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41 Year Old Female With Multiple Ailments and Mystery Diagnosis

Posted by Anonymous (Anon) on 03/10/2015

Hello Ted,

First I want to say I am very happy you are back, I've been following you on EarthClinic for some time now and I am very sorry for what you have been through trying to make people well.

It is not right, what they are doing to you. You are a warrior, and a beacon of light in this sick world of ours. Bless you for your work.

I am hoping you can help me. I need a detective to figure out what is happening, the medical doctors have given up on me. With someone as knowledgeable as you, you have the skills of putting all these things together and providing guidance on things to try. I am tired of living like this, I want to be better.


I am 41 yr old white Caucasian female of East European background.

Blood Type is A+, generally all my life I have been overweight, low blood pressure, kidney stones since 18, UTIs, many broken bones, adrenal issues, fibroids, eye floaters, joint pain, physical work & exercise wears me down, instead of making me stronger. I always had excessive underarm sweat at work and general fatigue.

I will admit I have not always been a healthy eater, but I have lost significant weight cutting out sugar (low carb) which I have been following last 2 years.

I would truly appreciate any thoughts you may have on my situation, since it has been a mystery and I have not been diagnosed to actually address the cause of all this. In fact I have been misdiagnosed so many times, that I ended up having my gallbladder removed;

With no resolution. I need a knowledgeable person to offer insight into what I can try or where to look. Medical doctors are only drug pushers and cannot help me solve this, nevertheless offer a cure.

How it all started:

5 yrs ago, after an out-patient procedure for miscarriage; my health failed instantly. After the procedure I felt like I wanted to vomit, stomach was swollen and painfull on the outside, I was dizzy, heart racing. I also notice my throat felt swollen on the inside.

Few days later I started with intense back pain where my right kidney is located, I had major dizzy spells while in seating position. It felt like pressure was building inside when I was sitting and cutting off my circulation, I had to stand up all the time. Then I started with intense tension in the lower back of my skull, and this crazy headache that wrapped around the front. My jawbone and outside sides of my neck ached and I suddenly found myself clenching my teeth/jaw. I had chills all throughout this period, but no fever.

Nothing like I have ever experienced in my life.

They did tests and said everything was fine with the procedure, no complications, no infections.

I went home to try to wait it out. My heart started skipping at this time (which still disturbs me to this day), I developed a high frequency pitch constant ear ringing, and also experienced out of control heart racing for no reason.

Even upon waking up, while perfectly calm - my heart would race and it would felt like a tremor on the inside, like I was buzzing internally. My vision could not focus, like it was shaky. It felt terrifying and I felt like I was dying.

Few days later I thought I was having a heart attack.

I remember eating an apple the day I ended up in the hospital. I was especially nauseous and lost 50 lbs in 2 months, since it was hard to eat anything because of the intense abdominal pressure I would experience.

Shortly after eating this apple I had intense pressure in mid rib, just above stomach, which if I was sitting down (compressing my stomach further) made me feel like passing out. My legs and arms and top of head would experience tingling sensation.

Waiting in the hospital, I felt a bursting sensation in mid rib, just above stomach. Then I felt warmth spread through all my limbs! I was hoping that's when it would stop, But it did not.

Again they checked me out, blood work CAT scan a week later, all normal; sent me home. I have no history of psychological problems, but since they could not explain my symptoms, that is what they concluded.

I should add that that although a miscarriage might be an emotionally crushing for some, I made peace with it since I do not want kids now at my age.

At one point I lost my vision to bright spots of light; which they later told me was aura migraine (which I never had before). The dizziness, abdominal pressure, nausea, back pain and back skull pressure headaches would alternate for many months and medical doctors could not help me. I had hundreds of tests done, regular bloodwork; tests for lyme, arthritis, diabetes, iron, B 12 tests. Nothing wrong. I had stool test done, no issues. X rays, ultrasounds, CAT scans, MRIs of lower/upper abdomen & head. Nothing wrong. They did heart stress test, EKG, ECG. Nothing wrong.

