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Non-hfe-related Hereditary Hemochromatosis

Posted by R (Flint, Michigan, USA) on 01/23/2013

Hi "Ted" : I am writing to you on behalf of my friend. She is 51, Afro-American female who has been diagnosed with non-HH [Non-HFE-related Hereditary Hemochromatosis] and she is getting worse despite the few phlebotomies she has been able to have. Her HgB is very low - sometimes at 5 after phlebotomy and averages around 9. Her ferritin levels have been 1500 - 2000 but are currently at 1200 and the Cancer Institute will not give her phlebotomies with ferritin levels this high and HgB levels so low. She is not a drug abuser or drinker and does have chronic anemia and was given iron supplements as both a child and as an adult.

Is there any possibility that she could be treated with something to slow down iron absorption until she can reduce ferritin levels? Are there foods or drinks or supplements that could raise HgB levels?

She is currently eating a lot of yogurt and fruits but very little meat.

Any suggestions?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Actually I did cure one case of hemochromatosis last year, and did not record the data since I am not allowed to treat these conditions, and have since forgotten the man I cured, but he was so happy he never came back! The treatment time took him about 1 month. And yes he did get weekly blood letting that he got so sick of it.

But from recollections, it was caused by extremely fatty liver from fruit intake (fructose), alcohol (beer, wine), vegetable oil intake (fried foods, olive oil, etc.) and taking of shellfish which are also high in copper, which makes it worse. In fact he loves alcohol, fruits and shellfish. So the focus is on the liver, which requires only granulated lecithin as a natural remedy, one tablespoon once or twice a day; selenium yeast (prevents cirrhosis); and N acetyl Cysteine 250 mg three to four times a day. You have to understand that the major organ I know of that gets rid of iron is the liver!

Once the liver cirrhosis is treated with the above supplements hemochromatosis is prevented. There might be specific conditions that are different such as getting your sodium/potassium balance. The alkalizing remedy mentioned in my ebook is essential, as these people do have acidic blood. Certain zinc deficiencies can be indicated also, and absolutely no oils especially vegetable oils (except for coconut oil), honey of any kind, fructose from fruits, or fried foods including stir fried. These cause hemochromatosis to be worse or a lesser condition to become hemochromatosis. I think there are many cures out there, but authorities kind of prevent these cures from being out in the public.

Obviously you can't eat fruits as it causes fatty liver buildup as much as in an alcoholic given the same intake, but without the buzz in alcohol.


Replied by Glam
Nyc, Usa

Hi Ted,

How confusing: you state absolutely NO fruits or honey and yet, all of the guidelines for a healthy diet for hemochromatosis suggests fruit and lots of it.

Am I correct to understand that your recommendations are related to the man's cirrhosis, and that is the cause for your recommendation on fruit?

Thank you.