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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 06/30/2006 391 posts

Nanobacteria tends to hide in calcium shells. Therefore, removing these calcium shells and the heavy metals that protect them is best killed by taking disodium EDTA, and citric acid+baking soda, or just citric acid on an empty stomach, mixed with 1/2 glass of water of course. Both the citric acid and disodium edta are quite efficient in removal of calcium shells that protect the nanobacteria.

It is important to also take granulated lecithin, a fat emulsifier, which will help prevent the nanobacteria from sticking in the blood vessels by fat. Often calcium formation is due to calcium oxalate, in that case you may need to take baking soda + citric acid twice a day to neutralize oxalic acid from entering your blood system by having sufficient bicarbonates from the diet enough to neutralize them to convert into sodium oxalates, in your intestines and they should not form calcium oxalate if it enters your blood stream. As a result, you will have prevent formation of it and thus prevent nanobacteria formations. To kill nanobacteria directly I have found that taking clove oil seems to work quite well. Just take a drop of clove oil and put it in a cup of water and drink it throughout the day. Just remember it doesn't work quite as well if nanobacteria has calcium shells and therefore you may have to take citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, lecithin, and clove oil to complete the killing processes.

Replied by David

Don't know if I mentioned The Calcium Bomb by Doug Mulhall, but it is highly recommended by a local Naturopath here by the name of Dr. David Wood who has a lot of the latest research on it as well. They suspect nanobac may be at the source of a lot of disease and infection which is why chelation may be so effective for a lot of people. The edta breaks down the calcium shell that protects the nano bacteria. This is big news in Europe but still under wraps here because the patent has run out on the edta and there's no money in it for the drug companies! Regards

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
391 posts

Yes, I have heard nanobacteria and calcium issues decades before and I have heard this book they wrote sometime ago, which I thought was just old information! What their issue did not adequately cover is the mycoplasma link... killing the mycoplasma by the use of large dose niacinamide, and the carry over effect of the lyme disease towards nanobacteria, the preventive carry over effect of the nanobacteria in your mouth to the blood vessels using zinc chloride (5% concentration) treated toothpaste. I currently make my own zinc chloride toothpaste to prevent nanobacteria carry over effect to the bloodstream from the mouth. This is why I always recommend disodium EDTA as opposed to the use of calcium EDTA. I don't think these supplements company have any clue what they are doing since they have a bad habit of selling calcium EDTA instead of disodium EDTA! A disodium EDTA will chelate or remove serum calcium out, while a calcium EDTA does not. Another interesting fact is that a simple citric acid, or a citric acid+baking soda, to form a sodium citrate will help too. Clove oil will kill the nanobacteria inside provided that calcium is relentlessly attacked by a citrate, citric acid, disodium EDTA. Even a simple apple cider vinegar or simple vinegar will convert some calcium shells, primarily of calcium cabonate into calcium acetate, for example. A citric acid will attack calcium shells just as well. The secret is fasting, and drinking plenty of citric acid and ascorbic acid, or a simple lemon juice will do too.

The major worries about me concerning nanobacteria is the creation of calcium oxalates, which is relatively difficult to remove and very insoluble, but still possible to some extent with disodium EDTA. However, having plenty of bicarbonates (take baking soda) in the diet will prevent oxalic acid from entering the system thus preventing the formation of calcium oxalate, and prevents calcium oxalates from being protected by the nanobacteria.

It must be understood that these nanobacteria, are fungus-like in nature and killing them off is no easy matter, however, clove oil and vitamin B3 seems to do a fair job in this area, however all my research are preliminary as we all are busy working trying to pay the electric bills or something!

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

Hi Ted...Much thanks for all your info on nanobacteria and mycoplasms. It all makes such complete sense.

Since I am not a micro-biologist, chemist or researcher like you, I don't have the knowledge or the means to ascertain reasons why a chemical or herb works. I can only go by observation.

