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Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 10/16/2011

Hello Ted, I was referred to you by the yahoo rife group. They suggested that you might have some advice for me, and I would appreciate any input you might have. Here is a synopsis of my situation --

I have stage 4 melanoma, which is manifesting as a 17cm tumor in my liver and has recently metastasized to my left lung as well as the lymph system. For some time I have tried to focus on an alkaline diet, but can't seem to raise my saliva ph above 7.0 -- and it is more typically at 6.4-6.6. I have "dabbled" with the Rife GB4000 and to a greater extent Clark's varigamma zapper which caused an intensely painful reaction in the liver which lasted about 3 days. At any rate, I had not had a scan for a year and had one last week which showed the progressive metastasizing.

Most recently, another "practitioner" has suggested going on a macro biotic diet -- using as much soy sauce AND salt as possible so that I might raise my PH more markedly.

I have been doing ongoing chinese herbs and acupuncture (with moxa treatment) and plan on beginning qigong within a week. Might you have any feedback for me? Thanking you in advance.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The saliva pH cannot be raised until there is enough potassium in the system. The potassium citrate is primarily pH to raise it, and some sodium citrate to raise extracellular fluids. It is taken 1/4 teaspoon of potassium citrate after meals twice a day, but it takes time to raise it, like a month. Your situation is to control the carbs and get your blood sugar down first. There are common deficiencies in cancer, B3 niacinamide 500 mg is taken before sleep and if possible 250 mg 4 times a day if possible, selenium 200 mcg x 3 in form of selenium yeast, melatonin, 10 mg before sleep and 5 mg with each meals. Those are primary deficiencies. There is I am sure a need for lysine and threonine, but must take it hourly for 4 hours, and hourly for 3 hours, at 1000 mg each without calcium. After 3 days or 4 days, glutamine is added at 500 mg to each of the regimens. You must get blood sugar down below 90 mg/dL and the probability of success from any cancer therapies is almost guaranteed, I don't care it its Dr. Berkson, AHIT therapy, etc. The iodine is the prime engine to reduce the tumor size, which is 5 drops of lugols iodine a day. Since there are various lugol's formulas I will leave it at that, and increased frequencies would help. There is also reishi mushroom which contains germanium I have been looking for a cheap source, can take 1/2 teaspoon to1 teaspoon reishi powdered, and sabah snake grass twice a day (powdered) 1/2 teaspoon and bromelain 10% taken twice a day. This should take care of most of the problems.

And sorry about delays, flooding in Thailand here and all the preparations.


Replied by Anonymous

Dear Ted, First and foremost, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the response!!!:) As for your suggestions, I confess that much of it is "greek" to me. The problem is where to get the items which you recommend. Do you have availability to these chemicals/supplements? Are there sites online where I might order directly? I hate to request any more of your time and assistance during what must be a nightmarish time for you, but any additional help or "handholding" at this time would be greatly appreciated."

10/22/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "As with all laws, you cannot sell supplements, or recommend any place to get it, and the supplement companies cannot recommend any treatment. But there is a way around it, and I could just change the remedy to be simpler so that you can buy it from a local health store instead. But there are no problems finding reishi mushroom tea or tablets over the internet, and if you cannot find citrate, then just get lime juice freshly squeezed (with as much oil from the peels as possible) and add baking soda, 3 to 4 times a day, the baking soda is only 1/4 teaspoon. And lemon oil and orange oil can be mix together to equal 5 cc three times a day and taken. This will help kill cancer cells. Clove oil can be mixed in drinking water 2 to 5 drops per 2 liter. This is simpler to find. As far as niacinamide B3, you can find in local drug stores, as well as lysine, maybe threonine, melatonin and selenium. Glutamine can be purchased in body building shops or over the internet.

Most alternative healers (not me), will advocate the use of equipment such as hyperthermia and ozone therapy (good for lung cancer), and they do work. But their weakness, both in Thailand and the rest of the world, is that they are very weak in supplements for use in cancer. But the secret is the supplements that kill cancer. Any immune therapy the alternative community does works, if they add in supplements that help with white blood cells and T cells, etc. But they usually don't.

The clove oil can be replaced with ginger tea as is better for the stomach and anti inflammatory too.


