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Posted by Ted (Bankok, Thailand) on 05/20/2010


This is a painful condition where bone growth (spurs) occur in the heel and can be very painful. But it can also occur in the sole area also. As for me these growths are more related to a long term problem in the past caused by toe nail fungus as it enters deep into the bone, where its growth inside the bone causes the growth of spurs. Bacterium and various pathogens are found in those areas and such surgical procedures to the area will create a new spur growth in the same area as they are living organisms and grow anaerobically.

The best remedy for heel spurs is 2000 mg of MSM taken hourly for 6 hours for about two weeks. Then you should experience major reduction in pain, roughly 50 to 80%. The MSM works similarly to H2O2 therapy, only that MSM goes much deeper in oxygenation killing off these anaerobic pathogens that grows inside the bone. Hence, because of its ability to go deep into the cells giving more oxygen, especially the bone, MSM is helpful against arthritic pain, bone spurs, bone growth, which causes pain, especially around the joint area. It won't significantly normalize bone growth and you need other supplements along with this, including magnesium (preferably magnesium chloride, or trimagnesium citrate, being my favorite) and some vitamin D, preferably 5000 mg, and perhaps some fish collagen, after the pain has been reduce of course, by killing off the organism that causes bone spurs. Large doses of B1 thiamine, in particular thiamine mononitrate. It's the mononitrate portion that has some antifungal properties against this that also kills the bone spur, but the dose required maybe fairly large, such as 1000-2000 mg a couple of times a day. The healing is seen after they are dead, after supplementing for about a month, through the use of vitamin D 5000 i.u., every other day, plus collagen supplements, preferably fish collagen, but in Thailand we have a delicacy, ox's tail soup, which is also rich in collagen, but pig's feet is also high in collagen also. Other collagen promoting supplements, which holds the bone matrix in place includes, proline, glycine, and lysine is seen as helpful and raising the immune system, to fight off existing pathogen is supportive, such as threonine. Most amino acid supplements such as lysine, proline, glycine, threonine for immune system dose is between 500 mg to 2000 mg. The preferred dose being 1000 mg, a couple of times a day, preferably three times a day. These help healing. Most pain is seen to reduce using MSM, but DMSO is possible also, but the dose taken for DMSO is much more limited then MSM, and hence MSM is preferably use. Notwithstanding it's ability to oxygenate deeply into the bone is seen as helpful against bone cancer, due to their anaerobic fermentative properties and may reduce that should the bone growth be of cancer causing and will turn them from malignant to benign one at that.

Replied by Juanita
Lake Villa, Il

Hi Ted, I read your suggestions for Heel Spurs. I've had one for over 2 years now with no relief in sight. Your suggestions mentions MSM, can you tell me what that is? My thirteen year old son is now complaining of pain on his left heel and I would love to be able to find a solution for both of us. I would appreciate any info you can provide. Thank you.

EC: More about MSM here: https://www.earthclinic.com/supplements/MSM.html

Replied by Liz
San Francisco, Ca

Regarding taking MSM 2000mg every hour for six hours - so take 12,000mg a day? Can someone take too much? After doing this for two weeks, then begin the other supplements you mention or take them while taking the MSM?
Thanks, Liz

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France

Liz, I am reading a book on MSM at the moment. Funny enough they only talk about MSM as if there is only one strength. I was hoping it would help me with my awful allergies as nothing else does but I have read the side effects people here had and also my husband who is a chemist says I should never take it as it is an oxidant. I don't know.... As far as the information in the book it seems to be great for quite a few ailments...... But I have to confess that I am afraid to try!

Replied by Lee
New York, Usa

Hi Ladies, I love this website and have integrated many ideas into my health routine over the past 2 years. I'm also not particularly brave about trying things (I have yet to use the food grade h202, although I'd like to). But I have been using MSM for the past 3 months. Mine is 2.6 g. Per 1/2 teaspoon. I make a drink out of 1/2 teaspoon MSM, juice of 1/4 lemon, 1/2 teaspoon turmeric, 1/4 teaspoon black pepper, mixed into 8 oz organic veggie juice. I swallow the rest of my vitamins with this drink (which include HA) and I have not had any negative side effects. I do a tremendous amount of walking and would like to be able to continue to do so in my old age. I was beginning to have some aches in my feet and knees, and it seems as though this mixture, plus the HA have cured me. I also have springtime alergies, and am hopeful that the MSM might help with them. I'll keep you posted, but for me, MSM is a winner. Best of luck. Lee

