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What Remedies Will Fix My Condition?

Posted by K. (Kodak, Tennessee) on 05/24/2007

I was recently diagnosed with both E. Coli (enterohemorrhagic E. coli) ref range 1.0 normal, mine was 15,255 CFU/gram; and Candida ref range 1.0 normal and mine is 738.8. I go t a hoistic physician who said I had the worst case of E. Coli he had ever seen in 30 years, complicated with bad candida. I have no lactobacillus either according to test results.(-0.01). Even the lab attached a snesitivity profile as to what herbs/botanicals could treat this, in both cases they said pharmaceuticals were the only way b/c nothing would touch it. I my docs office, even so, with an aresenol of herbs etc and he said to try them for a week or so b/c he was worried that the die off wit two stong drugs would be more than I could take (I am now anemic b/c of this)grapefruit seed oil, olive leaf extrsct, tannins,probiotics etc. the usual stuff. However, I was feeling so ill after ten days or so, I caved in and took a diflucan (I am supposed to take 1 more next week); it's been two days with no relief. I might add that my stomach is distended to the size of a seven month pregnancy and this is my second go around with this, this time it's been three months. However, after a five month distention 2.5 years ago, I was finally admitted in the hospital, had an NG tube inserted and every horrilbe, painful test they could do to me. At first they thought I had a partial bowel obstruction, or intermittent kink, then after a week released me in the same conditon I entered with the diagnosis of "IBS", how typical. With no relief, I BEGGED my surgeon to do exploratory surgery to find out WHY i was still distended after FIVE LONG MONTHS, they even gave my two pregnancy tests even though I had a tubal many years earlier. So, I had laparoscopic surgery and they found some diverticulitis and discoloring of my colon (diffuse melanosis), BUT, after the surgery (even being blown up further with gas), my stomach just deflated...gone...completely normal which is pancake flat for me. The doctor could not explain why. Now, I am going through the whole thing again which led me to the holistic physician and the DNA stool testing. I don't know why I all of a sudden blew up again, b/c I have probably been walking around with both these conditions for years. I gained almost 20 lbs. in the first seven weeks. Nothing has helped and I feel so ill I can hardly get out of bed. I am a fitness instructor and also an entertainer; I have managed to teach two classes a week but cannot perform b/c of my abdomen and fatigue. This has consumed my life and I feel there is no end in sight. I found this board and am confused on what a correct protocol for my specific case should be: Hydrgen peroxide, ACV, borax?????? I don't what I can mix with what. I would appreciate any kind of advice Ted or anyone can give. I feel hopeless and my life is at a complete standstill. I am also a wife and mother to three children, and I haven't been up to either position in a very long time. Please help me...

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear K: Your questions appears to be what remedies will work the best for your condition.

It is well known in research circles that organic acids, such as lactic acid (found in yogurt) and apple cider vinegar would displace the e.coli and reduce the population fairly quickly. Depending on your condition, yours is a unique one. In which case you can do the following remedy, much of the remedy depends very much on how your body actually find it agreeable to it. Nevertheless the remedy will reduce the e.coli by a large amounts.

1. 2 tablespoonsful of apple cider vinegar taken in the morning, after lunch, before dinner, and before bedtime. This amounts to 4 times a day.

2. The yogurt lactic acid will displace the e.coli, in which case this is taken 2 times a day once in the morning and once in the late afternoon.

3. The hydrogen peroxide remedy should be taken at different times from the apple cider vinegar. In which case I think before lunch of 6 drops H2O2 3%, plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water. Just once a day at least.

4. Certain mineral deficiencies tend to make e.coli growth

5. If after the body's microbial colonies are normalize after about 4-5 days of supplementation, you can consider adding to all the drinking water 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt in one liter of water. This should help balance out the excess water retention caused by the problem, however sugar, fried foods, and cheeses should be avoided. They tend to encourage bad bacterial growth which leads to excess water retention. In event this simple sea salt does not work, adding 1/8 to 1/16 of teaspoon of baking soda to the 1 liter of drinking water, to be drank throughout the day. It should be noted that I decided to attack e. coli issue first, since they are generally more harmful.

