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Natural Viagra?

Posted by RD (North Carolina) on 11/22/2007


Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Although this is no natural viagra, I used wolfberries and take them regularly, at least to normalize hormonal and antioxidant, which may be related to normal sexual function (complete article):

"To assess whether wolfberry enhances male sexual performance and fertility, Chinese scientists administered wolfberry extract to partially castrated male rats and mouse testicular cells in the laboratory. Compared to control animals, the partially castrated male rats treated with wolfberry demonstrated higher SOD activity, enhanced secretion of sex hormones, increased testicular weight, and improved sperm quantity and quality. Wolfberry boosted their sexual performance and reproductive function, and also protected the DNA of mouse testicular cells against oxidative damage caused by hydrogen peroxide, with higher doses proportionately more effective than lower doses. 50 These findings support wolfberry's reputation as an aphrodisiac and fertility-facilitating agent, providing a modern scientific rationale for wolfberry's centuries-old use in managing infertility and promoting sexual health in males.