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Temporal Arteritis: Alternative Medicine to Stop Pulsing Artery

Posted by PW (Anonymous) on 08/31/2013

My artery on the right side of my temple is constantly visible through my skin and will not go down... can you help me, Ted, please? Thank you in advance!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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I had one case recently of this and managed to cure the condition, but it was an unexpected "side benefit" of treating the patient's conditions for insomnia, which was due to a fungal cause, which leads to rheumatoid arthritis in 50% of the cases. This may be helpful, but the remedy was B3 niacinamide, 500 - 750 mg before sleep, and 25 mg 4 times a day, lysine was taken at a 1000 mg hourly dose for six hours, it was continued for about 5 days, vitamin C 250 mg six doses, and N acetyl cysteine, 1000 mg x 2, and copper chlorophyllin from food coloring source at 10% concentration (that means I added 90% distilled water to the food coloring, water soluble kind, and used about 10 to 20 drops. There was marked reduction as a result. Other things may be helpful that the client used was borax in hydrogen peroxide, which may be useful especially if lupus is present. The dose is 1/4 borax in one liter of water, with 1 to 2 capfuls of 3% hydrogen peroxide, and drink throughout the day. The client did use the borax and hydrogen peroxide also, and that may be one of the side benefits.


Replied by Liza

Hi I think that I have this temporal Arteritis. I initially started with a possible sunstroke after hiking and getting somewhat dehydrated and sunburn and had a lot of pain in my forehead and temples and drawing down under my occipital ridge of my neck and back of head has since moved to the front ridge of my four head and my right temple is throbbing I am feeling dizzy and unable to move have a lot of pain. I'm in a place that doesn't have a lot of remedy access that I would normally have.

I'm going to start with apple cider vinegar. I took a B complex and I took a tiny sprinkle of Borax in tea. I have had some vision issue and I'm experiencing tingling sensitivity to light and throbbing pain in my right temple.

Is there anything I can do to kick this out of me quicker? I may or may not have access to a doctor where I am I'm not sure if my insurance will explain cover. Thank you for all your advice and support, blessings Liza

Replied by George
Seattle, Usa

Hi Liza;

If at all possible, get to a doctor and get a diagnosis. Temporal Arteritis can lead to blindness. If diagnosed, you will be put on prednisone and your symptoms should be gone. Unfortunately it then takes a long time to taper off the prednisone.

I went through that last summer and by mid-July will be done with the prednisone - now down to 2 mg/day having started at 40 mg.

I realize that natural medicine is best but if you do have Temporal Arteritis you want something that will work fast to save your eyesight.

Wishing you the very best. George