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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 11/17/2009 388 posts

Measles cured with aspirin.

Aspirin has historically used as a cure for measles and other viral infections in Thailand for quite sometime, but it has never been in the mainstream spotlight. For example, I forgot about how I was cured of measles, way back in 1961, when I was only 3 years old, when my mother just mentioned in passing just today! LOL It was also a one day cure for measles. The cure was the aspirin, taken usually twice to three times a day. The aspirin used at the time, was a powdered form of aspirin, mixed with a tiny amount of caffeine to raise the body's defense or energy level. Of course I now know I can use drops of 0.1% methylene blue as a substitute for that, as caffeine is currently a controlled substance in Thailand, but a methylene blue is found in most aquarium shops. It should be noted that the one day cure for measles is really nothing new in Thailand. It just surprise the Western community, from the media blackout concerning the antiviral properties of the aspirin. For example in the late 1930s, my mother came from a large family. 16 children from 4 mothers all came down with the measles. The cure was rapid, the aspirin powdered (with the caffeine, brand name, Prasa Borat), which is now illegal from FDA ruling, was ALL CURED of measles within ONE DAY. The fever went completely away within one day. The only thing left over on the second day was the red rash. Which last for about 3 days. No need for vaccinations. As a result of an effective campaigns by the pharmaceuticals, rarely do people mentioned the antiviral properties of the aspirin. However, there is a movie, made in the U.S., which was Dustin Hoffman's movie Tootsie, which mentioned in passing that the cure for cold was the aspirin and vitamin C, which is synergistc.

The reason why I am telling about measles is one baby just had the measles just yesterday and since the parents don't believe in the aspirin, a lysine was used instead. The lysine 600 mg was grounded to powder and mixed in a 250 ounce milk baby bottle. Yes, it was mixed with milk, amazingly enough (usually they bind and prevent absorption). Today the child is cured no fever. Imagine, the child was having a fever for a week now and nothing worked to stopped it.

Now the child has a rash, which is expected to last 2-3 days, as dead viruses tend to surface from the measles and it's also fast reducing. Hence, if someone doesn't like aspirin, then there is always lysine as a remedy or a one day cure against the measles. Apparently the measles came from the vaccination, immediately after that.

It was a live viruses, in that vaccination. In any case I am more worried about mercury and other endotoxins, and in fact you really don't need vaccination since a lysine and measles can cure the measles in just one day.

It's interesting to note that Spanish flu was not prevalent in Thailand because aspirin use was mostly antiviral used locally here at the time. Of course in that period, about 30 or 40 milliion died throughout the world, I believe, unnecessary if that information was known to the general public. At least some readers from earthclinic will be spared of that problem with the lysine or aspirin remedy. However, the newer remedy, I am looking at which is mostly respiratory illness (rather than the fever itself), I am currently using humic acid and digestive enzyme.

Replied by Carpash
Brighton, England Uk

My 13 year old son has been suffering from measles. Gave him aspirin and have seen a remarkable improvement in past 12 hours even though he is on day 5 of the rash. Recommended it to a friend who has a 15 year old on day 2 of the rash. His rash has faded after 24 hours appetite returned and feels so much better. Can only so thank you had never heard of using it for measles and would advise anyone to give it a try.

Replied by Mama22
Southern Maryland

TED, I have chosen not to vaccinate my children, and am also trying to be proactive in the sense of knowing alternative cures for these diseases. Worried about giving a toddler aspirin... Would white willow bark work similarly? Do you know if this is safer? You mention lysine, also. I have L-lysine. Is this the same?

Replied by Meeda
Abu Dhabi


Please I would also like to know how to use white willow instead of aspirin for children.

Thank you