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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 05/12/2008 391 posts

EYE FLOATERS: Most of the eye floaters are organic in nature sometimes a result of excessive calcium. Therefore reduction in calcium, oily foods, and reduction in pathogens through alkalizing and chelation may reduce floaters. However, I might also consider taking more vitamin C sodium ascorbate, and some vitamin E, since vitamin C levels is quite high in the eyes and antioxidants are important.

Replied by Jb
Central, Maryland, Usa

Floaters do not have to be permanant. I wish I could say exactly what "cured" my floaters, but they are gone. I first noticed them about seven years ago in my right eye. It wasn't too bad, a long wiggly thing and a couple of sidekick specks that would float across my sight and become a nuisance on occassion. A few years later I developed another squiggly in the left eye--not as long, but noticeable every now and then; most frequently while driving or staring at the sky. What have I done? Well, I never really went after the floaters, but I did start taking magnesium, vitamin D, and boron because I'm starting to freak out about bone loss and my body utilizing the calcium I feed it. So maybe floaters are caused by too much (unused) calcium as Ted suggested. I tried to eliminate dairy one summer as an experiment and got the heebie jeebies all over-- I wasn't supplementing my calcium at all. Really scared me, thought I'd crawl right out of my skin. Messed with my mind a bit too, my thoughts went very primal--not a good or useful experience in modern day society... Okay, I digress. I went back to eating plain yogurt and some cheese occassionally, and used a calcium supplement now and then. (I have read that the more "flesh" foods one eats, the more calcium one needs for the digestion process. )

Anyway you might want to try the daily supplements (magnesium glycinate 400 mg; vitamin D 1000 I. U. ; and Boron- 3mg) to assist your body in using calcium-- it may just work. Good Luck!

Replied by Jashan
Indianapolis, Indiana

Ted, how bad were your floaters, for how long you took the supplements? Please please reply soon. I have so many floaters in my eyes and I am really trying hard to find a possible cure. Please reply soon, or email me at jashansimi(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France

Jashan, I do hope Ted will answer! I have had floaters for years too.... Maybe not as bad as some other people but they are very bothersome anyway! I have tried quite a few things, mainly for the liver but nothing has worked yet. I have also tried natural eye therapy and nothing happened either! So many people suffer from this.... Funny that there isn't more research or more help! I have now ordered a book about Hyaluronic Acid, it seems to help... They say...... But with the snow in Britain it takes long for books to get here! I think that MSM is supposed to help too!

Replied by Lolly
Brooklyn, Ny

Milk Thistle is good for floaters.

Replied by Maria
Gippsland, Australia

Some years ago I had constant floaters, the Specialist said it was because of my liver problems. So I agree with Lolly that Milk Thistle may help. I went to an amazing Chiropractor and after one treatment mine disappeared. I have since discovered that for me whenever my neck muscles tighten up I will get the odd one or two floaters but if I leave my neck untreated I get many more.

Unfortunately as we shifted I no longer have access to this man and finances do not allow for trialling the Chiropractors in my area. What we do now is my lovely hubby spends much time massaging my neck but only for a few mins at a time so as not to aggravate the already upset muscles. The fibromyalgia of course does not help. Magnesium oil rubbed into the neck also helps to relax my muscles. I have also found that taking extra vitamin C definitely helps. Vit C is also one of Ted's recomendations.

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France

I have heard of that too and I have tried but it did nothing for me! Maybe other people are luckier....

Replied by Julie
Toronto, Ontario / Canada

Get those l-carnisine eye drops -

1. can-c (online only)

2. Bright eyes

and there are others too. Use them constantly - my eye floaters were reduced by about 75% in the first 2 weeks - thats how much they improved my eyes. It has been 6 months of constant use - at least 8-12 drops in each eye daily - expensive but my floaters are now wispy hairs that I notice about 20% of my day when I used to notice them 80% of my day so a huge improvement in my quality of life. Forget supplements, changing your diet or looking at the full moon or the sun - ridiculous! These drops work - even though my eye doctor allowed me to try them he doesn't want to know about their success. Unless they are prescription grade with horrible chemicals and bad side effects - the medical community just doesn't want to know that these drops really work. Too bad - a lot of people would be better off but that's doctors!

