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Suggest Remedies for My Symptoms

Posted by SB on 01/04/2008

These are my current symptoms: abdominal bloating, belching, vomiting, nausea, constipation, discomfort in my abdomen, a swishing sound coming from different areas of my abdomen.

I started getting nausiated, belching and then vomiting last October just about every night. I then began to have trouble swallowing. My Dr. thought it was acid reflux so he put me on nexium. My symptom improved, but didn't go away and if I stopped taking the nexium my everything would start up again. I went to a gastro intestional specialist, spent alot of money having alot of test done. I'm thankful that all test came back negitive, but it doesn't explain what is happening. Here recently the gastro intestional Dr. took me off the nexuim, said I didn't have Acid Reflex and put me on Aciphex. It's not helping. My stomach wakes me up at night feeling weird. I'm staying swollen, I'm taking Miralax for the constipation, I'm eating very bland foods. I'm getting depressed, I'm belching, still throwing but not as much. How can I take back control of my body and get my digestive system back in check? I'm 37 and I've never had these types of problems. I don't smoke or drink. Even if I did drink I would just throw it up. Please help.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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There are certain remedies which can help this condition, but I won't started with treating the symptoms but deal with the cause.

The best remedies that has helped me is the royal jelly, fresh frozen kind, one teaspoon to two teaspoon, single dose.

However, because of lack of availability of inconvenience, there are other things that I will try FIRST in case the royal jelly were not available.

The conditions seems to be some sort of accidental aspartame poisoning (thinking it was sugar or salt!), at least from your description this appears it, but it is different in that no mention of burning urine, that sometimes happen too, as the urine becomes quite acid.

The other poisoning that had at least a similar respects to this was an accidental Monosodium Glutamate poisoning, again someone in my house put in this stuff, labeled sugar and sometimes put in salt.

Usually a doctor would know about this, but the remedy for either of those, are the vitamin B complex, B100, or even the B50. Its effect from the condition should be noticed within an hour or two. If not, I will go another one, but I can take them at the same time too, which is the magnesium supplements, such as magnesium citrate 500 mg, or magnesium chloride 500 mg. The magnesium helps detoxifies, B complex reduces the effects of the poisoning and gastrointestinal troubles. Sodium thiosulfate or a dechlorinator, quite often found in aquarium shops, but funny enough is not sold in humans detoxifies many poisons I have encountered and I do take it to deal with aspartame poisoning that was surreptitiously added in many foods. The dose I take is 10 drops of it, in 1/2 glass of water.

The B50 or B100 required, at least for me along with magnesium, sodium thiosulfate, I will take for about a two weeks, before discontinue, if I knew it were helpful within an hour or two of taking it and my eventual recovery were slow.

It should be noted that 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water I will still take 3 times a day as I have found it to be quite good detoxifier in most cases.

In event the above were not useful, or useful, but not recovering as quickly, I will take the addition of activated charcoal to pull out the toxins. But this I may do on the second day, as I believe the toxins has entered in the blood and the B complex and magnesium would be helped at this stage, as they are neuroprotective.

I hope this information helps! If not please email me for more questions.