However, the use of apple cider vinegar and baking soda, or even the use of sea salt and a small amount of baking soda, generally deals more effectively with both candida and e.coli. Alkalizing and removal of heavy metals can deal with both issues, but not necessarily effective in reducing e. coli that quickly. At least that's my take on it. The lack of lactobacillus bacteria is an important issue, if you don't eat yogurt, e. coli growth gets out of hand.

To at least remove some heavy metals, which candida do grow, it is possible that taking some chlorella and kelp (high in iodine) may further the help, but this should be taken a week later after dealing with e. coli, candida, and bloated stomach.

The stomach gets distended for several reasons, the body is too acid, the antioxidants (sodium ascorbate vitamin C) is lacking, and micromineral imbalances.

The reason why the stomach mysteriously decreased in size was that the dietitians gave you some alkalizing foods which decrease the problem of distended stomach. Frequent most people get bloated stomach from doctor's med, in some cases, like me, I get it from eating cheeses (in hamburger or pizza), and fried foods, often eating during dinner time, such as french fries, fried chickens and potato chips, in case you are wondering. One other friend of mind get a similar conditions from eating ham and cheese sandwich. White bread are acid forming, but then the same goes for ham AND cheese, to top of with some hydrogenated fats from margarine, which is of no help at all.

In event the "apple cider vinegar and yogurt remedy" to your e.coli problem does not result in noticeable improvement after a day or two, you can try another remedy, which seems to generally work well also:

2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda taken between 3 or 4 times a day with some 1/2 glass of water. While this is generally milder, it is a bit less agressive in reducing the e. coli population, but it is a bit more effective in reducing the distended stomach, which caused the water retention issues.

For longer term problems to your mysterious condition, get a hair mineral analysis. It will tell you exactly whether you have too much toxic metals, or too little essential minerals. Most people with your condition often lacks iodine (not eating kelp and seaweed), urine pH is often 5.5 or below, molybdenum is nonexistent (which is essential to control candida growth), selenium (brazil nuts) and perhaps sometimes, but not always, zinc (pumpkin seeds).

Replied by K

Hey Ted! It's been three long weeks since I last wrote you, so this is an update along with a few questions (thank you ahead of time!). Well, it is now week three and I am currently on the ACV/BS alternating with lemon juice/BS schedule. The distention is down around 65 sometimes 70%. I also started the chlorella and salt/bs added to water one week ago. I began kelp yesterday and also DHEA 25 mg. I am also still eating yogurt (w/lactobacillus added) twice a day. However, even though some of the distention is gone (and believe me, I am grateful) my weight has barely budged, except for maybe 3 lbs. After my infamous laparoscopy a few years ago, the weight was gone immediately along with the distention. I am concerned b/c the weight only came on with the E. Coli and Candia infections. Then I got to thinking that I forgot to tell you about a few other results from my DNA testing. (I am not at all sure you will even know what these are, but here goes..) First, along with the candida, I tested HIGH, for Geotrichum, which is apparently another type of yeast. Next, under the heading of "Adiposity Index", I tested positive for "Firmicutes" and "Bacteroidetes", my doc says these are "fat bugs", UGH!!! (this was difficult news to hear considering my profession and fitness background), how in the world does someone get "fat bugs'???? Also, under "Obligate anaerobes" I tested LOW (ref. range 1.4, mine <0.01) for "Prevotella sp."; Fusobacteria sp. 1.6 ref. range 2.1. Under the heading of "Obligate aerobes", I tested LOW <0.01, ref. range 0.5, for Escherichia coli. (Remind me if I ever need to give you test results again, to invest in a fax machine!). So, there you have it. Does any of this have any bearing on my body's refusal to release the weight? Just a question or two more about previous suggestions. If I take Milk of Magnesia for magnesium citrate, how much/how often should I take it? Should I increase DHEA to 25. mg per day? And, I cannot find the supplements without the magnesium stearate added so I am afraid I am wasting my time. Would it help to dissolve them in water first? Is vegetable stearate just as bad? ( the DHEA came in capsules which I am assuming is where the veg. stearate is, can I just dump the contents in water?) Even the kelp and chlorella have it, I just can't find anything that doesn't have wax! Lastly, where can I find liver extract, or is that something I have to eat (eghad!)? Again, I am eternally greatful, and I feel like I have at least turned a corner. I will keep up the regimen and await your response!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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I was aiming mostly getting rid of distention and getting the bugs out, which is why you are experiencing them. Apparently you have more bugs than I thought!

