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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 12/12/2006 385 posts

Monosodium glutamate is a free form of glutamate which is relatively toxic to the body. I did some research awhile ago to find an antidote at the time. But some of the information I uncovered is not so good. Apparently the monosodium glutamate causes extreme food craving. In my previous postings at earthclinic I mentioned that if a scientist want to make a rat morbidly fat, they simply injected monosodium glutamate in the first few days of birth. What the monosodium glutamate does is that it destroys the part of your hypothalamus, a center which controls your appetite. When free glutamate destroys that you are hungry all the time and hence a sudden craving for food. Food suddenly becomes addictive, and hence, a boon for fast food, snack food, frozen foods and all the prepared food industries. Because of such a large effect on sales, companies tend to hide this ingredients many ways such as using other words such as modified soy protein, or hydrolyzed vegetable protein, etc. They will do it otherwise they simply can't get the required market share. Some companies are even don't need to have it since the ingredients they received were "premixed" from another place that they claimed to be "proprietary" and in this case they cannot legally divulge that they have MSG.

The problem about MSG I worry about is really not the food that they add into it. You can easily avoid them by avoiding "prepared foods". The biggest problems I worry about is that many vaccines that you inject even in the babies first few months of life do in fact have monosodium glutamate. You can probably guess the future of this baby that unfortunately received monosodium glutamate added to the vaccines. The child will no doubt be morbidly fat and diabetic. It is a boon to pharmaceuticals for those that produces anti-diabetic drugs and cholesterol reducing medicines. Some even went so far as to stop people from promoting soy under the label of being a health threat when the truth is soy and lecithin works better than many cholesterol lowering drugs on the market.

If you doubt MSG is put in vaccines, you can further read more info here:

The rising obesity and hence diabetes might be traced to the fact that nearly ALL PREPARED foods have monosodium glutamate. This includes fast foods and ready made foods. It is no coincidence that only in the last decade in Thailand many people are experiencing obesity, which coincided exactly with the sales of U.S. fast food presence. Fried chicken fast food I found had the highest MSG amongst all fast food I have seen and the content of MSG is correlated quite closely with increase in sales. Only 2 decades ago, the fast food could not get penetrated into the market, until they start adding more MSG. The fact that MSG destroys the hypothalamus which controls your appetite, homeostasis, mood, body temperature, blood pressure, should clearly send a loud warning without the need to wait until we get morbidly obese and wondered what happened.

The possible antidote for MSG toxicity is simple: take plenty of protein, especially L-glutamine, which would displace the free glutamate from the body. The other is taking niacinamide vitamin B3 and vitamin B complex. The B3 may reduce some craving and neutralized those impulse generating from the MSG.

So if you want to know what is number two food to remove from your food choices besides soft drinks from the school and your life, it is clearly MSG.

In fact MSG, aluminum and mercury (thimerosal) should be removed from vaccines. Some argued to me privately that they are doing a greater good to humanity as it involves population control. As if fluorine and chlorine added to the drinking water to reduce sperm count and fertility isn't even enough!

Replied by Health Advocate
West Virginia, US

Ted, I never had any problems - at least none that I was overtly aware of - with MSG/glutamate- until I had been using L-glutamine 10 grams/daily for 3-4 months to help heal leaky gut. I became shaky, extremely nervous with panic, and had other symptoms similar to those of MSG toxicity. I immediately stopped the L-glutamine but the symptoms worsened. I have been having heart palpitations, pounding heart (I can feel my heart beating in my chest) and extreme nervousness, feelings of impending doom and extreme insomnia caused by hyper alertness.

This has now been going on since the end of June when I stopped the L-glutamine. I sleep only every 3-4 days but it is not restful. I am only "surviving". Depression, nervousness and anxiety are part of my daily life. I have a very low quality of life and rarely enjoy anything because of the heart palpitations, extreme anxiety and RINGING IN THE EARS (tinnitus). The louder the ringing, the more anxious, nervous and depressed I am. Was this caused by a sensitization to glutamate due to the ingestion and subsequent conversion of therapeutic doses of L-glutamine into glutamate? How can I reverse this process? Will I ever return to "normal"? I have lost myself and I am desperate for help. I have no life right now.

