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Question About Increasingly Low Levels of Testosterone in the Population

Posted by Juan-Diego Garcia (Albuquerque, New Mexico) on 05/13/2009

I would like Ted's input on the issue of increasingly low testosterone levels affecting so many people. What part does excess estrogen intake (soy, pesticides, etc) play in this phenomenon? How do we counteract it?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Juan:
Most medical research journals such as pubmed concluded that estrogenic soy do not have estrogenic effects, but act more like adaptogens, which tends to normalize hromones.

The most serious problems of estrogen come from canned foods, insecticides, and plastic products. This delays sexual development of developing male fetuses causing the men to have feminine characters, but in more serious exposure, as in factories that produces hydrocarbons, have generally pseudo estrogen, which are also powerful estrogen, such that in one community, there is a discrepancy where female outnumber the males, but those males who do develop have feminine characters and changes in sexual preferences as more femininity develops. This is observed not just in humans, but occurs in wild animals and fishes where industrial wastes produces a lot of hydrocarbon contaminating nature to cause deer for example where male deer displays feminine character, while female display somewhat more agressive character.

The most serious estrogen exposure comes from canned foods, where the plastic is bisphenol A being the most serious. But other less serious exposure comes from plastic bottles, and other plastic products. Bisphenol A was originally intended to use as estrogen hormone supplements for women in birth control, but some innovative scientist found ways to convert estrogen into plastic with the exposure to UV radiation which creates plastics, where bisphenol A attaches each other along the canned products, and is now most popularly used product in all canned food that lines the inner part of the cans. When cans are exposed to heat, acidity during storage, the plastics then breakdown, producing a lot of bisphenol A that contaminate the food. If bisphenol A is checked after long term storage, especially more acid sour foods, there's more of them that reaches very high levels enough not to be safe.

The big problems I encountered in Thailand is the culture of giving pregnant mothers canned milk products, that's lined with plastic inside, rich with bisphenol A which is why population of femininity runs very high in male, middel class family. This is due to its exposure reducing testosterone and changes the sexual preferances. In Thailand the degree of femininity, we have a word to call it depending on their degree from toot, gay, gay king, gay queen. Where Gay queen is the most extreme form of femininity in men, looking even more woman than an ordinary woman complete, with dress, clothes associated with a "lady". If exposure of estrogen occurs before development, there is marked reduction in male population, see documentary "The Disappearing Male", that might be available in parts on youtube or video.google.com However if the exposure occur once the eggs developed, the testicals and developing male organs do not develop. If they occur during term pregancy and a large exposure (mostly from canned milk product - a popular gift often given to pregnant mother during pregnancy), then you have a male with strong femininity.

Things get worse when a mother with developing fetus, are exposed to insecticides and insecticide found on vegetables. In fact one simple way to detox the vegetables and meat from some of these effects is a weak solution o hydrogen peroxide used as washes.

The common supplements I used I tend to shy away from direct use of testosterone supplements as it causes hormone spikes that isn't helpful as the real hormone are produced over time in much smaller quantities then they do by spiking from taking them orally. I therefore tend to prefer hormones if need be given weekly if done orally, at a much smaller dose, or use hormone patches where they are absorbed transdermally, which makes for their time release in much smaller quantities.

The more natural supplements I used are rather indirect such as borax remedy taken maybe once a week, or twice a week, but may be more frequenty if the person has autoimmunity or lupus. The dose I used is 1/8 to 1/4 depending on conditions of autoimmunity or the need to normalize most hormones. Iodine, I prefer sodium iodide and potassium iodide supplements to help general glandular functions to work in harmony rather than concentrating on specific organs.

It should be noted that people have a degree of arteriosclerosis, and high cholesterol and they tend to block circulating hormones which causes sexual impotence or low sexual vitality, being the most common complaints I have received privately, but hardly from earthclinic readers. This cause is due fats blocking the glands from reaching the targeted organs, but also restricts its blood flow. However, excessive circulating fats of the wrong kind, is more likely to block the hormone even if a lot of circulating hormone were produced. This is why it helps to reduce the fats in the blood with hydrophilic alkalization, such as baking soda, carbicarb + potassium, but it also helps with certain hydrophilic amino acids such as arginine and lysine. It should not be ignored that the largest effects on circulating blood plasma is the electrolytes, and the most important ones are the magnesium. The ones that goes against hormones by blocking them and causing more arteriosclerosis, is the magnesium. Lipoproteins are attached to arteries because it's charges are negative, and with lysine and arginine, its charges are negative and non polar, but also hydrophilic, a characteristic unique to only a few amino acids out of the many that may promote the body to efficiently utilize the hormones also. In any event the common supplements I used is borax remedy, lecithin (as fat emulsifier), magnesium (to give target organs the energy by reduction of lipoproteins, triglycerides, and VLDL that blocks hormones) and of course alkalization remedy. Lemon juice, citric acid and vitamin C have an affinity for calcium and reduces their blockages along the arteries thus improving the circulation. Lipoproteins have negative charges and attaches to the artery walls while, the lysine and arginine have positive charges that attract lipoprotien from attaching the artery walls allowing them to be slowly remove. The other properties is the nitric oxide promoters that may help increase nitric oxide which helps arteries expand to provide more circulation such as vitamin C, citrulline and arginine.