Those bugs in fact do cause your body to be not only fat, but also distended. If I knew that were the case, than I would at least buy myself a pocket pH meter, and monitor my urinary pH to get them to 7. Those can kill the bugs and reduce most of the distention. The dose of 1/4 teaspoon were generally modest, but my thinking is with the help of pH meter, an optimum dose is possible so that the body get rid of more bugs and distention.

While 3 weeks for you may be long, for me, geting rid of those distention 60-70% were a reasonable reduction but not complete because I suspect the urinary pH were still acid. For example, if I really don't monitor my urine pH for a week, I can get myself way off and get really sick. It can go down all the way to 5.2 pH (like today!) if I were not to be careful, and breakdown with hives, eczema, sore throat, etc. - a complete set of sickness!

To get myself within a reasonable figure I had to take plenty of baking soda just enough to get them to 7, sometimes sodium citrate (lemon & baking soda).

But one unusual thing that I found important getting a good pH (necessary to kill the bugs, reduce weight from frequent bowel movements, and distention) is the glutamine amino acid, lipoic acid and DHEA, I find essential.

Distention also is caused by the lack of ability of the body to process fats, so one tablespoon (at least!) of granulated powdered lecithin will really help. I prefer to take 2 tablespoon if I have distention!

Now in event DHEA produces no negative side effects from taking them once a week and the weight problem is still there I may increase the frequency of dose. Actually I am happy with a 3 pound weight loss anyway, so a more frequent dose of DHEA is possible to about twice or three times a week is what I will likely do. Those DHEA by the way do cause frequent bowel movement within a more normal range, as well as having certain ability for the body to maintain normal pH, sometimes without the need for baking soda and ACV!

However, 2 additional supplements for weight loss and pH control is necessary like 5 grams of glutamine (body building shops have it in powdered form) and I prefer to take it in the morning and perhaps once more (if I feel really needed) before bedtime.

The alpha lipoic acid, I find also helps with weight loss so the common dose I find is either between 100-200 mg/day, but I think drinking plenty of water is necessary so it doesn't irritate the stomach, or at least taken along with food should neutralize them for more sensitive people.

With the pocket pH meter, I suspect some people actually needs about 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda two times a day in 1/2 glass of water, once of course if the body has already gotten used to it on a 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda after several weeks. Those can be mixed with the apple cider vinegar, where the old introductory remedy were 2 tablespoon acv plus 1/4 baking soda be remodified, if the body has not yet recovered as well as it should after a couple of weeks to 2 tablespoon acv plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda taken 2 times a day, in 1/2 glass of water, once in the morning and once in the evening.

As to the newly discovered bugs, I think 6-12 drops of 3% H2O2 in one glass of water taken a hour or two before lunch should help, and perhaps at another time around 3-4 p.m. should help reduce them. Those are the times when bugs tend to grow, and people are most weak, which usually occurs after lunch and just before 5 p.m. when the body's need for oxygen are the greatest, and hence a time when those microbes get ready to expand, due to reduced levels of oxygen.

Other supplements helpful for weight loss are 500-1000 mg of vitamin B5 Panthenol, or panthenoic acid, but most sold in the market seems to be a calcium form of panthenoic acid, the other I think is the 500 -1000 mg of inositol. Those two seems to help with my weight loss. And now and then I may take once a week, borax a small pinch, as this kills certain fungal bugs and with pollution and bacteria next to my house, I am alway eternally in need of them. I can tell when fungal bugs attack me - the joints start to hurt. Which could indicate I need either magnesium or boron to stop them.

While I haven't yet saved enough money to do experiments on weight loss to find a definitive answer, I do know that certain amino acid, and proteins actually do cause weight loss by increasing the body's ability to burn fat, such as the so called Stillman diet, and other variations of that idea thereafter such as blood type diets, Atkins diet, and many other that seems to have copied the original diet. I think they are all lost, the issue is that they should look into certain amino acids which cause weight loss, while I do know what they are, the prices are still prohibitive.

