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Gums Receding After Orthodontics

Posted by A Fellow Thai (Anonymous) on 12/11/2011

Sawaddee ka, I've found you via Earth Clinic. I'm Thai, 32, living in KhonKaen. I'm not sure if you could read Thai. You seem very fluent in English. My English is not so good; anyway, I'll try writing you in English first just in case.

I had been on orthodontics for 2 yrs before I took out braces 3 weeks ago. I've experienced gum recession mostly on my front lower teeth for 6 months so far. Finding articles from Earth Clinic, I've been practicing oil pulling (coconut oil) for 4 days (once a day for the first two days, and morning/night on yesterday and today).

Since the second day I've noticed more gum recession on another area as I feel a little hurt below the gum recession area. However, I can't find anything wrong by just looking on my gum. I also use sea salt 3 times a day, basically rubbing on my gum line after brushing. I can still see some good results from oil pulling though; my teeth are tighter, less sensitive.

Anything wrong with my gums? Should I continue oil pulling? Any other ways to regrow my gums?

I hope you get this email. I'm pretty stressful. Thank you in advance.

Replied by Susan
New York

Dear Earth Clinic Members,

Does anyone know where to buy sodium molybdate? Name of place? I saw some at EBay but very confusing.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Well your teeth sensitivity is due to acidic food being taken, or initially acidic food, such as orange juice, apple cider vinegar undiluted, sugar, things like that can bring havoc to the teeth especially the teeth sensitivity where acidity of the foods eats up the calcium of the teeth causing tooth sensitivity. The solution is easy, reduce the acidity of food. As for receding gums, once the saliva pH is below 7, most people with halitosis are below 6.5, but ideally they should be 7.0 to 7.4 pH, the oral environment will not allow the bacteria to grow. If the bacteria grows, it pushes the gums of the teeth to recede. Now in oil pulling if there is no adequate brushing and especially the brushing near the gums as well as flossing, before the oil pulling is done, then of course the gums will recede. What needs to be done is adequate flossing, and brushing of teeth, especially the area around the gums.

Also, probably there is a potassium deficiency, of alkaline form, such as potassium bicarbonate or potassium citrates, which should help it alkalize more, discouraging the bacteria growth to the area. Potassium bicarbonate is taken at 1/4 teaspoon once a day after meals, or of similar amounts, potassium citrate is fine too. The vitamin C is needed for the gums to form, but it also needs other major supplements and the limiting amino acid, the top two, the lysine and threonine. Lysine forms collagen, but threonine also, both in the development of teeth and gums, as well as vitamin C, the alkaline kind.

To prevent cavities, I have found sodium molybdate (there are others, but fluoride, not it I found it to be dangerous even in prescribed amounts) to be essential for relieving toothaches, tooth pain and tooth sensitivity.

So it was probably the inadequate flossing and brushing or the acid mouth that was causing it, so therein is the remedy mentioned.


Replied by Diamond
Salisbury, Usa

Susan from NY; I never heard of the herb but maybe in a health & nutritional store, try calling one before you go there. I always try to remember, we are what we eat! I cannot stop eating sweets, I tried an herb suggested by this site and still don't work. <(*;*)>