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Any Suggestions for Iritis?

Posted by Laura (Greenfield, Massachusetts, Us) on 01/19/2012

I have iritis and am determined to use holistic means to cure it. I tried silver solution taking it orally as well as putting drops in my eyes when I first got symptoms. I also used _______ Homeopathics between the two the symptoms went away for several months. They are back now and I am looking for additional feedback of what has worked for other people out there with iritis. I am using a zapper, and have just started using a violet ray machine- has anyone tried these with iritis? Any suggestions?

Replied by Sofiadelaluz
Kingsport, Tennessee

I have had flare-ups of iritis since 1990, and have been treated with countless drops of prednisolone. My latest flare is about 8 months old (waning and waxing); I've used durezol and currently lotemax. I've had cataract surgery in both eyes, due to the drops. (By the way, those little drops of meds cost $60 to $90 for each vial.) This morning I read that allergy medication had been successful for one of your contributors, so I popped a loratadine. I see my eye doctor regularly, but I am open to holistic/homeopathic treatments.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
383 posts

Well the standard treatment is prednisolone and cortisone eye drops. It might have a viral cause and in that case the common treatment is about (approximately) 0.5% lithium chloride solution eye drops five times a day.