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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 06/15/2006 383 posts

No, ACV should not help with food intolerances, but it does help acid reflux. A simple citric acid baking soda at 1/4 teaspoon each mixed in 1/2 glass of water, taken once in morning and before going to bed on an empty stomach should resolve at least some initial food intolerances. A small pinch of potassium and magnesium will help, but it should be in the form of citrates or bicarbonates, if you can find one. Take this for a week. On your second week your food intolerances should appreciably reduce. The other thing is to give MSM a try, and on the third or fourth day, you should be able to eat many food. If not, then you probably have a molybdenum deficiency. So take that supplement as a possibility. The secret to make it work is to make sure you take it on an empty stomach, and grind the supplement to a powder, otherwise the body is not going to absorb it. The preferred form of molybdenum is sodium molybdate.

Why does baking soda citric acid work? It is anti- inflammatory. MSM is similar but it works differently by allowing the body to receive nutrients throughout the body by increasing cellular bioavailability. When this happens, the body should be able to tolerate most of the foods.

If not then you may have to detoxify the body in several ways, such as taking drops of sodium thiosulfate, H2O2 6-12 drops per glass of water, indole 3-carbinol, borax, and cysteine monohydrate. Of course, some won't do them together at the same time, especially the sodium thiosulfate and H2O2. The others are o.k. The short list that I have prepared will detoxify dioxin and pseudoestrogens (indole 3 carbinol), chlorine and oxidative chemicals (sodium thiosulfate), formaldehyde and glutaldehyde (cysteine monohydrate), and fluoride (borax chelates fluoride).

The last issue is heavy metal detoxification, for you calcium EDTA or disodium EDTA will work equally well. However sodium thiosulfate works similarly in removing heavy metals, although not as efficient. The present circumstances of alternative medicine is that too many websites are copying each other formulas and remedies to the extent that, the formulas I am currently recommending simply don't exist in the internet! The only way you can resolve some of this is to buy a USP grade for FCC grade from a chemical supplier by doing a search through

Replied by Tim
Acton, Ma

Ted, I have come late to this post and did not see your remedy for food Intolerances on it. What I did see was 1/4 baking soda w/ 1/2 cup water. Pinch of Magnesiuum and Potassium (can you please give examples of each and possibly where to find them). What do you mean in the form of citrates or bicarbonates. Lastly what is MSM? Your reply would be greatly appreciated.