Replied by Anonymous

Hello Ted, Once again I would like to thank you for your time and information, especially during what must be chaotic times for you! It seems that the more information you provide, the more questions I have. I will attempt to be brief and to the point however.

1. As mentioned, the largest tumor (by far) is the 17 cm tumor on the liver. That is currently causing radiated pain to the right shoulder. There are smaller nodules, including one that seems to be impacting the kidneys and causing a dramatic slowing in my urination resulting in difficulties with urination and swollen ankles and calves. I am taking chinese herbs and magnesium and it seems to be helping with the swelling but not the urination.

2. If I understand you correctly, I can substitute lime juice and baking soda for the citrates previously suggested?? Two questions here -- I have no way to measure cc amount and how does one get as much of the rind oil as possible. I do have orange oil liquid (which I did not muscle test well for) and thus stopped using. I also started out my "alternative" regimen with baking soda, but as I recall, that did not test that well either.

3. What is the clove oil replacing in your original note to me? And do I understand you that ginger tea would now replace the clove oil? Sorry for my confusion here.

4. The B3 - niacinamide -- is taken away from food and a total of 1500 mg/day?

5. I have selenium in liquid form -- could this be used as opposed to the selenium yeast form? If so, how many drops or what would be the daily quantity?

6. As you suggest, lysine is easy to get -- I am not familiar with threonine but will try to get it. I take 1000 mg PER HOUR? And then I am confused when you say after a few days I add 500mg to "each regimen" --

7. My immediate goal is to reduce the size of the tumor, so it is important for me to understand the iodine supplement. When you say, increase frequencies would help -- could you expand and be more specific please --i.e. how much before I risk toxic levels??

8. I have no clue about the snake grass (where to get it etc), though I did take lachesis (snake venom) as a homeopathic with no positive results -- it test out well for some time with muscle testing. The 10% bromelain suggests a tincture?? I have some in tablet form is all. Are both the snake grass and bromelain more of a footnote to all of this and really not of much consequence?

I have started IVs of Vit C (in conjunction with other additives) as well as ozone. I am also on 3 chinese herb formulas -- one for the cancer, one for the ankle/calf swelling and one for helping bowel movements due to the pain killers I am on. Unfortunately, the formula for bowel movement seems to be doing very little at this point. My point is that I want to be careful not to be taking anything which is in conflict with what I am already doing.

Once again you have my sincere gratitude!!"

10/28/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Question 2: Orange oil can be mixed with any drinks with the lemon and a little of baking soda. The muscle testing cannot test individual formula, it must be mixed in. I believe muscle testing is more accurate if you don't know what it is. In fact, muscle testing may not work for you. To test this, you can try getting a lead powder and vitamin C powder, in two containers unlabeled. The answer should not be lead solder or any toxic substance, it should be vitamin C powder, but these two container must weigh the same and look the same on the outside. Then test it 5 times or 10 times, the muscle testing should be correct in 10 times out of 10. If not muscle testing is not for you and you may have missed a lot of good remedies. Tell me how muscle testing goes.

Question 3: You replace ginger tea, don't do clove oil, it helps your digestion and liver and renal function. To get the sizes down, you need DMSO solution. Apply it to liver and kidney area on the outside, at least 6 times a day.

Question 4: It is taken 250 mg with food or before meals and 500 mg before sleep on empty stomach. This is minimum dose.

Question 5: It works better with selenium yeast but you can try liquid form. The problem is liquid form I don't know how many mcg. The tablet is taken 250 mcg x 2 at least. Get equivalent dose.

Question 6: Yes, per hour, for four hours in morning and per hour for three hours in evening. The glutamine is added to the regiment after the third day, the rest is the same.

Question 7: If you can increase iodine, then that will kill the tumor. The starting dose is given 5 drops of 5% iodine solution at night, try to increase to 5 drops x 6 if possible. slowly increase if it doesn't produce side effects is fine, but if produce side effects reduce dosages. Always start with 1 drops in evening and slowly increase to 5 drops.

Question 8: If you cannot get it, it doesn't matter. Can you get N acetyl cysteine or milk thistle? These help with the liver. You take 250 mg x 2 for N acetyl cysteine and 250 mg x 2 for milk thistle?

Last Question: 3 chinese herbs depends on what they are, the ones that work are astralagus, reishi mushroom, and jiaogulan.


