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High Fever

Posted by Debbie on 05/12/2008

My son usually gets a high fever when he gets the flu. He's 15 and it has gotten as high as 106. When his fever breaks he gets a little crazy mixes his words up runs around moaning like he's in pain. What would cause this and is it taking a toll on his brain? He seems find when he wakes up and I think it happens when I give him ibruprofen.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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A fever should not exceed 104 degrees fahrenheit, if it exceeds, the brain might get damaged so it wise to get fever below 104. The common reported problems is acute kidney failure in infants taking ibuprofen, and this might extend to children. If kidneys are affected, the ability for the body to remove toxins is prevented leading to worsening of immunity conditions. I am really old fashioned and prefer aspirin, in event there's not problems of such use to reduce fever. However, a more natural approach to reducing fever is to dip a toothpick into a clove oil and stir this in small cup of water, and drink from that. The clove oil is antiviral and even a small amount has reduced fever too.

Other foods that I found to damage the brains (causing holes in brain cells) is the Monosodium glutamate added to processed foods to get people addicted to food and hence increasing sales. The other is aspartame being added more and more in sugar free products, coke and pepsi. These may worsen the condition, especially during efever since, the aspartame, will eventually breakdown into formaldehyde, which is damaging to the nerves resulting in massive metabolic acidosis (urine pH become acid for more than a week).

To prevent fever in the long run, the best single remedy is zinc gluconate 50 mg for adult, and a child may be 25 mg. Taken whenever there is a first sign of fever, or observed reduction in energy, muscle pains, or even a slight temperate. Magnesium is often synergistic with the zinc, and olive leaf extract can also be added. Baking soda of 1/4 teaspoon in 1/2 glass of water (adults may take1/2 teaspooon) is taken twice a day to reduce metabolic acidosis.

I have recently found low grade fever, persistent recurring kind, coming from the tooth problems, often in the back of the mouth, because the tendency of people to brush their teeth in the front, and ignore brushing way behind in the teeth near the jaws and gums which causes the bacteria to be introduced. I have found people with a wisdom tooth problems, and absesses, to cause lumps in the breast as well as memory lapses having their origins from the molar portions of the teeth that really needs examining and cleaning by a dentist or at least more thorough brushing. The reason this is mentioned is certain people reported nightly fever, which was usually traced to diseased gums and cavities in molar regions in the back side of the mouth as being the most common cause. Interestingly certain woman with types of cancer, often occur in the same side in which the teeth has also a problem and can be found through thermal imaging photography to find the source of the problem.