Thank you!

Replied by Timh
2073 posts

Looks like you need to shift your focus away from Glutamine and toward understanding exactly what your issues are. If it's digestive issues in general, first do a gallbladder cleanse, then do a colon cleanse, then do a parasite cleans. After a few months of these cleanses I graduated from the bed to a wheelchair, to a walker, to a cane. I also took a good bit of DGL and Comfrey to heal my guts after the cleanses. Whenever my guts go bad again, which is usually about once a month, I take DGL + Allantoin.

Replied by Prioris
Florida, US

I am currently taking L-glutamine about 25 grams in 2 doses so this post caught my interest.

I found this

Monosodium glutamate (MSG) sensitivity (also known as "Chinese restaurant syndrome"): If you are sensitive to MSG, you might also be sensitive to glutamine, because the body converts glutamine to glutamate.

As far as DGL ...

I remember I took DGL a couple decades ago. Be careful because it can have many side effects.

Hey TimH, I was just looking at Allantoin a couple weeks ago. Allantoin is generally used in skin and cosmetics. How are you taking it? There is a product called Comfree. How do you think that compares and wouldn't that be better?

Replied by Timh
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Prioris: I crush two DGL tabs in mouth and add 1 small spoon of pure Allantoin w/ very good results every time. I have the Soloray Comfree caps on my watch-list so maybe one day will try it. Have never experienced side effects from DGL to my knowledge.

Replied by Prioris
Fl, US

I may have your solution. A thought came to me for what your problem may be.

GABA and Glutamate need to be in balance. When Glutamate dominates then you will get anxious, insomnia and nervous etc.

Try taking some GABA to balance your system. If it works, try taking L-glutamine again.

Replied by Prioris
Fl, US

Timh, where do you buy your pure Allantoin from?

Allantoin is suppose to be non toxic but are there any caveats when ingesting it. I would use warm water to dissolve it.

Replied by Timh
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I purchased from "The Personal Formulator." I don't know why manufacturers of DGL don't add Allantoin as it's such a beneficial substance w/ no bad side effects. DGL alone isn't sufficient for rebuilding the guts. Ebay has several sellers of Allantoin alone or formulated in skin care products.

Replied by Health Advocate
Chester, West Virginia

Thank you for your advice. This is a great community of people helping people.

Replied by Prioris
Fl, US

There is the synthetic Allantoin vs the natural Allantoin.

I tried looking for the synthetic. That has medicinal properties too. Why not put the synthetic in formulas to ingest.

The one at that website you mentioned has the natural Allantoin.

So the synthetic allantoin is purified without alkaloid.

"There have been two reports of human hepatotoxicity with ingestion of comfrey. Research has shown the pyrrolizidine alkaloids cause liver damage when injected under the skin of laboratory rats for periods of 18 weeks to two years. From these studies with the concentrated alkaloids, scientists speculated that regular users of comfrey could sustain liver damage by taking 2-mg or more of this herb every day over a period of two years. This is particularly of concern for young children. Comfrey root contains allantoin, a substance that speeds up the regeneration of damaged tissue both internally and externally. This agent stimulates the tissue growth of wounds; theoretically, if the wound is infected, this might result in the wound healing over and driving the infection deeper, as can happen with calendula Calendula officinalis. The pyrrolizidine alkaloid content has lead to the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) classifying comfrey as being for topical use only and not to be used during pregnancy or nursing. They recommend limiting topical application to four to six weeks of daily use."

The key word is SPECULATED

1 tsp of Allantoin powder or liquid weighs around 2.27 grams

My body is sensitive to many herbs because they have a multitude of ingredients in them. They are full spectrum. Some people like me don't do well with them. I tried taking burdock root capsules and could feel the negative affect. Same with slippery elm.