Replied by Martibee
Milwaukee, Wi., U S A

Msm doesn't necessarily do anything for allergies, but local bee pollen works very well. Try it. You need to start with one teaspoon a day and gradually increase amount till you reach the level that works for you. I used it about 10 years ago when I lived in an area of U.S. Where there was a high mold count and heavy air polution. I had to take 4 Tablespoons Bee Pollen daily and I didn't need any medications. But you do need to work up to the level you need, gradually. MSM is a biological form of sulphur. Every body needs sulphur. It's vital for our bodies.

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France

Well, as far as I know there aren't any local pollens here being sold in the shops. I have seen pollens and even taken them but they are surely not from here. Another problem is that so far my allergies were never connected to one season or to pollens. I know that our bodies contain sulfur but they contain MSG as well and still this is not something we should be taking. I am finishing reading my book on MSM, I have to say that it sounds good. The book is written by two doctors with a lot of experience of treating patients with MSM for many years still, my husband, a chemist says I shouldn't take it as it is an oxidant and could cause cancer, I have read the side effect of members of this site..... I don't know what to do. At the moment my allergies are bad and nothing I do seems to change that. They say that it really helps against allergies.

Replied by Bess
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Hi Francisca - For allergies, I take about 1,000 mg quercetin (plus bromelain - an enzyme, which seems to help quercetin do its job). I also take 1,000 mg of MSM (powdered form) and mix it with about 3 ounces of water, then add 500 mg of Vitamin C (powdered form). Hope this works for you! Cheers, Bess

Replied by Coregon
Medford, Or

Regarding MSM and allergies, I have faithfully taken this one supplement daily without fail for over 20 years. I used to have pollen allergies so bad that I would stay inside and look out the window on beautiful days in the summer. If I went outside for any amount of time my eyes would swell and itch and my lungs would immediately congest. As a desperate last resort I'd get steroid injections monthly for allergies (was I crazy??)

I live in an area where pollen counts are very high and many allergy sufferers around me, but I haven't had a single allergy episode since about a month after I started MSM supplements. I take 3,000 mg a day, sometimes more. It also helps my joints, my hair, my nails, my skin (am told I look years younger than my age). MSM is what normally comes down in rainwater.. That is the rain water that we USED to have before acid rain. It used to be in our our fruits and vegetables naturally when rain was healthy. I would think it would almost be impossible to overdose on this natural healthy supplement. It also helps you absorb the rest of your vitamins and neutralizes a lot of the bad effects of any medications you are on. Great stuff!

Oh one other thing, all my life I have been severely allergic to cats. I have no problem with cats at all now with MSM supplements! I can hold them and pet them, no reaction. When I first started MSM, I spoke personally to Rich (of Rich's MSM.. Now sold under another name). Very knowledgeable and kind man who was severely burned in an accident.. MSM changed his life by healing old burn scars (used in lotion). Would be well worth getting a book on MSM, the benefits are too great to list here. Although I started using Rich's MSM, I now use whatever brand is on sale, they all seem to work great.

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France

Dear Coregon, nice to hear your testimony about how MSM helped your allergies. After reading a book on MSM I am thinking of buying it when I go to Britain to spend Christmas (we live next to Switzerland but there they are not allowed to sell it and here in France it is very expensive). When the book section is ready I will post my review on that book and I have just ordered a new one so I will post both reviews soon.

Replied by Michael
Augusta, Georgia, Us

Hi Ted... I've been taking 2000mg of MSM for approx 3 weeks now and my pain has been reduced significantly. On a scale of 1-10 my pain before being a 10 it is now a 3 at worst. I do take other vitamins... B6, B12, Natural Calcium with D, C, and Fish Oil. Also take 4 Ibuprofin as well. I am so thankful for the pain reduction. It is such a painful problem and I was very frustrated with the pain. Thanks for the insight and wisdom.

Replied by Lou
Tyler, Tx

I read somewhere the simple cure for this is Grapefruit Seed Extract capsules.

