other yeast varieties is difficult to eliminate is simple, once the fungus invades healthy cells it grows inside the cells. Getting any antibiotics will not work as it works outside the cells, There are a few that works inside the cells, maybe tetracycline hydrochloride or doxycycline. But I don't really like it as it causes some side effects.

There is another one that seems to help, by applying a saturated solution of sodium thiosulfate to the skin helps also. The other is hydrogen peroxide mixed with urea is another possibility to kill. But the best known killer of fungus to date and easy to find from your side is ammonium chloride solution 10% solution for topical or with a pinch of ammonium chloride with DMSO topical.

The ammonium chloride can be added at 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon in a glass of water and drink that. Vitamin C ascorbic acid is another easier remedy.

The ammonium chloride, MSM (1 tablespoon 4 to 5 times a day) and ascorbic acid only kills the fungus and the pain somewhat. I think MSM is effective so far as fungus is concerned, but getting high dose and taking it frequently is the way to go with MSM. I think more can be taken but this is a good starting point. Actually your conditions is common, but is avoided by present medical system and given only pain killers. You can also eliminate pain instantly with rife device of a specific frequencies, specifically BCX ultra, virus clear found in MP or CP program a couple of times, on that one will get rid of it too.

It only takes maybe 30 minutes to eliminate at least 50% of pain within a few minutes. You can also prepare a solution, such as DMSO solution 30 cc with one drop of zinc chloride saturated solution with hyaluronic acid 1/10 teaspoon and apply to the area too. Have developed many of these, and this is from the top of my head. Allopurinol 400 mg at night will get rid of the fungus and yeast that causes the pain, too. What is unknown to western medicine, is getting rid of uric acid allows the fungus not to colonize and also helps with blood flow and flushes some of the fungus out, and thus less pain too.

Finally it helps to take some copper chlorophyll at night as is antifungal also, I have seen fungus to be caused by copper deficiency.


Replied by Gail
Owasso, Ok

Hi there, I am extremely sorry about your pain. I also have constant severe burning pain & have been diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome. Try looking it up to see if you fall into that category & if you do, please let me know as I have had it for 25 years & maybe I can help you. Let me know! Thanks, Gail