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Abnormal Clone of T Lymphocytes

Posted by K. (Australia) on 12/15/2009

Dear Ted,

I have a condition/disease diagnosed as: Episodic angio-oedema and eosinophilia ( Gleich's Syndrome).
I'ts now been about 20 yrs. since the symptoms became apparent. Overtime I have been to countless
Dr's of natural medicine and tried about every form of nat. medicine to hopefully find a cure or relief, but
to no avail.

The only medicine that dampens my "switched on" immune system is the steroid Prednisolone (which I
detest taking, but...).

About 7 yrs. ago a haematology clinic in Melbourne, Australia gave me this finding - "Flow cymtometry has
clearly demonstrated an abnormal clone of T lymphocytes which are CD3 neg. and CD4 pos. - he has a
signif. raised serum IL-5 level....".

Ted, I realise I'm a bit of a rare case, but if by chance you have any words of advice to give, I would truely
appreciate hearing what you have to say, thank you.

Respectfully yours

Replied by Joyce
Joelton, Tn

Dear K,

I found your post to Ted very interesting. It sent me on-line searching since I had never heard of this syndrome before.

When you google Gleichs syndrome, you come up with lots of information on it, but the general consensus seems to be that glucocortocoids are the preferred treatment. A couple of other references also mentioned treating with interferon, interleukin or albumin. A few references seemed to feel there is a connection between GS and myalgia (one put a fibro in front of it).

General opinion seems to be that GS usually hits those between 20 & 50 years of age and 9 women to l male ratio. However one reference found mentioned putting a child on steroids for GS at the age of 1 yo, so it apparently hits at even younger ages. I found the article I am forwarding very interesting, since it was included in one of these GS references, and relates it to genetic engineering changes by a Japanese company who wanted to make bigger profits faster, so turned to laboratory genetic engineering to crank tryphophan out faster and threw it on the market, untested, which killed a few people and created health problems for many who didn't die.

Many of our problems have been created by genetic engineering, both before and after that episode of toxic tryptophan, ie "flesh eating organism, HIV (AIDS), the current "swine flu" and god only knows what else.

I really have nothing concrete to add to this, but wonder what eliminating all carbonated beverages, ridding one's food supply of as much MSG and aspartame as possible, and alkalyzing one's body might do. Alkalyzing one's body is something that one can do a pretty good job of monitoring their progress with pH strips to know where they are and whether to add more of less bicarbonate (baking soda). If I had the problem, I would probably get Dr. Sircus's (IMVA) book on sodium bicarbonate and try it. After all if baking soda can kill systemic candida & eliminate cancer, it has to be pretty darned good. I also recall that Dr. Truss said that systemic candida threw all the hormones and enzymes in our bodies haywire, and it certainly sounds like GS sufferers have been thrown out of normal function by something.

Here's the link: http://www.psrast.org/jftrypt.htm

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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This seems to be some sort of autoimmunity where the body tries to rid of the dead proteins via the lymph node system, only to be clogged up, causing some sort of edema. The problem is two fold, one is to resolved the autoimmunity, the second one is clearing the lymph glands, and I am currently looking into that one. However, strange disease like this one sometimes call for unusual supplements now and then, but if it can't be found, then I might look for another suitable supplements. Most autoimmunity, the hardest one we can use Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN), where the dose is 5 mg and taken before sleep. Obviously there is no seller, but they do have another form in larger dose, under the Brandname of Revia (which is still Naltrexone hydrochloride) and the tablet is dissolved and taken only a fraction of that to equal 5 mg. That's just the ideal case. In any event the common remedy I used is the borax remedy, which I often used in most autoimmunity anyway, and the dose along with hydrogen peroxide, is taken at 1/4 teaspoon per liter of water in 1 capful of 3% hydrogen peroxide to clear the system of autoimmunity. A large dose of a good quality, capsule form of digestive enzyme, taken about 5 - 8 times a day. The digestive enzyme should reduce the episodic conditions, or at least some edema that occurs. Whenever a white blood cells is there there is always an active bug somewhere, and it's also more common for autoimmunity to occur if a person previously had vaccinations, the source of autoimmunity for most people. So it's usually a bug, and excess of it ends up in the lymph node clogging them up and just caused edema. The digestive enzyme may help reduce that problem. Aspirin is another one I like to clear my blood systems as it digests a lot of fibrinogen and obstruction of the lymph node. The aspirin dose in most of my regimen is of short duration, between 1-4 days. The aspirin dose is also taken hourly or preferably 55 minutes at each dose interval for a total of 6 doses and this should reduce the number of bugs and reduce the number of episodic incidence, or at least everytime there is one, the aspirin 6 dose 55 minutes at 500 mg each is taken to stop it. However, I will also take the borax remedy as a drinking water should I have this sort of attack. There are other ways of clearing the lymph node, one possible way such as applying a diluted solution or application of lavender oil along the lymphatics area to help clear them, the use of low dose coumarin (my dose are always low such as 10-25 mg) or the use of camphor in an oil based solution are some of the other possibilities. A lymphatics system in theory anyway I consider a lubricant for the body's system, and I may use hyaluronic acid to help clear them. The dose is 500 mg per liter of water plus 6 grams of sea salt, and dose is 1 capful two or three times a day, to have some sort of reduced edema and taken along with aspirin to clear the autoimmunity issues, whenever there is an attack hence aspirin is taken for only one day and borax remedy is taken along. A potassium and sodium citrate also lubricates the entire system, because citrates don't react directly with the body fluids immediately, it prevents lymphatic clogging, and hence, the alkalizing remedy of sodium citrate 1/2 teaspoon plus potassium citrate 1/2 teaspoon in a cup of warm water is taken usually twice a day. Before starting this remedy it is helpful in the morning to use a small pinch of sea salt so as to get the chloride/sodium levels in balance. The key for reducing the body's CD4 system is always about reducing the bug load (virus or bacteria) in the system, otherwise you have an episode. This is why I like digestive enzymes and aspirin. The lubricant system I used the sodium and potassium citrate, hyaluronic acid, generally speaking, but sometimes I resort to lavender oil, camphor, now and then. To reduce the autoimmunity, I also use borax. Excessive fibrinogen which clogs up the system in the long run maybe reduced with the use of iodine tincture and the dose maybe taken before sleep during the evening hours 1 drop a day for a couple of weeks. The reason why steroids work basically it tells what the cells to do to prevent a symptomatic response, but that doesn't exactly deal with the course. If there was a case in Bangkok for example one possibility I may use is the aspirin flush, which is basically a one time 4 day protocol of just aspirin 55 minutes for 4 or 6 doses, for 4 days. This should generally reduce the bug load, and reduce overall autoimmunity. WHenever the body detects a foreign protein and stealth bug that is undetected, usually they have a "shield" or Harry Potter's cloak or they hide along nervous system that prevents their detection. This is why white blood cells can't see that. To remove their protective stealth shield is straightforward, aspirin dissolves most of them, and so do digestive enzymes and in a few cases iodine prevents them hiding. To kill the along the nerves they usually hide such as the herpes virus, I used BHT, alpha lipoic acid, acetyl l carnitine, and other antioxidants that have the ability to be both oil and water soluble. Finally a bloodroot tincture might be called for that helps cells recognized foreign protein easier, it's taken at 3-5 drops a couple of times a day. I hope this answers at least a few of your questions.