Replied by Amenpi
Austin, Texas
11 posts

Just like to reiterate, every body is different but in my case MSM (1 tsp. ) with Vit C (1/2 tsp. ) with a little water taken 2-3 times a day cured my allergies. I even stopped taking it for a year and when I started to feel my allergies acting up I started up again and they didn't come back. I love this stuff, it is cheaper and more portable than Bee Pollen which has to be refrigerated. I get it at the feed store which is twice the amount for half the price of what they sell at the health food stores.

Replied by Cindy
Ensenada, Baja California

I have been following these recommendations for Plantar Faciitis for months now. I even do EFT, which is the only thing that will "kind of" help me. I have had this condition since January 2012. I have tried the soaks, the wraps, the MSM the vitamins, Calcium, oils massaged into the heel, the excercises, hot/cold, etc. Etc. I have gotten no relief. I have kidney problems so I cannot take anti-inflamatory drugs or pain med or Cortizone shots. Anything else anyone can think of that I can try? I have now hurt my wrist catching myself from falling one day when I was standing up at a theatre and my left foot had fallen asleep and I didn't realize how much so when I stood, or tried to stand, my body sort of just fell over since my "good" foot didn't work. I caught myself from falling and now my wrist is swollen and painful for the last 6 weeks. That wont heal either. So I am looking at some sort of underlying inflammation that I should address instead of the actual spots??

Replied by J

Roll your arch on a tennis ball.

Replied by Suzzanne
Ravena, Ny

I had such a bad case of this and tried many many things including the 300 dollar orthodics which in my case were useless. The only thing that worked for me was serious stretching. I stretched every muscle every day from my thigh right down to my toes. I am pain free and still do the stretches because I NEVER want it back again. It was so painful.

Replied by Cindy
Ensenada, Baja California

Yes, I have also done the tennis ball rolling, the frozen water bottle rolling and a tennis ball size round (really nice) rock that I can heat or make cold, I put drops of different oils on top to roll and massage that into the arch of my foot.

Replied by Plumhappy
Eugene, Oregon

Cindy, is it possible you have other issues you are not aware of such as with your stomach? Some people who are gluten intolerant don't have symptoms (gluten intolerance and celiac are not the same but can have the same symptoms when present. Check out celiac. Com) Those of us who are gluten intolerant or celiac have trouble with using supplements because of the damage done to our insides. When we are off of gluten and give ourselves time to heal, supplements work better. Also, try suppliments that are not in pill or capsule form.

Replied by Marcia
Washington, DC

MSM for Heel Spur Pain: I started taking 2000 mg of MSM every hour for 6 hours on Tues. Aug. 28. Today is day 6 and my heel pain is significantly reduced - down to about 30% from 100% pain since April of this year. I am also soaking in borax and water, but I am using warm/hot water, not cold. I will try cold water next. I also do the stretching exercises twice a day. Thanks for this tip because nothing else was working. My podiatrist would not give me a cortisone shot for fear of side effects, such as diabetes, because of the dosage he normally gives. I was told to lose weight, which I know I need to do, but I am not convinced that this is the reason for my heel spur entirely as he suggested.

Replied by Jennifer
Vegas, NV

Was just skimming the interwebs and had to comment though I hadn't intended to that your doctor sounds like an a-hole. Go to another one. My mother was an overweight waitress into her 60s who carried 50-lb trays all day and her doc didn't hesitate to give her shots. She probably would have collapsed otherwise. Sometimes treatments carry risks but he'd rather let you suffer with the gem of wisdom to lose weight - as if this is an ideal solution for damage already done.

Anyone required to stand for several hours on a regular basis is subjecting their body to stress it wasn't designed for, as was my case. I couldn't afford orthotics right away and the spur developed within a couple short months of a rough job. My feet are flat with overpronation also. I started with epsom salt baths. Btw warm-not hot water is needed for absorption. Then Morton epsom salt lotion. I had awesome relief for a while with both of those. Another oil you can use is eucalypus, directly or in the bath. I just happened to have some lying around that I bought with an indoor fountain. Right now I have a Salonpas patch on and it's working great. Cheap for a 40 pack. The delivery system is supposed to last for hours but I can't vouch for that..yet.

Replied by Ruthel
Troup, Tx

I had a heel spur and did the horrible shot... ugh. Then I found a foot dr that uses infra heat and in two treatments healed my pain.