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Information About Uncaffeinated Green Tea

Posted by Candice (Victorville, CA) on 11/20/2006

I actually had a question. I'm sorry if I am asking this question in the wrong area. I was wondering why I get really bad headaches every time I drink coffee, and/or tea; I understand that it is because of the stimulant-caffine, but I really love, hot tea and (I am part Japanese) grew up drinking it but now, can not drink it without getting very sever headaches. Is it because I was immune to it as a child/teenager and when I stopped drinking it, as an adult, it became like a drug again? I am really boggled by this and wish that I could drink (organic) green tea in the mornings with my boyfriend but instead; I water or uncaffeinated tea. I am also wondering this because, I have read so many exciting things about green tea and am unable to partake in them! haha. Is there an uncaffeinated green tea that is just as good? Thanks

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Candice: You want to drink tea or coffee, but it causes headaches. Caffeine is a vasoconstrictor and this is probably why. However, you can reduce your headaches by taking two supplements and within a day or so the headaches should be better.

Often for me taking 1,000 mg/day of sodium ascorbate and some magnesium for a couple of days will often help. If that is not enough, then taking some vitamin B complex since this is often used to help certain brain functions also. Magnesium helps smooth muscle relax, vitamin C reduces the body's sensitivity by providing the antioxidants the body needs and vitamin B will normalize some problem glucose metabolism and these should reduce the headaches in a matter of days.