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How to Get Rid of Pre-cancerous Hpv Lesions and Virus?

Posted by Deborah (Sydney, Australia) on 12/20/2009

Dear Ted

While the spotlight is on HPV vaccines at the moment, not much is being done in the alternative field for curing the precancerous lesions of HPV. Can you please help me and millions more out there by telling us how we can get rid of the pre-cancerous lesions and the virus? Thankyou for all the wonderful help you have given over the years, you are one solid voice that we can trust.


Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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One method is to prepare a lysine cream and/or lugol's iodine to apply to the area to kill them. To actually physically remove HPV it's possible to use a bloodroot salve (a mixture of bloodroot powder with zinc chloride solution). HPV is one of the possible causes of mouth ulcers, and such medication are available in that form for treatment of ulcers and can be used to apply to the other areas.

One of person I know uses cimetidine, which allows our immune system "to see" the invading virus and causes our lymphocytes to attack the invading viruses. Generally speaking the reason why cancers and HPV viruses can invade our system freely, is that our white blood cells can't see the invading organism. It's much like a prison where there is no floodlights to see the escaping prisoner. Hence cimetidine, and another one beta Alanyl taurine (trademark name taurox) can be used to set the body to see them.

A simple MMS might be more favorably used to apply to HPV area, but the body can have limitations if it is used internally, hence I used hydrogen iodide drops internally as this forms has the least side effects compared to either lugol's solution or MMS. Since there is limited availability of taurox, a possible substitute is to use beta alanine, which is a close relative of a beta alanine taurine (or technically beta alanyl taurine). Both has antiviral properties and in fact there is a U.S. patent for just a mixture of beta alanine with some other amino acid for example to treat cancer and possible use against virus as in HPV (U.S. patent 6071888). The composition is mixed with nicotinic acid (vitamin B3 - i prefer niacinamide however) with vitamin C (ascorbic acid), so both of these are also antiviral. However, it's also possible to mix the beta alanine with other antiviral compositions such as cimetidine, beta alanine,zinc gluconate, and lysine. It's easier however, in practice for me to use 2 of the 3 or 3 of the 3, when preparing HPV and other antiviral compositions such as beta alanine, lysine and vitamin C, as these can be taken in larger amounts with minimal side effects. If however, the beta alanine is taken at a very large doses, the dose muscle developer uses, to increase the muscle carnosine level, it may cause tingling sensation for a couple of minutes, whose symptoms of temporary tingling is called, paraesthesia, which is a feeling like your foot has gone to sleep, but instead is widely distributed throughout the body, but not to a greater degree. Generally speaking the per dose is hence limited to just less than 400 mg per dose so that the tingling sensation doesn't occur. These three composition is what I prefer, although this idea isn't mentioned in the patent (e.g. lysine, beta alanine, and vitamin C) as this can be taken at a larger dose. This is at least how I would go about in treating HPV. The can manifest in many forms. A solution of aspirin can also be used to apply to the HPV lesions and these digests them, on local lesions is also possible.

Those are possible ways I would try, although I don't have a severe HPV case in Bangkok, if I do, I will probably post them here at EC, if that cases do come.