Replied by Christine
East Coast, Usa

I had numerous floaters but then one very large black one in each eye after a flashing light event (eye doc promised me they were only floaters). They were there for several years, very annoying. I started eating beets for something else, and noticed that every time I ate beets, the floaters became thinner and more transparent. I then increased my beet consumption big time and the floaters are almost gone. It does take a while, after all, how many beets can you eat at a time? But it really makes a difference. I put canned, drained, rinsed sliced beets in a container with a couple of dashes of ground cloves, and some red wine vinegar, and brown bag them to the office for lunch. Delicious! Another food that helps are raw green peppers. Nothing else has worked for me.

Replied by Jenny
Sydney, Australia

Hi I have been doing the mini beet juice for about 6 weeks and haven't noticed a huge difference. Lots of mucus but no change in energy etc. When I read your post about beets and eye floaters it made me realize that the beet juicing has helped my eye floaters and they are significantly reduced, not totally gone but heaps less. It is a yea from me for beets!

Replied by Razak
Nibong Tebal, Malaysia

DO NOT take coffee and tea. I was taking coffee for few days because of fever, after that my floaters just got worse. In addition, I notice that after stopping tea, the number of floaters has reduced as well. Try STOPPING tea and coffea, and see what is the effect.

Replied by Jeni Lau
Nt Australia, Australia

Hi, Razak, I never drink tea, I suddenly found these funny things in my eye 3days ago. It worries me so much I accidentally found this page. So many people suffered from it. What I had been doing two days ago, I put a large table heap of dried googi berries in a cup, then pour boiling water into it, cover and let it steep for several minutes, flavour with honey and drink it. I just wonder if it had helped, as it had certainly reduced, and am going to continue with this and hope it really help. I hope I can find this page again. Good luck to all fellow sufferers.

Replied by Fr
Thunder Bay, On

Hi Razak and Jeni Lau. One explanation I can think of that may make sense with regard to tea consumption and an increase in eye floaters, is that tea contains tannin. What is significant about this is that tannin can be used to treat skins in order to turn them into leather. It is my understanding that untreated skins will dissolve in water, but once they are sufficiently treated with tannin they no longer dissolve in water and are then called leather. Perhaps this is what is happening in our eyes. Soluble proteins in our eyes may be being turned into insoluble substances that we can see and that the body can't easily remove. Further, if we are daily tea drinkers or some other drink that is also rich in tannin, we may creating floaters faster than the body can remove them or we may be creating floaters the body can't remove. FWIW.

Replied by Keith

I got my first eye floaters almost 9 years ago. It just suddenly showed up one fine day. Over the years, the number of floaters gradually increased. I had seen several different ophthalmologists over the years, hoping to meet one that could tell me how to get rid of my floaters, but they all told me nothing could be done and that I would eventually get used to them.

About 14 months back, I decided to do my own research on the Internet. There was such a great variety of natural remedies that seemed to work for different individuals but unfortunately, there wasn't one SINGLE remedy that stood out among all the rest.

The conclusion I had to draw was that what works for some may not for others. To cut the story short, what I now believe works for floaters is, it's going to take a combination of the RIGHT methods that will give our body that extra boost it needs to get rid of floaters.

Some have been lucky enough to get rid of their floaters using just one simple product or method. But if you're like me and you've tried different things and saw no improvement, then it may be that what you need is a strategy to 'oil the rusty parts' of the body so to speak, to get it to slowly clear the floaters away.

The strategy that has worked for me is this;

1. Consume foods or supplements that are generally known to have healing powers on the eye.

2. Use eye drops that can reduce oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is a known cause of some of the more commonly known eye diseases such as cataract, glaucoma and AMD.

3. Replace activities that cause stress with activities that reduce stress.

Best Regards, Keith

Replied by Brian

The theory behind that is that the caffeine in coffee is a vasoconstrictor. So if you must have some source of caffeine have it with a vasodiolating source.

Replied by Tom H

You can cure floaters by putting 1 drop of castor oil in each eye every night before bed. Make sure you use organic, hexane and chemical free. Do this until your floaters go away.