The problem about the use certain "protein supplements" for weight loss that discourages me from frequent use is the unmentioned issue of cholesterol and fats that seems to increase whenever they are taken. Actually, it is the Atkins diet that are most notorious, but a whey protein while safer, still tends to raise them. Of course, most of the vitamin Bs, but especially the B5 is what lowers cholesterol by allowing the body to utilize the cholesterol to create steroids, which by the way, controls the weight loss and reducing unncessary cholesterol at the same time. A once a week vitamin B complex is helpful so that the body can maintain a balance B complex in the body.

The simplest rule of weight loss at least for me is getting the urine pH to 7, getting a bowel movement equal to the amount of meals i eat, which is 3, taking lecithin supplements, alpha lipoic acid, DHEA, glutamine, and finally plenty of B5. Those are more geared to weight loss. Not eating after 5 p.m. can also help reduce weight loss since the body tends to store whatever we eat into fat after 5 p.m. Actually my experience has been more like 4.30 p.m. based on the body's ability to process sugars and fats.

However, being somewhat deliberate, I prefer to deal with the bugs, candida and distention issue first instead of the weight loss. Those should be dealt at least for me as they are a more immediate concern where taking more baking soda, DHEA, H2O2 drops, lecithin, are possibly more important ones.

Replied by K

Hey Ted, I just want to start off telling you, that, although after studying health and fitness for 25 years and thinking I knew alot, everytime I get a response back from you I am blown away! You have opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking, and if not for having "met" you and taking the biochemistry route, I have no doubt I would be in the same boat and probably much sicker by now; who knows how long my body could have kept on with the growing e. coli and other bugs. In a word, I really feel like you have save my life. I am not 100%, but I have definitely turned a corner. When I was working with the holistic doc, he said the average person carries around 5 lbs. of bacteria, and, since I have so many bugs, that is probably what the extra weight is from (the weight of bacteria). Do you agree? Understand I am trying to get my head straight with all this so I can be patient and not obsess over it (I am usually a size 4)! I will get the other supplements you suggested but as per my last letter, it's almost impossible to find anything without wax!!! Do yor get your products online? Do I still continue with the lemon/bs alternating with ACV/ bs or should I just stick with ACV/bs? And, should I also stick with sea salt/bs in my drinking water? And, do you mean BOTH B5 panthenol and inositol or just one or the other? Lastly, just out of curiosity, why not DHEA every day? Thanks for the help, AGAIN, you really are my hero!!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Thanks for your comments!

Actually two sciences to our health that are generally ignored are microbiology and biochemistry. Holistic medicine have a lot of weaknesses, but I try to minimized the editorials (there is too many as it is!) and just go to the remedies.

Do I still continue with the lemon/bs alternating with ACV/ bs or should I just stick with ACV/bs?

I would try to alternate between them. They do different things. Basically ACV has more to do with your body's metabolism, while the lemon issue has more to do with getting rid of nano-calcium shells which protects the nanobacteria, and it is fairly effective in alkalizing.

Getting your body to be alkaline is something that must be done the entire life. I have been doing this for as long as I can remember which I started over 30 years ago, although I tend to do them mostly when I do get sick, but ideally it should be done always. Precisely the urine pH should be about 7.

And, should I also stick with sea salt/bs in my drinking water?

Until the stomach distention is still there (but reduced), it should still be done, I would probably take them once every other day or perhaps every two days.

And, do you mean BOTH B5 panthenol and inositol or just one or the other?

Those are synergistic and often taken together.

Lastly, just out of curiosity, why not DHEA every day?

Yes it can be taken everyday, but always start slowly. Woman's requirement for DHEA is less than a man (25 mg vs 12.5), and as a result the frequency of dose are less frequent, or the dose per day is halved. Usually I will start on a low end and work myself up as the body get used to it. I think it is best to try to slowly take them more frequently so that there is no negative body's reaction from taking too much.

