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Remedies for Lipoma

Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 08/08/2011

Hi Ted,
What my husband have is called LIPOMA on the back of his neck.

Lipoma is a lump that consist of mainly faty tissue inside. You are so knowledgeable about many things that im sure you have a remedy! This is why I asked you. The lump has grown a bit since last year and we do not have insurance so I was wondering if you could let me know of a natural remedy to use topically on the lump to maybe help dissolve some fat inside and reduce the size and maybe even stunt the growth of it so it does not get any bigger!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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It is considered a benign cancer, but caused probably some injury sustained in that area. Most cancer that goes on to malignant starts out this way, and I just treated them with the same remedies. They are treated the same in remedies but language-wise we make the difference, on benign and malignant.

My classification is based on remedies (and my confusion), is I tend to say Lymphoma and Lipoma the same words but used very dfferently. So I can call a lymphoma, but it's either in initial stages or active stage. Initial stages of all cancer begins with some sort of injury (as in bruises, deep cuts, cysts, chemical damage, even uric acid crystals cause cellular damage) but somehow it doesn't go beyond that because the immune system was strong enough to block the cancer from becoming malignant, because usually the blood sugar level is not high enough. It just makes naming a bit more easier for me, because my classification is based on remedies being treated for a condition(s). If we make one cancer type with different words for each depending on benign and malignant, we think it is safe in the benign, but if we combined that in to Lipoma and Lymphoma, as initial stages (in active) and final stages (active) we would view a benign as a potential threat. That's why my differences. Any way I will call it lipoma to keep in line with how we call it anyway.

You therefore would use DMSO/Castor oil/Clove oil the same. And you would use aloe vera oil and/or butyric acid, the same too. I would also treat this as a precondition to cancer, and used lysine and things I mentioned the same too. The only differences is that in a malignant cancer, is the issue of liver toxicity from cancer cells toxins, in which case milk thistle and thunbergia is considered.

There is one more thing of getting rid of the mass, bromelain. I used bromelain 10%, 6500 GDU type, in its 100% bromelain form. That is actually 10 times stronger (at least) then a meat tenderizer. In breaking down the proteins which causing the mass of tissues. I used for example 1/4 teaspoon mixed in a glass of water, three or four times a day. The 90% is glycine, and 10% is bromelain. So this mixture is used for treatment of cancer, exception being is prostate cancer, which we don't use glycine.

Replied by Tms71
Greenwich, Ct

Lymphoma is a cancer of the lymphatic cells of the immune system. A lipoma a non-cancerous tumor of lipid cells. One is not a different stage of the other. Lymphoma for lymph cells, lipoma for lipid cells. It is not generally believed that lipomas can become malignant.

Replied by Bob
Attica, Ny

I just read about IP6 with niacin (the real kind that causes your skin to flush) to increase absorbancy and effectiveness. It's all natural, actually contained in small amounts in the bran of things like oats. However it's one of things that is hard to consume in large enough quantities through foods because much of it is destroyed during processing. In this case supplementation is better. A dose of 1000mg of IP6 with niacin daily has shown to stop tumors in their tracks. I am not surprised by this as niacin itself has been touted recently by researchers and alternative doctors to be a very effective weapon against cancer without the nasty side effects of drugs.... So together they would be a 1-2-punch. I am not familiar with your form of cancer, but it may very be a wonderful addition in your arsenal against it.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The easiest right now is DMSO mixed with castor oil and clove oil, which is proven to be effective. The mixture is as follows:

  • DMSO 70%
  • Castor oil 25%
  • Clove oil 5%

This can be applied as many times as needed. If the solution is too hot, you can reduce clove oil, if it is not effective, you can increase clove oil.

There is one important element, cellular regeneration to normal cells, which needs butyric acid and aloe vera oil. Aloe vera oils are hard to find and butyric acid smells like rancid butter. These two need to be applied too so cancer gets converted to normal cells.

People with cancer are low in B3 niacinamide and selenium. B3 is 300 mg x 10, and Selenium at 200 x 2, is a safe dose, the other is Lysine 1000 mg x 4, hourly dose, in morning. and 1000 mg x 4, hourly dose, in evening for at least 2-3 days, thereafter is reduced to dose you find acceptable--at least 1000 x 3. It is said that green tea extract is also effective, 250 mg x 2 at least. I try to get minimum of supplements so it won't cost a lot, and effective, and we can make changes based on feedback.


Replied by Healthy248
Digby, Nova Scotia, Canada

Hi! Ted... I hope this feedback finds you, healthy and well.

I have some feedback for the Dmso, Castor Oil and clove treatment you suggested (75% DMSO, 25% Castor Oil, 5% clove oil) for the Lipoma mass (4x3 inch X 3/4 in. deep) on my neck, ( Lipoma started after a herniated disk operation about 13 or 14 years ago) treatment seemed to be working, but 4 days into it, (I developed a wake me up from a dead sleep)..incessantly itching red burning rash that is hot to the touch, I have tried all manner of concoctions to stop the itching, burning, and the hot red skin. Nothing seems to work for very long. The last thing I tried was a (olive oil & clove) mixture made to create clove oil. It worked the best but did nothing to fix the issue. Almost all fixes I apply make it burn worse, except coconut oil and the clove oil mix. What other fixes might you suggest. I have been suffering over the past few years with some allergy like issues especially a day or so after the jets fly overhead leaving their jet plumes behind. Dry itchy weaping eyes. We thought it might be contact dermatitis, not conclusive. Steriods like prednasone works, but I cannot live on those. Food allergies was next but no concrete red flags there either, but have stopped most of my sugar, wheat, softdrinks, table salt, processed foods etc. Intake. But I do cheat ocassionally and it lets me know. Is it possible that this is a histimine issue, what is your take on this. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thank you, Karl

Replied by Lynette
San Clemente, Ca

Hi: I need to remove a doz. Lipomas! What has been posted, Hydrogen Peroxide w/Diatomaceus clay? how do you do this! L also saw Glycine, how much! Best products to use for Detoxification! Other [posts: Triphala, again not sure how much! l also have Lipedema, fat disorder issue. Any feedback or sites l would be very grateful for!

Thanks, Lynette

Replied by Ann

For your information my lipomas HAVE turned cancerous! It turns out Ted knows more than you give him credit for!