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Aneurysm and Nerve Damage

Posted by D (California) on 05/22/2007

I found this website when my stomach recently flared up with burning pain (I'll call it gastritis) and some heartburn. I have started using some of these cures, but I ran into some difficulties and I would very much appreciate your help for my specific case. I'll be very brief with my health history. Because of a bad auto accident in my teens, it was discovered in my thirties that I had an aneurysm. After surgery for the aneurysm I was told to take an aspirin a day to avoid possibility of a stroke. The aspirin gave me stomach pain so I was told to take ecotrin because it is enteric coated. Then I had stomach pain plus abdominal pain. I was able to discontinue aspirin and ecotrin after about 1 month, but my whole gastrointestinal tract was adversely affected and I have had difficult digestion for years since then. I eat a bland diet and avoid a number of foods. Years after the stomach problems started I had terrible pain with sitting (burning pain mostly in buttocks, sit bones, urethera) and standing (burning on bottoms of feet), and after much searching for relief I was diagnosed with pudendal nerve entrapment (pudendal nerve enervates the pelvis). I continued searching for relief, and finally decided to have pudendal release surgery in 2003. Since the surgery I still have had burning pain with sitting and standing, and spend almost all of my time laying down. I would appreciate if you could suggest what to do and explain a little bit about why. It helps me when I understand some basics about what is going on. Also just 3 questions: 1. What do you think would be a gentle effective colon cleanse for my sensitive body? If you think I should do progressive steps, let me know at least the first few steps. 2. If I try the ACV and baking soda again, does it matter how much water I take with it? 3. Is it equally beneficial to add ACV to foods such as salad or vegetables?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Denise: First off, most pH papers, even a good quality one tend to measure the urine pH to excess alkalinity, and yes I once use them and had to quit using those paper as it was inaccurate on the readings. It was off too much. For example, if the urine pH was suppose to be 7, the paper readings were 8. Therefore, a cheap pocket pH meter are relatively more accurate. The second issue is sometimes looking at pH for a short term, especially when you are ill are difficult since pH reflects the body's inability to fight off certain microbes so the pH tends to be relatively "stubborn" and contradictory. Whenever stubborns are the issue and gastrointestinal tract damage is a problem, taking some aloe vera oil, 1/8 teaspoon of magnesium chloride, and drinking green tea (no sugar, no fructose, and no milk) will kill the unknown organism, since both magnesium and green tea are broad spectrum in its action and the aloe vera oil, maybe 1/4 teaspoon or aloe vera juice any amount will help in the healing of the gastointestinal lining. Further healing can be helped with vitamin B5 (panthenol 500 mg) and B8 inositol, as well as vitamin C sodium ascorbate.

The reason why vitamin C is seen as beneficial is the past issues of aneurysm, which is often a copper deficiency (cocoa is high in copper), and tissue healing is related to both aneurysm, and gastrointestinal healing, of which vitamin C helps the body absorbed the copper's bioavailability. In your case blackstrap mollasses, perhaps 1-2 teaspoon a day with water, and or taking some cocoa unsugared no milk willl increase the copper, and perhaps some manganese. Some vitamin B complex is needed here to help in the healing such as vitamin B complex taken 3 times a week would have a favorable effect in some cases on the pH issue.

The hungry binge is a sign that your body is malnourished, and that is quite normal as the body tries to rebuild itself and it takes about 3 weeks before the body settles in. This happens quite often in long term sickness in which adrenal exhaustion can trigger the problem and a remedy to help is often licorice extract 1 tablespoon.

Your case seems to be unique on the issue of problems of lack of nutritional balance, as being the cause and the body's excess toxicity which might be help by removal of some heavy metals such as chlorella, chinese parsley, taken at about 5 days out of 7 days. Under your description of aneurysm, the body would have responded better with the lime and baking soda formula, which is 8 teaspoon of freshly squeezed lime and about 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda. It often takes about 2 weeks for the body to have sufficient bicarbonates but I am not sure about the paper pH readings at all, it seems to give false figures. I prefer an electronic pH meter. If I would have had that years back, it would save me a lot of time from misreading of figures.

Assuming the body has sufficient levels of alkalinity, just assuming than what could be other problems. For one thing glandular imbalance, and heavy metals, being the frequent issue. Glandular imbalance can easily be dealth with twice or three times a week iodine foot paining or taking some kelp supplements. I have noticed that pH remains quite normal and pH control became much more in line with both the green tea (no sugar, no milk, no fructose) and the iodine supplements. Those two things help me the most in furthering allowing the body to attain an pH control better. Apparently a high fungus, microbial loads causes and suppresses glandular function, causing the imbalance, lack of iodine to kill these microbes can bring glandular problems not just to the thyroid, but the thymus, adrenal, and other places. I suspect those to be the issue.

Aneurysm is something to be taken seriously of, it can kill you. Therefore get a hair mineral analysis and see what metals are over the hill and what minerals are near nonexistent in your body. The most common at least for me is lack of copper, magnesium, iodine, and maganese.

Now for your questions:

1. What do you think would be a gentle effective colon cleanse for my sensitive body? If you think I should do progressive steps, let me know at least the first few steps.

I can help clear some toxins, but it may lead to constipation. Getting a simple diarrhea with milk of magnesia -(magnesium hydroxide with no aluminum) from common over the counter medicine at least for me are better. The alkalinity of the magnesium will modify colon pH problems as well as provide some magnesium to the body.

2. If I try the ACV and baking soda again, does it matter how much water I take with it?

Water is added to reduce the concentration and hence irritation to the sensitive stomach. That's why water was used. The biggest mistake of using aspirin, whether in tablet form or enteric is the concentration is too strong. In the olden days, they dissolve aspirin in a glass of water, that becomes so diluted, it doesn't effect the sensitive stomach lining. For example if you take pure acid, it can kill you, but if diluted with sufficient water, it has almost no noticeable effect. Add just enough water that it doesn't irritate the stomach is the real issue.

3. Is it equally beneficial to add ACV to foods such as salad or vegetables?

Yes, and so is adding a small amount of baking soda.