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Apple Cider Vinegar Ok for Lpr?

Posted by J (Anonymous) on 12/31/2012

Hi, I have been suffering with LPR for about 4 months. I have a lump in the throat, post nasal drip and have been taking nexium twice a day for 2 months. They also have me on carafate. I have been reading about ACV and am hoping it will be a miracle cure for me. I have done two doses so far and feel it might actually be helping. I am also 47 yo and in menopause and wondering if hormones could be weakening my LES. I would appreciate any advice. I am also thinking of acupuncture. My GI is starting to think it might just be anxiety but my gut tells me that that is not my problem. Thank you.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, digestive enzymes, and humic acid help the GERD, as for the laryngopharyngeal Reflux (LPR) you probably need vitamin E and magnesium to help the esophagus muscles. The sourness of lemon juice, but especially so for hydrochloric acid, in converting the enzyme pepsinogen to pepsin enzyme so the stomach can digest the food, which is the protein. Therefore it is taken with meals and after meals, is a quick remedy, but in the long run we have to deal with why the digestion doesn't produce the enzymes, the most common source is a B complex deficiency, and B50 is the common remedy that is given, once or twice a day, until the conditions reduces. The humic acid kills the fungus bacteria (mycobacterium) that causes the reflux (by irritation actions that causes the reflex to cause the reflux), but the only way to kill them permanently is to get the digestive juices working.


Replied by Wendy

Hi Ted,

I have LPR when you say Vitamin E and Magnesium, how much should I take? You also mention B50 twice a day, what is the measurement for that also please?