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Male Infertility (low Sperm Count)

Posted by K (Virginia) on 12/10/2007

I was wondering if you have any suggestions for male infertility? Particularly with a low sperm count in which all the sperm dies.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Most of the male infertility I encountered comes from dietary choices and certain habits which kills the sperm cells.

For example nearly every canned foods, plastic containers, plastic wrappers are made from pure bisphenol A, estrogen hormone. Apparently in the 1950s scientists had found a way to make estrogen hormone into plastics and sprayed in all the cans, whether they be soup cans, tomato sauce, baby bottles, etc. It is especially bad if the food is acid, such as tomato sauce, canned peas where the female sex hormones are found several micrograms dissolved, and even more so when it is heated in microwave. You will fine the plastic wrappers them wrapped in meats, beef, and poultry. A reduction in estrogen female hormones for a couple of months might help to avoid eating especially from all canned foods and frozen dinner. I haven't quite determined whether vegetable oils are high in bisphenol A, which were used in the 1930s as a estrogen hormone, which in my opinion makes a great birth control for both men and feminization of men, thus is one of the solutions of birth control, but is not desired in expecting parents.

All peppermint added toothpastes, candies, mint chocolates should be avoided as the peppermint reduces the sperm count. This has been observed in one hospital where peppermint was a known cause to prevent would be parents from having enough sperm counts.

In certain places I found a birth control just using testosterone supplements which tends to cause sperm count to be very low or nonexistent, but is not desired in expecting parents either. So if anyone is taking any testosterone supplements or other similar steroids should also be avoided.

Fluoride is quite well known for reducing sperm counts and sperm mobility, which is found in both chlorinated and fluoridated water. Obviously showering and swimming in chlorinated water does cause the body to soak up a large amounts of chlorine by transdermal absorption, since the scrotum is especially vulnerable as the skin and the testicles is not safely insulated from the toxic environment. Hence adding dechlorinator in drinking water may be helpful and perhaps some borax, a tiny pinch may help chelate out or remove the fluoride so that the accumulated fluoride, once in low amount, would not affect sperm production.

There are a great many toxins, that most are aware, such as smoking, drinking alcohol that should be obvious to most, but it is the common everyday things we used that is actually killing the sperms. Certain deodorants used by both men and woman may be quite high in pseudoestrogens that is not helpful either with sperm production.

Aside from all the toxins (there are more such as living near a factory, or just living in New Jersey), where dioxins and PCBs can really be toxic over the long run, especially drinking from well water, near a factory producing toxic wastes which seeps in drinking water and atmosphere.

Certain supplements, weekly may help such as zinc gluconate 50 mg, magnesium which reduces excess toxins and heavy metals can also be helpful.

One interesting dog study I have read years ago in that certain colors can influence the sex of the pups if they were raise in either red or blue light, and using a neutral color of gray may be more ideal for the body, where the pants color I prefer is either gray, brown, or black. Using tight jeans and underwear restricts circulation, and using boxer shorts are safer instead.

It's difficult to cover all areas which affects sperm mobility and other things. However, vitamin E 200 or 400 i.u. daily and 1000 mg of sodium ascorbate certainly helps as it is an antioxidant and protects at least some of the free radical insults which kills it. Vitamin B complex also is helpful in giving the sperms more energy as it protects certain cells (thiamine B1) against lactic acidosis which kills the sperm if the mitochondria is not protected. Other vitamin Bs seem to support other functions too.

It should be noted that taking any hormone supplements during this phases, besides just testosterone are also high risk. Vaccination of some kind has homeopathic effects of estrogen effect and may modify the body to react against its own hormones also, and hence vaccination, at the very least the mercury and other toxins should be avoided.

I find it difficult to narrow down all of the factors causing it as the toxins are everywhere, even a bisphenol A female hormone is found in something as inane as a small plastic pack of tomato sauce, and its levels are damaging in the several microgram dose too. Fast food hence is best avoided.

I have found my one person whose testicles were subjected to microwave radiation burns and sperm were inactivated since his particular brand of (high watt) of mobile phone (cellular) were put near his testicles (the phone was put in the pocket (of his pants) and whenever someone calls, there is a huge spike in microwave energy from the telephone that it damages his testicles, which in turn damaged his sperm. The last news that I heard was a permanent damage, but since it was known and avoided, the damage was contained, at the very least. It's quite possible to detect that with an EMF detector, which I bought so a huge spikes occur when someone calls.

It's difficult to cover all the toxins that damages the sperm, since the toxins are everywhere and governments really don't care, or perhaps they do through population control hidden in daily items we use. Even Aspartame and diet colas can also reduce the sperm count as aspartame artificial sweeteners breaks down in presence of the body enzymes chymotrypsin, to form methanol and further more it breaks down to formaldehyde within the body. Obviously formaldehyde and methanol is more than sufficient to kill the sperm, even in low amounts. These are easily found in consumer products and I have found some supplements do add them to make it taste sweeter too. It's difficult to tell all the causes, but obviously its coming from nearly everywhere.