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Single Bump That Takes Weeks to Disappear

Posted by Jared (Laval, Quebec) on 07/16/2006

I think I have a cyst or Genital Wart. That pimple looking bump that won't burst. Hello, I saw your website and have questions before I buy this. Since Spring 2004 I get a single bump every 2-3-4 months. It always happens at the penis mid part or below the testicles or on a testicle or on the perenium or near the anus on the perenium. Again it is always a single bump like a cyst or a genital wart. When this happens I just put Polysporin antibiotic and it takes weeeks-almost a month to go away. Right now I have this tiny bump at low part of RS Testicle. What do I have? Do you have anything to cure this? Thank you.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Jarod: Garlic might be too mild and you may takie it quite often enough to see the difference. Usually the best ways is to prevent their occurence by staying away from sweets which often includes, bakery products, such as donuts, cakes, chocolates. Also next in line are the sweet drinks, cola, coffee, and even fruit juices. Taking zinc supplements often, will really help stave off the problem. The form of zinc I use is zinc acetate and is quite good and free of side effects. Sugar seems to be a major issue in such a formation of wart that really gets under the skin. Lack of sleep and eating before sleep doesn't help either.