Therefore we have to consider the entire system of the body's circulation, hormone delivery, and not just hormone production. Excessive fat acts like a sponge and removes hormone from circulation as it is stored by fat cells and does not reach their target organs. If testosterone or any hormone is stored in fat cells too long the testosterone may convert into other harmful hormones such as dihydrotestosterone, which causes hair loss. So people think taking more testosterone causes hair loss, but in fact the culprit may be that the hormones is stored in fat cells too long that it degrades and when fat cells release its stored hormones too long it becomes a more harmful substance. So the culprit appears to be linoleic acid, sunflower oil, and most heated vegetable oils that accelerates hard fats inside the body that accelerates the decrease in hormones by their sponge like absorption. Certain oils however, don't do that, such as fresh fish oils and olive oil. Most of the problems are associated with vegetable based polyunsaturated oils, rather than the olive oil which is a monounsaturated.

Therefore viwing holistically and using various supplements may be a more practical view in attacking the issue of low testosterone, which includes both reduction to their exposure from the environment, circulation, raising hormones, but also to consider alkalization also. The causes are multiple.


Replied by Lewis
Circleville, USA

The way to increase the testosterone for men is to sunbath nude...it will increase 120% through the chest & back, and 200% directly on the genitiles..

Replied by John

Thanks for the great information. I suffer from low libido, erectyle disguction, low sexual desire/impulse, and a mild venous leak. What natural remedies would you recommend for me?

Replied by Charity
Faithville, Us

I would start by making sure ALL your minerals are in balance. Then make sure you are well hydrated .Vitamin D is a hormone and uses vitamin K to utilize it. Borax also regulates hormone balance. From there you could try a bit of DHEA which the body uses to make hormones out of. Then you could try a bit of progesterone in case your estrogen is too high. I would start with the basics first.

Replied by John

Thanks Charity. I had annual blood work done and doctors didn''t notice anything out of the ordinary. How do I check that my minerals are at the right levels? Am I able to take a multivitamin tablet which will bring alll if my minerals back in balance? I also noticed that Borax is used as a cleaning agent for clothing and the like. Can this be consumed orally? Is DHEA Fish Oil? I also heard Rutin helps with veins. My problem is that there are so many vitamins to take, that I'm not sure where to start and in what sequence. I find Viagra works if that helps to understand my problem but the side effects are horrendous. Are there any natural remedies instead of Viagra? Would you recommend Panax ginseng or something else? I guess that's why I'm trying to boost my testosterone/libido/mood to see if this will fix it along wih trying to use something for my venous leak.

Replied by Charity
Faithville, Us

A good hair analysis would sort out mineral imbalances but I have not had one. I pretty much read a lot and guess and go. I use N-W brand full spectrum multi minerals and some others.I make some mistakes but that does not deter me. Here is the borax information from this site


magnesium is the first mineral most people are deficient in and some people have problems and have to use it topically to keep from getting diarrhea.

MSM would also help any muscle/ skin issues since it is sulfur that our body uses for elasticity and we lose it as we age, use it with vitamin C.

I have not used ginseng but I do use ginger .

Dhea link


Most food grown in commercially fertilized soil is deplete of most minerals. The chemicals make the plants unable to extract minerals from the soil and many soils were already deficient in those minerals, so the plants could not take them up during their growth.


progesterone cream for men, yes ...read below

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Most women and men will have lower DHEA, HGH human growth hormones, testosterone and progesterone. Estrogen dominance appears to cause cancer and a lot of things. Men also needs progesterone as it lowers their PSA in a way and decreases an enlarged prostate. But I advised just progesterone cream. Weight problems I would worry about. Usually the problem lies with taking too much oils, vegetable oils, health oils in general. Oils block hormones signals. So you can end up with normal hormones but actually have lower hormone deliveries because oils block their transmission. As a result I resort to two things, glycine and boron. Borax is a boron taken at 1/10 or 1/16 teaspoon in a liter of water sipped throughout the day, and glycine taken at 1/2 teaspoon three times a day. One little known fact about glycine is it attaches to oils thus improving hormone signals. Obviously you get weight loss from that. There may be cases that this will not improve because their hormones are so low it's no existence whereby you resort to hormone intake, such as pregnenolone, progesterone, or DHEA are common supplement I use.

Any way ...I don't have all my own answers but just maybe a few links to help you find a course to chart on....blessings, charity

Replied by Steve

I would suggest black maca. Will boost libido and raise testosterone. Try 1Tbsp/day to start.

Gelatinized black maca is easier on the stomach. Maca was never meant to be taken raw. The Peruvians who grow it always cook it first. They sell it raw in the USA because it's a money maker. You'll see there are many reviews all over google/amazon etc from people that have taken it raw find that it upsets their stomach.

Replied by John

What are your thoughts on Tribulus, Apple Cider Vinegar, Shilajit, or Panax Gineng?

Replied by Charity
Faithville, Us

I know I just went and read about them and erectile dysfunction and now I think maybe a person should rule out deficiencies in the body and then any possible health problems that may be the underlying cause before trying to address the symptom of the problem. These include body, mind, spirit, and relationship issues . It would be a shame to miss a possible heart condition underlying this symptom and then have a heart attack and or stroke. So I say more tests and more homework before applying this solution.

Replied by John

Thanks Charity. I guess I don't feel complete - like a man - due to this problem which then feeds across my other areas; mental, physical, and relationships - as I've lost my confidence as a man as I can't satisfy my partner, have anxiety, feel withdrawn and inadequate. Viagra works for me but I hate the side effects, and this is why I was after some advice if there was anything that may increase my sexual mood, testosterone, erection strength, and anxiety. I did do a last set of tests recently and found my thyroid and testosterone on the lower end of the scale but still within the range. I don't have any heart problems or diabetes so I'm just stuck as I've tried TCM and other concoctions and not sure what to do.

Replied by [email protected]

Hi There,

check out Tongkat Ali and also Pine Pollen Extract but you might have a good amount of Testosterone but actually you need to have Free Testosterone... so also try Nettle Root Extract which gives you more Free Testosterone as nettle root extract stops it binding and causing problems.