I had several scopes done upper and lower, I swallowed barium and I had HIDA scan done. The scopes showed inflammation of stomach (gastritis) H. Pylori and minor inflammation of lower colon. No issues of barium traveling through the system, except minor reflux.

HIDA scan showed low ejection fraction from gallbladder to small intestine. The only thing they suggested was gallbladder not working - needs to be taken out.

They give me many drugs; Nexium and antibiotics for H. Pylori. None of them worked long term. I stopped taking them. Well the first H. Pylori course of antibiotics seemed to alleviate the stomach pressure for 2 days. Then it came back. They treated me 2nd and 3rd time for Pylori, and it did absolutely nothing. I tried herbal meds such as Milk Thistle, Swedish Bitters, gallbladder flush ? which made me very ill. Several different vitamins, but there are so many herb and vitamin combinations, along with the Nexium and other meds from the doctor - I became confused what I could take together. It didn?t make a difference.

After all this, I always had to stay stretched out (not sitting)and no constricting clothing to alleviate pressure symptoms. The stomach swelling never went away. I couldn?t drink any more caffeine. I could only eat little meals. I lived on Tylenol/ibuprofen to make the pressure headaches go away. Strangely before all this when I took ibuprofen, it made me feel calm and relaxed. But after this, it amplified heart racing and skipping and I felt like I was running a marathon. This completely changed my life and no one can tell me what happened.

Current Situation:

I had gallbladder removed 2 years ago to see if that was the cause. Absolutely nothing changed. Surgeon said there were no stones, no infection. It was big and not working.

The intensity of my original symptoms are not as strong as before, but they are still there 5 yrs later. Whatever it is, it has not gone away. I just learned to live around it.

The most concerning is the constant abdominal swelling/pressure, ear ringing and heart skipping. These symptoms are constant: 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

The abdominal pressure feels between belly button and bottom of ribs, slightly off centre to my right. No one has ever found any indications of anything wrong there.

Few times a month I have the heart racing attacks for no reason, the pressure headaches in back lower area just under the skull also. I have a constant jaw clenching at night when I sleep, to a point where my teeth are wearing down.

I have stomach pain every once in a while. Almost feels like ulcers. I am confused if I have high acidity or low acidity when this happens I take pepto bismol and it does nothing.

I noticed periods of excessive hair falling out, achy joints in all parts of my body ( I feel like I am 80), achy bones. I have a problem concentrating, memory and sometimes my vision is fuzzy temporarily. When I exercise, I feel like my muscles "lock-up". I had 2 tests done for adrenal and hormones and my thyroid is only slightly low, with adrenals one time low, another time high, extremely low progesterone, low estrogen, even though I was on birth control pills for many years. I had an allergy test done also and no issue there except for extremely high IgG antibodies, which they say may have a correlation to candida and or fungal disease. This of course is not something medical doctors test for. I also have a rash on back of my hands, doctors can?t agree if it is psoriasis, eczema or fungal. It is worse in winter and better in the sun in summer. It is very itchy and oozing yellowish liquid, only steroid cream helps it. When dormant looks like little light brown slightly raised spots (warts?). I recently developed a very bad fungal nail infection, which involves the skin around my fingernails. I had a procedure for abnormal cells on my cervix (Leep/Loop). Not sure if that is related.

I am currently not on any meds -they did not help anyway. I am off birth control, I switch to using an alternate method. I have frequent vaginal candida infections. The fibroid I had in my uterus for many years has grown. I experience frequent insomnia and congested sinuses. The eye floaters have increased significantly. I have more kidney stones & the ones I passed are considered large. Bowel movements are daily+, normal, sometimes dark sometimes light. I don?t seem to have the problems of some who have the gallbladder removed. I experience chronic fatigue (for many years) and only occasionally dizziness now.

My energy is so depleted when I wake, I feel tired like I didn?t sleep. I usually get 7-8hrs, but I could use 10! I have also noticed my skin is very dry and over the years (7+) I noticed it has developed a copper like hue; just looks like I have a tan all the time.

Due to all this and doing some research I think I may have issues with either a virus, candida or perhaps parasitic. A doctor told me, if this was bacterial, you would not be alive right now.