Other ...

Where is best place to get pure humic acid powder ?

Ted does seem to say the stuff in garden section is good enough. I've see some powders that may contain 1% aluminum.

I see Humic acid which is membrane active. This seems like only purified one. Kind of expensive.

Replied by Timh
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Prioris: The Comfrey toxicity is exactly why I had to seek an alternative. The comfrey helped at first but after a few weeks the toxicity kicked in and I was never able to tolerate again. But I did find Nature's Answer "pyrollodizine free" Comfrey and used it for some time until they discontinued the product so I found the Allantoin and it has been a standby for several yrs now.

As for Humic Acid Powder I use a high quality extract from "". I use this in hot baths for myself, and as a water additive for my plants.

Replied by Charity
Faithville, Us

MSG, kills brains cells and makes you crave stuff and makes you fat.... I read in another site that MSG depletes the natural levels of taurine in the body and causes heart attacks. Supplementing with Taurine can put up a stronger defense in the body for accidental ingesting of MSG and displace any built up in your body.

Below in wiki are all the hidden names of MSG to deceive us into buying products that have it and cause addictions

Replied by Charity
Faithville. Us

Taurine information to add to MSG info:

For heart, brain, detox msg, muscle, nervous system, bile, insulin, blood pressure.

Replied by Judy

DGL can be laced with MSG....found out the hard way.

Replied by Illyria

To: Health Advocate West, Virginia, USA. Regarding your reply to Ted on 10/06/2014 about your symptoms of Glutamate poisoning. As Charity of Faithville mentioned, look up Taurine on Wikipedia.

I am extremely sensitive to MSG, have to use an epinephrine pen if I eat some from an unexpected source. I know the exact symptoms you describe: hell on earth!! Here is what I have found to help when I have a bad reaction.

1). RAW Coconut Water, not heated, not canned, not processed in any way, being in WV it might be hard for you to get. Amazon sells a good brand, but it is costly. I drink about 40oz a day; but I have access to coconuts that I can open and drink. It is the only thing that hydrates me, maybe due to the natural balance of potassium etc., wish I knew of an effective substitute; but I haven't found one as yet.

2). EPSOM SALTS: I dissolve up to 20 pounds, yes TWENTY, in a kiddie pool (as it will clog your drains). And soak, not too hot. The magnesium will help your nerves. Also magnesium oil applied topically can be used in addition to or substitute for bath of Epsom salts.

3). Supplement with Taurine!! Read the regenerative properties of Taurine on Wikipedia and GLUTAMATE EXCITOTOXICITY, which describes the exact symptoms you are experiencing. For those of us sensitive to glutamate, even L-Glutamine is suspect. I recommend reading the chemical compositions and reactions of a substance before supplementing with high doses, Wikipedia is a good starting point. Everyone is different, remember: One man's poison...

Also, I have benefitted greatly from soaking in Sulphur Springs, which I go to when I am up to driving the 200 miles. Sulphur is extremely healing and a miracle detoxifier. I havent tried the GABA that Prioris recommended in their post, but am researching it now. Sounds promising.

I am very grateful for this forum of people and all the helpful information! And to Health Advocate, I do hope you have found some relief and healing. Your post was some time ago so I am praying this reaches you; I am so sorry for your suffering. And to Charity, thank you so much for your post on Taurine, very helpful to me!!

Replied by Matt

Ginger. Taurine. Magnesium. Google the effects of these three items against MSG Excitotoxicity and purchase immediately. I had the same issues as you, and discovering these three things may have saved my life.

Replied by Kenneth

How did things turn out for you. The exact very same thing is happening to me right now after using high doses of L- Glutamne last week. I hope you are still around to reply. Thank you!!!!

Replied by Charity
faithville, Us

I was up thinking about folate and then did a google on nutritional yeast and wow this is interesting MSG information, hope it is accessed easily from my post, remember L-taurine aids the body to process msg out of the body...stay safe this holiday season and keep your waste line Https://