EC: "Earth Clinic advises extreme discretion in the use of iodine at these levels. In this area, Ted's work is experimental and only intended for cancer patients. Normal dosage is half a drop per day--begin with that and slowly increase your daily dose. Please see our Iodine Remedies section for possible side effects, cautions, and the potential benefits of iodine supplementation.

Replied by Anonymous

Hi Ted, If I needed to get by with only a 2% solution of iodine would you have any suggestions?

Also, my naturopath is confused as to what would be the use of Dmso as it seems primarily used to help absorption into the skin and cell walls? Might you have time to explain?"

11/02/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "You can do fine with a 2% solution, you just need to take more drops. Say 5 drops x 6 is ideal, but start simple. I usually start out 2 drops before sleep and I will find the maximum tolerable dose, each time it is a maximum of 5 drops. So if there is no side effects, I will try 2 times a day to the ideal 6 times. Once the body is saturated by iodine, it actually (mostly) gets absorbed by the cancer cells, and usually they kill themselves in the process, or convert to normal cells. The B3 actually helps activate the P53 tumor suppressor genes, and that's why B3 is essential.

DMSO itself is a carrier substance and helps oxygenate the cells as it goes through cancer cells thus killing by oxygenating, but we can also add things that will kill or suppress the cancer cells with the carrier device such as B3, selenium, lithium, and others to kill tumor or suppress tumor. It can go through any organs. In liver cancer it is applied to the abdomen area where there is cancer. If DMSO is added with iodine, 2% it carries the iodine, and DMSO goes to the tumor thus slowly killing the cancer. If DMSO is given alone then it converts to normal cells, but DMSO used alone is inflammatory in nature, so if we get Aloe vera, that will help prevent burning by DMSO. To oxygenate the cancer means to lower their cancer tissue expansion and eventually pain, as cancers, if they are active and anaerobic, produce more lactic acid and pain. The ideal formula is to mix DMSO with aloe vera oil (not much, a 10% solution) with butyric acid 10% to encourage the tumor to become normal cells. There are some problems, however, if it becomes hard (like a rock) then it becomes difficult, but still DMSO will penetrate through that anyway, but it takes more applications. Sometimes the tumor is so hard, after cremation, the tumor remains!

DMSO is a penetrant and carrier, but is also oxygenates the cells, but it may be inflammatory, and for that you need aloe vera oil, or possibly some flaxseed oil which has some anti cancer properties, but I think butyric acid is better.


Replied by Anonymous

Hello Ted, Thank you for explaining things to me with such care! As you may know, it is difficult to get DMSO in this country but I will see what I can do. Do you have any feedback on the IV injections of Vit C, curcumin and ozone (alternatingly)?

Also, one naturopath advisor (and some supportive literature) has suggested that a seven day fast (water ideally) would help to decrease the size of the tumors in the theory that after day 3 of a fast the body starts to feed on its own tissue and begins with the dead tissue first. Another local naturopath feels that in fact the opposite occurs -- that the body feeds on live tissue first, which of course is something that I do not want. Do you have any reaction to this?

Finally, I assume that Lugol's is the only brand of iodine that you would suggest and that it is taken orally? I will begin with one drop and work my way up -- what type of side effects might there be and what might I do if there are side effects?

Thank you, Ted -- (and that is an understatement:))"

11/12/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "The problem of a a seven day fast depends on your blood sugar. If blood sugar is high, cancer cells have nothing to live on, because their basic nutrition is sugar, the other one is fat and calcium. So in a fast, say water, the cancer doesn't have all three, and your body's digestive enzyme is up, so basically a fast can possibly shrink the tumor. Where it doesn't shrink the tumor was basically some people are on fast but they are drinking sweet things, such as pineapple juice, which is a grave error.

IV vitamin C is fine, but curcumin can be taken orally. Ozone is almost equivalent with hydrogen peroxide, but can be taken orally safer at 3% per capful in one liter of water, of course that's food grade I used.

Lugol's if it has side effects, the common ones are acne, nausea and vomiting. In that order! So if you are nauseous, then reduce the lugol's. The alternate one that does not have the side effects for small doses is the nascent iodine, I haven't as yet tried the larger dose in cancer, so Lugol's would be the mainstay, at least for me.