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Emf Sensitivity: Electrical System May Have Short-circuited After Katrina

Posted by G. on 10/31/2010

Dear Ted,

Though the doctor diagnosed my shingles in 2005, during the same month further rashes occurred on my chest, and he said it was something else, then that it was more of the shingles. However I now believe that my electrical system was short-circuited after hurricane Katrina during our electrical power outage when my westside neighbor connected THREE cables into my home (refrigerator, webtv, and one lne running through and over to my eastside neighbor to connect their refrigerator); the extreme pain and forward bending of my spine (developing scoliosos) started then and has continued becoming steadily worse even with good diet.

I have studied Lucinda Grant's book, Electricity Sensitivity Handbook, and followed her outline to help my illness including wearng protective diodes and fabrics (while emailing) and walking barefoot on outdoor grass to connect with the earth's natural harmony and electrical balance. Author Phyllis Galde (Crystal Healng, good book) tells how great chaos would occur if that which holds the universe together would be disrupted- and this seems to be what happened to my electrical system durng the power outage and connection of cables to my neighbor's generator. (EEKG idea)

I have now begun using crystals for healing, wearing a small one around my neck, (and often holdng a large unpolished crystal at times) using prayer and programming the crystals to heal. Have you any suggestions?

Do you think that the electrical cables increased or decreased the electricity in my body system, or mainly caused great chaos which beught about the damage to my nerves and electrical system?

In accessing the attached Forward, you will find most of the informaton to be most interestng, including the footnotes which mention HAARP and its doings. Phyllis Galde states that an aura around the earth exists and that all should have positive and healing thoughts so that this aura all around the earth will protect and heal the earth from its pollutants.

Wishing you continued good health.


Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear G.

One of the cure lesser known cure for EMF sensitivity I used is called grounding. As you notice, computers, and other electrical devices require grounding from preventing the electronic components against electrical shock, but also protects against damages of electrical components. There are a couple of ways to do this grounding. Putting your feet barefooted firmly on a semi wet dirt for an hour or two. If not possible a a shoe has to be electrically conductive so that the body becomes grounded. A more radical one for people with excessive EMF sensitivity is to get a long metal pole separate from other electrical devices and is connected to the feet during sleep. The body then becomes grounded. I will not use the household grounding devices connected to prevent electrical shock.

The other issue is low magnesium prevents the body from protecting itself against EMF sensitivity as they are neuroprotective. Taking about 10 drops of magnesium chloride three times a day for a week should stop the EMF issue also. If not happy a metal chelator, such as green tea, or white tea can also be taken to rid of excess free iron from the body, and perhaps some vitamin C also. N Acetyl Cysteine rids of mercury maybe helpful, as is malic acid from eating green apples is also a well known aluminum chelator.

Building a copper wire mesh around the house also protects against EMF. The copper wire mesh is on the wall hwere EMF signals come. There is also an EMF meter sold over the internet to identify where they come from. For one thing, your LCD screen is a strong EMF emitter.


Replied by G.

Dear Ted,

Thank you again for your informative reply! I have several long metal poles, but do not know the type metal they are; does it matter what kind of metal they are? (They are hollow poles once used for hanging drapes or curtains, and may be too long to connect to my feet, as the bed is against a wall. What length is best or necessary?

Also, how is the pole connected to the feet, with tape? and where does one place its other end? (Or does it reach towards the ceiling from the feet?) In my bedroom I sleep with my feet towards the north; if I have to sleep on the sofa in the living room, my feet are towards the south, but often sleep well with feet towards either direction.

(I know that in burials some religions require the body to face the east (for proper resurrection ).

I have used treated fabrics from LessEMF (online) to shield my feet and torso when sending emails or doing research online, and they have other shielding products- even paint. Since my injury has already occurred, (and may be continued by being near these EMFs, is there anything else which may help heal the already -existing damage besides quartz crystals and such prayerful means?

(I know quartz crystals magnify and think that this past night the crystals have helped, for just before I awakened I had a dream which was very harmonious being music and happiness, and I felt that it was indeed bringing my body's electrical chaos into a more harmonious health. (Of course I continue a strict form of diet with brewer's yeast, wheat germ, oatmeal added to whatever I am eating, and have good digeston with the ox bile from Carleson Labs. Thank you for telling of green apples; I try to have the less sweet fruit, even though I grow Haden mangos.

