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Posted by D. (Sheridan, IN )

Ted, your hard work and studies have helped many people. My blessings go to you. We have a 4yr old boy and a year ago the top side of his joints broke out in what looks like localized granuloma annulare. It itched really bad and swelled and then the bumps just stayed. The main area is the tops of his fingers, then his knees and elbows. We've seen several doctors and specialist and they say stress and or a virus and suggest steroid creams....yuck!! How can I get him to drink ACV???? What would be good additives to make it easier for him to swallow without taking away from the main purpose. He has been drinking your recommendation of baking soda with lemon and splenda for over two weeks and he looks and acts healthier. Dry lips are gone and his skin looks healthier all over. His ph must have really been all out of whack. Any suggestions is much appreciated....I love Earth Clinic and will spread the good word to anyone who will listen about its helpfullness and your great expertise.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The two common ways I reduce the redness and especially the itchiness, is tannic acid or magnesium hydroxide. Tannic acid is 1/2 teaspoon with 1/4 glass of water with several drops of DMSO, say 10-20 drops to help penetration. It is applied topically several times throughout the day. The other formula works too, in case you have difficulty finding the first one, milk of magnesia, which is 5% magnesium hydroxide in water. It is applied to the area. Both method you don't wash it, until may be 30 minutes or something like that. As for the cause, I think it caused by nanobacteria, where it is treated with tetramycin hydrochoride 500 mg before sleep and EDTA 250 mg three times a day. That's for adult dose, so you calculate based on weight based on 150 pounds. I am still investigating this one right now. If it's virus as the doctor says, then it should work by taking lysine, 1000 mg x 4 for adult dose for three or four weeks.


Replied by Ash
Lacey, Wa

RE: Granuloma Annulare. I have had amazing results with green tea. My condition has cleared almost completely. I eat the tea, it's organic (you cannot eat regular tea) and one teaspoon is equal to about 30 cups of green tea. I have no affiliation with them in any way. The Granuloma Annulare was cleared up after two weeks of daily intake. It's amazing. Even my adult children noticed and I hadn't said a word.

Replied by Kathy

None of these have worked.