>extra weight is from > (the weight of bacteria). Do you agree? Bacteria needs a piece of real estate and they do that by making houses, and protect themselves in castles, created nano calcium shells, cholesterol, biofilms, heavy metals with which they need to survive. The calcium shells, cholesterol, heavy metals and biofilms take up weight, by the way. And certain toxins (more like bacteria pollution), can block a body's normal hormone function, to cause distention, which in turn increases even more weight. Most bacterial toxins are acid forming, and causes the body to be in constipation and fluid retention also. So as you can see, with all those going for them, it is not suprising they can take on pounds of your body. The bacteria itself is not heavy, it is all those poisons which messes up the body's sensitive homeostasis which kills you, such as bloating stomach!

> impossible to find anything without wax!!!

One of the biggest problems about vitamins is they add wax (magnesium stearate) and calcium (calcium phosphate) which prevents their absorption. People cannot digest wax so a vitamin mixed in wax is a difficult one. I have noted that several mothers of autistic children mentioned they spent years trying to raise the zinc levels with zinc supplement without result. The problem was that the tablets they mentioned simply didn't dissolve in a glass of water and went right through the toilet, mostly unchanged. In some cases you can still see the brand name even after the tablet is in the toilet.

The best way to get around the problem is to get softgel vitamin capsules (liquid form), or they are encased powder in gelatin capsules, and removing those capsules and then dissolve them in water. Usually when I do take it, I get a powder and mix them myself in water. Another, acceptable one, is to drop the tablet in a glass of water and see if most of them dissolves in 15 minutes. If they don't it is totally useless.

Replied by K

Hey Ted! It's been another month or so since I last checked in with you and I am happy to report all distension is gone!! After five miserable months (and for the second time, I might add) my tummy is finally normal! You are my hero! I don't have the money for the expensive DNA stool testing that discovered the E. Coli and Candida (and other fat bugs) to prove I am healed, so I am crossing my fingers that they are under control. I have kept on with the ACV/baking soda, and occasional lemon juice/bs, and still add some sea salt and bs to my drinking water occasionally just to be safe. I started the glutamine and ALA, and also lecithin and DHEA for weight loss, but I never found B5 which I know you said is important so I am going to check with a compounding pharmacy. Haven't weighed myself recently but pretty sure I have lost a few more pounds, but it's not fast enough for me! I am assuming it takes awhile for the supplements above to actually take effect and cause actual fat loss? Well, no letter of mine would be complete without a question or two....what is your opinion on fucoxanthin and it's ability to burn fat? It's being heavily touted here in the states as the new miracle supplement. And, what about oolong tea? I think that is it for now. Thanks again for EVERYTHING, you saved my life!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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I feel very happy to hear that distension is gone with the remedy!

Weight loss is a difficult issue and worthy of long discussion. As a result I posted a long topic on obesity on earthclinic that you might visit.

assuming it takes awhile for the supplements above to actually take effect and cause actual fat loss? Well, no letter of mine would be complete without a question or two....what is your opinion on fucoxanthin and it's ability to burn fat?

While they do result in some weight loss, most Asians don't know they are fucoxanthin, but they do add the brown seaweed in soups. I do it often myself. But the weight loss I see is not so great when compared to avoding sugar and avoiding fats and alkalizing the body.

If you are a good observers why Asians don't get fat, they eat when compared to the Western counterparts more protein (fishes and soy protein), more vegetables, and more complex carbohydrates (rice). If you have difficulty remember them, just picture a rice porridge with fishes and vegetables with a soy milk next to them or perhaps some tofu. Italians are not that fat either if we compared against U.S. of course, since their complex carbs consist of pasta which is actually less acid forming than bleached white bread and salami. Cheese in my opinion is the worse of the bunch and pizza are not generally helpful because of the white bread and the cheese. French also eats higher portion of protein despite higher portion of fats then do U.S. but they have the advantage of consuming LESS high glycemic simple carbohydrates.

The Western fast foods are more on high fats (bacons and salami, and cheese), less vegetables and more simple carbohydrates with high glycemic index (cola). The other I found is 90% of all foods we eat are acid forming as well. So at least my theory behind obesity is actually a very simple one that everyone seem to overlook (vegetable, complex carbs and fishes) or that no one sees it coming (the acid forming foods)

There is three basic groups that helps with weight loss. It is the protein, vegetables and complex carbonhydrates.