I do believe it is somehow affecting my sympathetic/parasympathetic system. I don?t know if you agree, but I think I should try Borax treatment first with lysine.

Please let me know what your thoughts are after reading all this. I would very gratefully appreciate your insight. I need to try something to resolve this. Thank you.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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You sound like you have a fungus issue such as candida ablicans or aspergillis niger or other fungus. You will be wasting your time pursuing a bactera or a viral cause. These are opportunistic when your immune system was lowered due to fungus. Borax, hydrogen peroxide, copper, ascorbic acid, vitamin E only 200 iu, undecylenic acid which prevent candida from mutations, are it. It all started either by fungus exposure in home or indigestion caused by not chewing your food. Also most test you overlooked this, as standard hospital test does not regulary do this sort of test although I admit they are great on bacteria and sometimes virus. If you just want to know the cause this would be it. My experience in heart palpitations is it is caused by fungus and they also effect the hormones too. B6 with every meals will help constipation or diarrhea, if your problems is diarrhea its also vitamin A deficiency and will correct itself within the month.

Sorry for late answer extremely busy fending off authorities.


Replied by Anon

Ted, please let me know how undecylenic (how much) acid should be taken, and how to send you a transfer for your services. You have no idea how much money I spent on useless advice and research trying to figure this out, and you just gave me an instant insight with clear advice. This is invaluable to me.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Undecylenic acid in pure form is oily. Most commercial form maybe in powder form or are formulated for treatment of candida. Most commercial form are topical, there might be some that can be taken internally, but in pure form maybe 10 to 15 drops twice a day. Ammonium chloride solution is broad spectrum anti fungal and maybe taken internally at 1/8 teaspoon at least twice a day in cup of water. Please avoid fructose found in fruit and honey, try to avoid magnesium and calcium as it will worsen the condition. Anything oily will also cause outbreaks, whether they are creams, lotions, or oil exception being coconut oil which may help. Vinegar as distilled vinegar sometime help both internally as well as externally.


Replied by Nanowriter
Hotspot, Texas

Hi Anon, a great many of your symptoms sound like magnesium deficiency to me. You might want to research it more on the intermet and there are also a few books about magnesium supplementation that have been written by doctors.

I had a sudden physical breakdown as well (diagnosed as anxiety, of course! ) that I finally attributed to long term magnesium and iodine deficiencies, plus general mineral deficiencies due to drinking distilled water for a long time. I now add liquid minerals to my drinking water.

Replied by Sp
Wb, Nj

Hi Anon, I just need to reply to you concerning one thing. You said, "I also have a rash on back of my hands, doctors can't agree if it is psoriasis, eczema or fungal. It is worse in winter and better in the sun in summer. It is very itchy and oozing yellowish liquid, only steroid cream helps it. "

This sounds like classic symptoms of a reaction to corticosteroids. Corticosteroids do a lot of harm and my be exacerbating or even causing some of your other symptoms and at the very least are weakening your immune system. I wish Ted or someone here was studying the damage that they do and how to recuperate from having used them. Please go to, the International Topical Steroid Awareness Network for more info, including their forum. This is very serious.

Please reply back to your original post here if anything you are trying helps. I am very interested because I have some similar symptoms that no doctors or tests can identify. And I am in my fourth year of an unpleasant recovery from having used topical steroids and other corticosteroids.

I am also very interested in Ted's advice regarding magnesium as I believe that magnesium is one of the triggers for the debilitating vertigo spells that I get. Can anyone explain why?

Replied by Bee
New York

Hi Nanowriter.

How do you add liquid minerals to your water? Is it a special brand of something? Thanks

Replied by Nanowriter
Hotspot, Texas

Hi Bee, I use Now Colloidal Minerals, about a capful per half gallon of water.

Replied by Joe

Dear anon, you said you had a high igg reading. Maybe you should have someone check for chlymidia pneumonia( cpn) go to also check out a protocol developed by Dr. Charles Stratton @ Vanderbilt university. Best of luck, Joe