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Trying to Find a Natural Solution to Shrink Large Pores

Posted by R.O (Brampton) on 11/09/2006

I love this site! I'm trying to find a natural solution to shrink large pores. Some people tell me "Microdermabrasion", some people tell me "Photo rejuvenation" and some people tell me a "Glycolic Peel". As you can see this is a confusing decision(an expensive one at that!) and I'm looking for some help or a link to my problem. Any info you have would be greatly appreciated. Thanx for reading and Thank You for this site

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear R.O. Yes, large pores is a real problem that the known method to cure seems to do to a confusing array of mechanical quick fixes, rather than finding the cause. In extreme cases, the condition can result in a crater face.

I too have large pores (enough that my mom complained all the time), at least I ONCE had large pores. But now I no longer.

After looking back or tracing back on the things I have done, the cause, at least for me stems from oily skin. When the sebum's production is way too much even in your scalp, it pushes your hair aside to make more room to sputter more oil or create tiny volcanic craters, either in your face or on the scalp. On the scalp is the worse I can imagine bring on hair loss. If the large pores is cause by an oily skin or over sebum production, then this is due to a simple zinc deficiency.

Taking pleny of zinc acetate (or possibly zinc chloride or zinc gluconate if you can't find it) say 25 mg/day daily for alternate weeks, that means one week on and one week on, should help control the excess sebum production in a matter of weeks. The reason I know is if you take the zinc thing to an extreme, it causes you dry skin. So with oily face problem the cause is on the other extreme. This is one way of how I monitor my zinc levels.

In other cases being out in the sun too long also is another problem too. If the sun is your problem, than antioxidants of vitamin E and Ester C lotion or cream or take it internally will offer such help also.

I have to be very particular in the type of zinc I choose and the best ones at least for me appears to be zinc acetate. The acetate form acts like a pH buffer, and also the acetate form are antiviral and antibacterial properties. The zinc ion itself from the zinc also have similar properties.

The second and third runner up that helped me reduce my large pores appears to be silicon (silicic acid) and sodium ascorbate (alkaline vitamin C). Ester C should be helpful too. Evening primrose and flaxseed seems to help the skin to be more glowing and the use of vitamin E is helpful.

When your skin starts drying, it is time to stop taking zinc and see what whether it will become a bit oily. If they do, then it is time to take that zinc thing again. I prefer to take zinc in powdered form or if in tablet, I will chew the tablet so that the zinc is readily absorb. The best organ that absorbed is the tongue, for a couple of minutes before you swallow it. Acne is another way of monitoring your zinc level too. Acne commonly reduces the next day after taking zinc. However, it also identifies your bad diet, which is often too much sugar and eating junk foods, like potato chips and greasy foods, such as french fries and fried chicken for example.

It must be also noted that in condition of large pores, manganese supplements seems to provide the extra support the zinc needs. This is my observation and you can save some leg work of your own by following up on this initial observations. The preferred manganese is manganese sulfate taken on an empty stomach seems to work the best.

As you can tell, I don't like quick fixes, and prefer to treat the cause rather than the symptoms but in event nothing work then quick fixes might be the only option.

Replied by EC

R.O.: Cold showers are also an excellent way to shrink large pores.' Unfortunately, it isn't for everyone! Read more here.