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Long-term Remedy for Folliculitis

Posted by JE (NYC) on 09/09/2012

Ted-- I am at my last straw.... 38 in NYC and I can't find a cure!!!!! I have folliculitis on my scalp. On Monday or Tuesday I will get the results of my biopsy to determine the type of folliculitis. Possibly decalvans? I have been on minocyn and solodyn for 3+ years. 3 months ago I decided to quit the antibiotics as I was afraid of long term affects. Upon quitting the antibiotics my scalp broke out worse than ever. I began with all types of specialty shampoos including t/gel, salicylic acid, zinc and etc. No change. I tried pouring ACV per many posts I read online. No change. I visited a Chinese herbalists and 10 days of herbs later, no change. I went for acupuncture, no change. I am drinking honeysuckles boiled in tea water, no change. Tea tree oil, no change. I went Thursday for the biopsy and reluctantly began today taking morgidox (doxycycline hyclate) and using tazorac and clindamyacin topically. I don't know what to do anymore. I'm sure the anti b's will work in next 10 days but I don't know what to do long term..... I need help. Can you spell out any sure cure? What to do and for how long.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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I have success (but that is only in Thailand), in treating folliculitis, and yours maybe different, it is usually caused by a fungus, staphylococcus or gram negative bacteria, I will assume that most people are treated properly with antibiotics, so that leaves fungus and staphylococcus. The fungus can be eliminated with two remedies which are urea and ammonium chloride, but I prefer ammonium bicarbonate. You can try urea first by mixing 1 tablespoon of urea and 1 tablespoon of water, and spray on the head fan dry, and leave overnight. The folliculitis should be gone, but if not ammonium bicarbonate is added and apply on the head for a minute or two, then washed. This can be added to the remedy, and then urea overnight. The ammonium bicarbonate can cause stinging but only for a few minutes it is caused by the chemical reaction between fungus and ammonium bicarbonate which is 25% solution when sprayed. The staphylococcus can be killed (if not with the previous remedy) with milk of magnesia solution apply on the head for say five minutes every night then wash off. For me hair loss from fungus is also easily treated among poor farmers in Thailand by using urine therapy, using a fresh urine and keeping on for 30 minutes before washing. But if the folliculitis is very strong a stronger solution that I use is stale urine (in hot weather 90 degrees Fahrenheit!), for 3 hours, and apply to the head for 30 minutes. then wash. The active urine component is urea, so poor farmers cannot afford urea, some can't afford even fertilizers here, so I have to come up something that doesn't cost money. It has a near 100% success rates at treating this simple condition, at least for the clients I treated.


Replied by JE

Where do I get urea? Is it synthetic or real urine?"

09/09/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "A borax remedy may also work, chemical urea may also work. Urea can be synthetic or natural, which is usually available at fertilizer shops, which is called "urea". Ammonium bicarbonate, ammonium carbonate, and ammonium chloride may be obtained as a fertilizer compound available in most fertilizer companies. These are usually good enough. But I get a more expensive one available at chemical supply shops locally.


Replied by Mohammed
Amman, Jordan

I suffered from Hair foliculitis for about 8 years. I remember that it start by one spot on my upper neck then it spread with time it become painful. I saw many Dermatologists they gave me many Antibiotics either orally or locally, after each course of A. B, Spots disappeared.... But it come back again, after 3 years I was hopeless and leave it. I used only Medical Shampoos for oil scalp, I was good for me but still the problem...... One day I decide to make a cupping therapy (Hejama), for people who dont know what is cupping therapy- Cupping is an old method of therapy for many kind of diseases. Anceint civilizations used it such as old egypetions, Greek, Chinese, and Arabs, the therapist used to make a small superfacial cuts on the area which you want to treat - Its is not painfull at all and you will not feel any pain, so dont afraid - then he bring a special cup put it on the cut and make a suction, it will suck a few amount of blood, once the therapist remove the cup, the blood will stop by itself. If you want to try this method you have to go to a liscensed one and he must use a clean cups. usually it is disposable one...

Any how when I go to make that therapy I go there because I was suffering from Sciatica not for the foliculitis, the therapist suggest to put 3 cups on my scalp one on the top of my head, tow on the upper neck, really I cant describe the feeling when he put the cups, all the pain and itching gone once the blood go out. After a few days all the spots gone, this is my fourth year, thanks god till now my scalp is free from floculitis.... By the way even the Sciatica pain go :)

Replied by Ed2010
Oakville, Canada

It is an another proof that "Blood is the carrier of all diseases", once the bad blood is removed you are healed. great

Replied by Benshamil
NYC, Brooklyn

Hello JE from NYC and everyone else... I am almost in the same situation as you. I won't go into all the none sense how many doctors I had seen who for most part were interested to get paid and not care for my skin disorder. Some were clueless what they were doing but somehow they all have bogus fellowship and board certification and what's use from it no use for us who suffer with FOLLICULITIS. I actually have more hope for herbal medicine for our skin disorder but so far I have not found any. At this point I gave up on cure I just want something that works from day to day type of treatment. Please please let me know if you have found any treatment for head FOLLICULITIS. Btw have you tried Accutane one of my Dermatologist as a last resort said I should give a try but I am kind of hesitant to do that-- would highly appreciate if you or anyone else in this forum give some specific details on how to contain and have more solid treatment for Folliculitis. Thank you very much.

Replied by Ron C
Dublin, Ca, United States

JE from NYC - have you had any success using Ted's remedies?

Replied by Elizabeth

Hi -- re: Folliculitis I have not completely cured myself however this really helps: pure aloe vera - say a cup, neem FLAKES - 1/4 -tspish, not oil, as the flakes don't have an unpleasant smell, pure USP sulphur (get in on Amazon) or use Nustock, also on Amazon, plus MSM powder, plus tea tree oil (say 20 drops) plus a bit of mint oil for itch and pain, plus a citrus oil (to help as a penetrant.) Try this overnight. A couple of other things have helped -- I'll post again. Good luck.