So, concerning particularly nanobacteria and all calcium deposits, I have used a tri-mix of 3 herbs very successfully on myself and other people for candida, diabetes, gout and arthritis. This mix consists of three herbs:

Tinospora cordifolia(Gudduchi ind., Makabuhay phil.)
Phyllanthus niruri(Stonebreaker, Chanca piedra span., bhumya malaki ind.)
Raw Tumeric root

When I used this mix in a decoction(together with coconut oil alkalizing protocols) for Candida, I eventually started ejecting massive quantities of gall stones during toilet. Lasted about 6 months.

It is also well know that Chanca piedra easily gets rid of kidney stones as well as gall stones(I found this out afterwards!!).

I am only using logic here -- so it seems that this tri-herbal mix -- and particularly Chanca piedra -- would be particularly useful as a method of battling/preventing dangerous nanobacteria from forming within calcium structures within our bodies.

I can't give any proper reasons though because I'm not an expert!!

Would appreciate your opinion about this, whether all this makes sense or not.

Replied by Faithwalk
Brackett, Texas, Usa


I have progressive systemic scleroderma with CREST. With natural means I have made great progress against the symptoms, but I am concerned about internal calcification of organs.

I wanted to try the nanobacteria remedy that you suggest, but I am unable to take granulated lecithin due to a severe allergy to all soy products. What would be a suitable substitute. Would coconut oil?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Replied by Bunny
Santa Ana, Ca

You can get lecithin supplements made from egg yolks if you check around.

Replied by Jim
Las Vegas, Nv


I have had two MSCT which resulted in CAC scores of 1000 in 2002 and 1400 in 2006. My question is, how do I find help with the treatment mentioned, disodium EDTA, and citric acid baking soda and all of the correct formulations needed for the complete treatment. I am most interested in the "Natural" processes of balancing the good and bad effects of this type of treatment. Additionally, are there any "Newer" discoveries since your last posts? I guess it is possible that my score is too high to allow any beneficial relief.. Feel free to contact me at [email protected]

Replied by Ralph
St. Louis, Missouri
Replied by Tyree
Brownsville, Tx

Ted, how can I find a source of real disodium EDTA I could use? And zinc chloride to make that toothpaste you're talking about? how exactly do I make it? I am having a hard time finding the right stuff when I search it says calcium disodium edta a lot I want to get the right stuff thank you:)

Replied by Carin

TED, This is My First Post & I absolutely Earth Clinic! This is quite some work, Congrats! I'm lucky, we have some of the neatest Health food stores within a mile or 2! In re: to Tyree on 7/15/2013, I have the same question's about the Toothpaste.

(1) Exactly where do we find the ingredients to make your toothpaste & how hard is it to fing?

(2) What are the Measurements & Directions I would love to make it at home!! ? :0)

(I'm an ACV fan for years, not religiously. Though always in my refrigerator - used with veggies or part of marinade sometimes. Although - this IS the first time I've heard of using Baking Soda w/it, I only knew you can clear drains that way lol.! )

Replied by Tyree
Brownsville, Tx

Did you find out about the toothpaste? I am still curious as to how much borax is safe to ingest?

Replied by Selchuk

Dear friends,

Anybody knows about this cure from Ted?

I need quantities of EDTA, Citric Acid, Baking Soda in this configuration and how long we must use?

Thanks, Selchuk

Replied by Robyn
Austin, TX

HI Bill, In reference to your comment to Ted regarding the Chanca Piedra in place of Sodium bicarbonate + Citric Acid: did you learn whether or not that is correct? I have chance pier here at home and have learned that I have fatty liver (from alcohol-am now 25 days sober) and am in search of how to cleanse.

I wonder if

1) I can substitute the sodium bicarbonate with potassium bicarbonate and take the citric acid, food grade, but it is never mentioned how much? 1 teaspoon of each in half cup of water? Could I take the chance piedra as well? From what I am reading, the EDTA is harsh on the liver so I think may not be wisest at this time, at least until I have alleviated the liver issue. My sonogram test result says I have mild heterogeneous echotexture present which may be related to hepatic steatosis or fatty infiltration. The spleen shows an 8 mm echogenic shadowing focus medially compatible with a calcification, likely granuloma. Since we no longer have Ted, I know you are very knowledgeable on these subjects and would value your input and thoughts. Warmly, Robyn