I must prace this musical dream, because before sleep I recalled how Jan Wolanek, the director of numerous orchestras, and a child prodigy, told me of his father. His father was a court musician to Queen Victoria, and had been accepted by the Boston Symphony Orchestra in the USA; his friends had planned a celebration for him before his ship left London for America, and they enjoyed themselves so much that he missed his ship's departure the next morning.

So they discussed this with Queen Victoria, and she said that she knew the Impressario of the Opera in Krakow in Poland (he was Polish, and evidently they thought that he would be returning there). He joined the orchestra, met his future wife, (Jan's mother), and thus Jan was born (graduated from U. of Vienna studying violin with Sevcik, practiced eight hours a day, concertized, and then came to the USA where he was the concertmaster for the Buffalo (NY) Philharmonic, married, conducted five orchestras in Canada and the USA, was divorced, and later came to Fort Lauderdale where I met him and resumed violin lessons of long ago.

I tell of this because I think the crystals joined in, or tuned in on my thoughts- which it is said crystals do- so one must keep one's thoughts kind and healthful.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear G:

The hollow poles are grounded or is placed on a ground that goes deep into the earth. A copper wire is then connected. The pole doesn't connect to you directly.

Any electroconductive poles, quite often of non rusting poles are ideal in the long term, such as copper or aluminum is what I used as they are of non corrosion. However, a metal steel is fine too, but if kept too long, they become rusting and non conductive. However, the idea is not long term to be used for years. The idea is to test whether it works or not. If they DO WORK, then I can always fine a better pole or rods to put into the ground. For example, in general poles should be deep enough for it to work. Ideally it should be around 5 foot as the bare minimum. I personally prefer 8 foot to 10 foot or more., but for practical purposes 5 feet is needed to see how well it works, and it can be further improved by making them more deeper. Then a copper wires is then connected and lead into the house and perhaps connected to the feet or the body so the body can be grounded. Even before making anything more elaborate it is best to see whether grounding works for you or not.

As for the general theory of how it works, whenever the body has good grounding, the free radicals in the body is eliminated through grounding, instead of stealing the electrons from your own healthy cells (leading to sickness and cancer), the body can now access the electrons needed from the ground wires and hence no longer sensitive to EMF radiation, which creates free radicals.

As to the placement or sleep position whether the head should face north or south. The effect are similar, but from my own experiments, it would be either North or South is fine. Both seems to do the job equally. Initial research appears to be slightly better facing South, but North is also just as good. I really need to repeat this experiment again. The initial experiment I did with magnetic poles on bean sprout, while it was conclusively determined that North magnetic fields is better then South, I have some suspicion that the magnetic poles was labeled wrong. However, I have no proof of that until I do another experiment. To make sure the magnetic polarity is not mislabeled is simple: I just need a commercial magnets, a couple will do, and verify that the poles were properly labeled.

In other magnet sites, they say North is better. The initial experiments I have tested did verify that North is better in a couple of experiments I did a couple of years ago using the bean sprouts. However, at the time I wasn't able to obtain a standard magnets to positively confirm that polarity was correct unless I have the proper reference magnets verified from more then one magnets just to be absolutely sure.

The worse magnet fields is a mix of magnet fields is worse. A Hashimoto disease tend across the body rather then along the body in parallel. Shingles tend to occur the same, going lengthwise across the the waist of the person. This means bacteria and fungus grows across human electrical fields. Hence, if human electrical fields travel more efficiently, then this would reduce bacteria and fungus in a person.

LIghtning actually goes from ground to sky, rather then the other way around as the ground has excess electrons, which provides the electrons needed to neutralize the electron stealing free radicals.

In sun gazing, one of the tactics used by sun gazers is to walk barefooted, so that the body becomes grounded. I believe grounding is one of the keys that the body needs to neutralize the free radicals. I humans are a bioelectric entity, then grounding is also required, as in all other electronic and electrical equipment do indeed requires grounding too.


Replied by Katy

Someone on this site mentioned in a comment that magnesium has a protective effect against EMFs and I am wondering if they have some kind of actual study proving this. Thanks.