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Seeking Ted's Remedies for Lichen Genital

Posted by Anonymous (Anon) on 04/04/2015

Dear Ted,

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to ask you a question. I have recently (6 March 2015) been diagnosed with Lichen Genital.

I didn't even know this illness existed. I thought the itching was due to menopause, causing dryness. And I thought the scar on my perineum was due to giving birth to my daughter 13 years ago. But now it seems that my small labia have gone and my clitoris is almost invisible. I so much want to do whatever is possible to save the situation and avoid total disappearance.

I also want to know if there is any risk for urinating or fusing of my vagina.

I have had many bladder infections in the past.

The dermatologist said, well you can see for yourself, your clitoris has gone. I almost believed her. Of course a clitoris cannot just disappear, and neither can a penis, I suppose. I was very sad, but I realized I had to be careful with my thoughts and I tried “counter story”. I decided not to believe that my clitoris had gone. My goodness.

She prescribed Delphi 0,1 crème Triamcinolonacetonide, to be used twice a day.

The “scar” on my perineum was cured in one day with this cream, but I want natural treatments. As a child, we never used medication at home.

I started reading about this illness, and I discovered myself that I also had Lichen on my tongue last week. Called the dermatologist, she said, oh well, just watch that your tongue does not get hard, because this means cancer! So heartless. As if I am not a human being but just a disease.

I realized I had to use my brain and my heart and focus on my health instead of my illness.

I have started turmeric gorgling and virgin coconut pulling for 20 minutes in the morning. It seems to help a bit.

I decided to stop coffee, bread, sugar.

I have had very much stress in my life. I am divorced, struggling to survive as a full time teacher.

Last year I was in terrible pains, ibs. Had everything checked. No lactose intolerance. The only thing that really helped me was massaging my belly with almond oil with pepper mint essential oil ( I remembered the mint from my childhood) and the help of an osteopath.

Now since 2,5 years, I have a wonderful relationship with a very dear man. And we have a very nice intimacy.

I am 53, female, European,

blood group 0 plus, Rhesus D positive ccEe Kell Negative

Used to be very strong, never ill, good weight accept from a bit of extra weight on my belly.

Thank you so much.

I do hope you can help me. I think you are a wonderful human being, making this information available to all people, not being important if they can afford the money to go and see doctors or not.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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There is document that methylene blue solution applied and small exposure of UV light will kill lichen planus. The other is use of a herb such as purslane, curcumin, tumeric, neem, stinging nettle, are some of the things you can try. As for colloids maybe copper colloid.


Replied by Anonymous

Dear Ted,

Thank you for your answer! Which kind of UV light you mean? UVA, UVB or UVC? And how long does one need to exposure? It is Lichen Sclerosis, don't know if this makes a difference. Kind regards

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Mostly they used UVB for 5 to 15 minutes a day depending on how their skin can stand the exposre to rid of it. Maybe once or twice a week although I received reports that some people used UVC, but don't know why they used that. Maybe it depends on type of lichen. Your doctor should know this one.

Replied by Galina

Lichen sclerosus is not the same as lichen planus.

Try Perrin's Creme Complete and Perrin's Blend for treating your lichen sclerosus: see their website at

You will have flareups in times of stress...keep on top of this or it gets worse. Perrin's helps big time!