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Azomite and Magnesium with Humic Acid?

Posted by Meth on 08/02/2006

Thank you so much for your comments on Azomite and magnesium. As usual, your comments were useful, practical and to the point. With regards to Humic acid, I suppose I have to try to go back to it after trying it several years ago. For some reason, it made feel nauseated after taking a capful as recommended, and when I tried to divide the dose to take it several times a day, I kept forgetting to take it because I was so busy with work and other things. Thanks again for the help, and have a great weekend. Best Regards

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Meth: You were not using it properly in the old humic acid you tried. You must add a dechlorinator to the water, before mixing a humic acid powder. Normally dose you are taking is way too large. The beginning dose should be lower to allow the body to get used to it.

There is also a difference between humic acid powders and humic acid liquid! The difference is night and day. A humic acid powder you must add dechlorinator (sodium thiosulfate of 10%) about 1-5 drops) per glass before mixing. Common concentration is between 3-6%.

A liquid is premixed and manufacturers tend to add plant fertilizers if they were intended for OTHER purposes then you consuming. If you get a liquid for HUMAN consumption, then you will just have to look at the brands.

The oldest brands in the market is the Eagle brand. I make my own humic/fulvic acid, since I have better formulations then the U.S. producers. They don't know what they are doing, which is why I make my own. Therefore, you have to give a look at what brands is best for you.

How to know if humic acid works? Simple. I used to urinate when I sleep about 3-4 times. It is really tiring doing this. When I took it it was reduced to 0 or 1 time. It controlled the body's hydration and sugar therefore, it required less nightly visit to the bathroom. This is not just me, it affected everyone here and they all had a good night's sleep as well as improved readings of urine analysis and blood tests. You will know it on your first day.

The nauseating thing could be the impurities or poor manufacturing controls that you buy from a particular brand. You can tell. A high quality humic acid has practically no odor. A poor quality one will smell like gasoline. So check your quality of your humic acid is a sound advice.

An ordinary Humic acid will have about 3- 5% fulvic acid. I prefer to use fulvic acid 70% and 30% being humic acid. It is what scientist called the active components, however humic acid should not be left alone, it has some detoxifying quality like an activated charcoal too.

As to the importance of fulvic acid, I cannot stress how it is so important for my own lives, it has cured asthma, cold flu, viruses, sinus, pneumonia, acne, etc.

It is doing phenomenally in curing something that I thought cannot be done with just plain old, vitamin and mineral supplements. Everybody I know personally now take it, whether they like it or not, because it works. I have an American, his name is Mr. Jude Bird and his natural hair color came back (He is 55+ years old) so you can imagine some things that we cannot explain can be cured. Because we JUST can't explain it, and because of its lack of availability and because I formulate them from my own sources, is the real reason why I hardly post this information at Earth Clinic. I cannot recommend any peculiar brands in U.S. because I have tried none and I believe their formulation technology is not up to my own standards. I therefore recommend a best alternative is just to try several brands and see which ones work for you. However, it is one of those things that you just got to use.

The future of mineral supplements therein lies in the mysteries of humic and fulvic acid.