Basically it is mostly protein rich foods and amino acid supplements are more likely to burn the fats, especially foods we eat that comes from fishes, such as sardines, tuna, etc. The portion of protein rich food can also come from soy protein and some whey protein as well.

A high protein foods requires vitamin B complex supplements even if the B5 is not found. Most amino acids and protein supplements causes the body to burn fats and control sugars. It is the sugars and fats that blocks the liver uptake of amino acid which is required to burn fats, detox the body and control the sugar for example. Most amino acids are like that. DHEA and lecithin are the simpler ways of loosing some weight, and it is also true of alkalizing the body. I found that sometimes boron supplements (in form of borax) taken only 1/8 teaspoon in one liter of water and taking plenty of baking soda, such as 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda twice a day, will also resulted in weight loss fairly quickly. The actions of boron has some ability to control metabolism as it is found in the parathyroid system, as well as raising some metabolic system I have noticed. Some people might be more sensitive and can take only once a week, some are more enthusiastic and take them 4 or 5 days out of a week. So I can't say what's the best, but one boron does cause some losses in appetite, but the same can be said for taking zinc gluconate supplements and certain amino acids such as L-phenylalanine, or even bee pollen taken as a food, either once a day or twice a day or whenever hunger pains are there seems to reduce appetite also.

Alkalizing effect of both baking soda and boron is causes more frequent bowel movement is probably why weight loss is seen since it stays less time in the body the body can therefore remove toxins faster.

In general, if my budget is limited in getting weight loss, I would rather concentrate myself on eating tuna salads, avoid cheese, take lecithin and baking soda. DHEA and alpha lipoic have helped me greatly.

There are certain mineral supplements that have shown the body to burn fats faster using sodium tungstate (which can be several hundred grams), and there are in fact many amino acids and protein supplements that cause weight loss. The issue is protein and amino acids increases muscle mass while reducing the fat, so while weight loss might be seen, a weight gain is possible from muscle mass as well from the higher protein from fishes. It is still important to get a good source of fishes relatively free of contaminants of course. In fact I quite often feed my dog with sardines to help weight loss and reduce the dog's constant hunger. Apparently fish diets triggers the brain to stop eating faster than a meat diet because the brain don't count calories, it counts the completeness of the amino acids. Amino acids get short cheated if sugar was added since the amino acid uptake is quite often reduced by 1/3 with the usual cafe diet or cafeteria diet and as a result people eat more.

being heavily touted here in the states as the new miracle supplement. And, what about oolong tea?

The only miracle weight loss thing I have seen is actually the human growth hormones and amino acid supplements. But HGH are like playing with fire, and they are way to expensive for a lot of people, including me. However amino acid supplements and high protein supplements from fishes, and vegetables and complex carbohydrates are affordable and more realistic.


If I forget any other questions, just email me!

Replied by Arta
Pristina, Albania

Hi there, could anyone gives me some advices to reduse e-coli. I have been diagnosed with e-coli in urinoculture (greater than 100,000 in 1ml of urine) on August 2012 and doctor said that I shoul took cypro 500mg for 7 days. I took that antibiotic, but e-coli has not been reduced. For six months I have been taking different antibiotics every 14 days (took antibiotics for 7 days and pause 7 other days, then repeat it again). This method is hurting me, so please give me some advices.

Replied by Wendy
Columbus, Oh

You may not be taking the Cipro long enough. Talk to your doctor. Maybe you need to take it for 14 days. See this link about Cipro and how to take it, depending on the type of infection and its severity:

Then, after you have finished the Cipro and are healed, take probiotics (e.g., acidophilus tablets) to help restore the good bacteria in your system. But again, confirm all of this with your doctor!!

Urinary Tract infections can be dangerous and lead to kidney infections if not treated!

Replied by Raj

For E coli, use D mannose is very good and works within 2 days

I drink bicarb on its own, sometimes 3 times a day.

Replied by Kevin

Cipro is a poison and has been black boxed by the FDA. This website is about natural cures. Do not promote drugs unless you are a licensed physician.