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Sudden Hearing Loss, Vertigo and Systemic Candida

Posted by A. (Anon) on 05/17/2015

Hello Ted,

I'm A...... (37 year) and I contact you 5 month ago for my systematic candida, I make a lot of diet for 4-5 years i take a lot anti fungal, borax, mms ...and I can not control my candida.... I'm with throat, ear paint , bone pain,urinary problems....

One month ago one herpes come to mi under my eye, and 25 days later one morning I start with a lot of vertigos, very strong vertigos and family they send to my by ambulance to the hospital, after two days in the hospital the doctors they diagnostic sudden deafness, and they start putting corticosteroids in my ear for 3 times, and also more medication for vertigos because, I could not get up out of the bed, I was in the hospital 14 days.

They make blood analysis and herpes is come in the analysis, but I don't know why now from this morning (when the vertigos caming) my throat pain stopped (i was with throat pain for last 5 month) and my ear paint start more strong that before..

Now I'm with sudden deafness in my right ear with tinnitus and also I have ear pain in both ears now!!

Now I am very afraid, because I don't want to losing the other ear!!! What do you think about this happening, is posible this happens for candida? Or maybe is herpes? you now about some similar history or you never see this before !! You think it would be possible to recover the ear?

Thanks a lot Ted for all your work, and sorry for your time but please I need your help and you review!!!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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This tinnitis is common in my work. Mostly is caused by any virus can be coming from lack of circulation caused by candida. In this case it is opportunistic infection from a virus. The zinc deficiency and copper deficiency. The best form of this treatment is of course zinc and copper, especially sodium copper chlorophyllin and sodium zinc chlorophyllin. As candida invades it causes vitamin c and vitamin e you need that and to stop mutation by candida, you need undecylenic acid.

To stop tinnitus, lysine 1000 mg must be taken before sleep every hour for four hours for one week.


Replied by A.

Thanks Ted for you quick response, now you are my unique hope, this treatment zinc and copper chlorophyllin is also for candida or for my sudden deafness? I will try to buy this, and please if you can you can tell me how much zinc and copper I need per day?

Lysine 1.000mg per hour for tinnitus? Is ok, 12.000 mg per day aprox, and after one week one per day in the nigth? Is right?

I have also pressure in my ear, this with lysine also can go? Thanks a lot.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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It is usually 15 mg of zinc and 5 mg of copper. And lysine is 1000 mg in evening so that totals 4000 mg a day. The clearing pressure maybe helped with 1000 mg n-acetylcysteine.


Replied by Sam

Sounds like Meniere's disease.

Replied by Sp
New Jersey
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I'm having trouble understanding Ted's instructions, "To stop tinnitus, lysine 1000 mg must be taken before sleep every hour for four hours for one week."

Does this mean 1000 mg every four hours while one is awake, during the day? Or does it mean 1000 mg at 7PM, again at 8PM, 9PM and 10PM if one is going to sleep at 10PM?

Any clarification would be appreciated.

Replied by Patricia
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The last post in this conversation with Ted stopped September of 2015. Was anyone ever helped by Ted's suggestions for hearing loss and tinnitus?