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Uncle with Neuropathic Arthropathy of the Left Ankle

Posted by Sunny (Chennai, India) on 08/16/2010

Dear Ted

My uncle is suffering with "Type II Diabetes Mellitus" for the past 10 years and has since developed "Severe Diabetic Neuropathy". A few months back he developed "Deep Vein Thrombosis" in the left lower limb and was treated with Oral Anticoagulants, with partial relief. About 6 months back he hurt his left ankle joint, post to which he developed swelling in that region. Even though the swelling due to DVT has subsided, the swelling in the ankle has not changed. Orthopedicians have diagnosed it as "Charcot's Foot" (Neuropathic Arthopathy of left Ankle) and have stated that there is no further treatment as it is due to severe Neuropathy. He is having crackling sound in the foot while walking. He was originally 145 kgs and came down to 100kgs purely by diet control in the last six months. His height is 6 ½ feet. He is currently having problem walking with Charcot's Foot and he is depressed. Finally, Ted please help me and give a suitable remedy for Charcot Foot which can promote bone cell growth in the left foot as all the Orthopedicians said that there is no cure to it. He desperately wants to walk like before. Ted, please reply at your earliest convenience as the only hope now is YOU.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Sunny:

The single most important issue regarding your uncle is that he has to control the blood sugar to normal levels. The blood sugar leads to the neuropathy which resulted in Charcot's Foot. In other words it is necessary to get blood sugar under control, otherwise nothing can heal. The cells can only heal if the blood sugar is under control. I remember a neighbor who had diabetes and the food cannot simply heal. It can't heal if you got high blood sugar, but opted for amputation of the feet, then was followed by amputation of the leg, then the other food, then the other legs. Unfortunately the neighbor didn't believe in alternative medicine. The solution would have been much simpler. The body utilizes energy from two sources, one from sugars and carbohydrates and the other one which is relatively unknown is ketone. Commonly known as the ketogenic diets. It means healthy cells can obtain energy from non carbohydrate source through consuming basically middle chain triglycerides or MCT. The basic fuel sources comes basically from consuming coconut oil with no carbohydrate food sources. The worse sugars of all is the fructose found in fruits. No honey, now sugar, no wheat no carbohydrate. Basically I will be consuming fats from just coconut oils and fats from fishes, and protein diets. This is rather a drastic move to a drastic condition, however and this can be relaxed once the blood sugar is normal, and I mean it HAS TO BE NORMAL, or the body won't heal. As far as Charcot's foot is concerned, most bone deformities are simply due to a simple vitamin D deficiency, such as Vitamin D3. The safest dose without the muscle pain and excessive calcium buildup, is to take magnesium supplements, preferably magnesium chloride, or magnesium citrate (preferably trimagnesium citrate). The vitamin D3 is often taken at 5000 I. U. , a day for at least between one to two months, plus magnesium chloride is taken at 100 mg three times a day, or its equivalent. I tend to shy away from most magnesium supplements sold commercially because they tend to be ineffective as they try to use fillers, but at the very least two of these are my favorite. Blood clots, deep vein thrombosis are handled because of blood tends to get sticky due to the body's inability to digest the proteins and they go into the blood stream, causing sticky blood. The other causes is excessive blood sugar, and the third is excessive calcium, which accelerates the blood clots. Now, blood sugar and excessive blood calcium tends to go hand in hand. It works this way: high blood sugar causes the bones to loose calcium twenty times more then bones whose blood sugar is normal. So what you have is lack of calcium in the foot, resulting in a simple Charcot's foot issue. So it's nothing more then excessive blood sugar dissolving the bones, especially the foot. As far as neuropathy is concerned, the cause is a simple one. Excessive blood sugar destroys peripheral nerve tissues, causing the neuropathy. The solution is a simple one: vitamin B1 400 mg, twice a day, vitamin B2 200 mg twice a day, vitamin B3 niacinamide 250 mg four times a day, and once a week vitamin B50. It won't take long to get blood sugar down to normal. It takes only about 2 weeks, with a drastic diet of ketogenic diets, which removes carbohydrate entirely from the diet and we replaced this diet of energy derived from coconut oil. I may try perhaps 2 tablespoon three times a day, as the energy source. The coconut oil may cause laxative effect, at which you simply lower the dose to the level that it doesn't and most proteins can be easily eaten, especially fishes and chickens without problems. What I would absolutely stay away from of course is the fruits, white rice, and sweet drinks. Finally for the body to heal itself, at the very least, 1000 mg of vitamin C is taken four or five times a day. This is the major remedy for Charcot's foot bought about by diabetes type II. Once the healing has commence, the rules to diet will slowly relax itself but most importantly, the blood sugar must be within normal range. And my standards are a bit stricter then the doctors, not exceeding 105. There is no restrictions regarding vegetable consumptions, but there is restrictions regarding fruit consumptions is all you need to know. And rice, wheat, and other carbohydrate are at least avoided during the treatment period needed to agressively get the blood sugar to normal.

I hope I am not being too simple, but it is relatively straightforward. Ted

Replied by Ted
Bankok, Thailand


One additional information when we switched to reduced carbohydrates, especially sugar, and rely more foods on proteins and fats is that the food are acid forming. Therefore it is necessary that baking soda is taken to reduce the acidity. For example, 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda after meals, perhaps twice to three times a day at least. This will get the body in alkaline and avoid metabolic acidosis from both proteins and fat intakes, mostly from coconut oils. Ted

Replied by Angelina

My father have charcot foot, he is diabetic, bat have exelent control on shugar level.. never more than 5.5 - 6.0. first one foot, and now other, with 2 wounds :( and it's very hard for treating. Please write me your suggest, what can we do about that. Thank you very much. Best regards, Angelina.

Replied by Whisperingsage
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Angelina from Macedonia

Good job on the blood sugar, does he take any supplements? I would recommend a listen and look to Joel Wallach's Dead Doctors Don't Lie and Somebody Needs to Go To Jail on Youtube, AND Dead Athlete's Don't Lie also on Youtube, the point of athletes is that if exercise were the answer to all our problems our professional athletes should live to 100 and they die young too. Wallach is a verterinary pathologist and has done 26,000 necropsies on multiple species and 3000 autopsies on humans, and has figured out that all our problems are nutrient deficiencies. He has done a lot of research and has been a zoo vet and worked with Marlin Perkins in Africa with the rhinos and elephants. He switched to humans when the research culture began to blackball him for proving cystic fibrosis was selenium deficiency and not genetic. He furthered his research on that and proved Keshan's disease was selenium deficiency and not genetic. He studied the centenarian cultures and has found they all had settled in areas with 60-72 minerals in the soils of glacial melt that they used for irrigation. Lower land centenarian individuals fertilized their gardens with wood ashes (trees bringing up more minerals from their deep roots.) There is a Wallach Encyclopedia that someone went through the trouble to transcribe and compile excerpts from Wallach's talks by subject. Just Google it. Kingmakers hosts it. Now the point is the nutrients- you don't have to buy from Youngevity and FINALLY we have some supplement manufacturers that have come up with formulas that surpass his. I use source of Life Gold, but there are others now, and I found a great 60 mineral liquid cheaper and more concentrated than his Majestic minerals. (Iherb, concentrace I think). The point is we can shop around now and there are some good options out there. I relied on kelp meal for years until I finally read in one of Wallach's books that kelp didn't have enough minerals either, except iodine. The Japanese eat 28 lbs a year of kelp and generally 80 is their life span. (he looks for the magic number 100). So start with his youtube videos, he's interesting and fun, you won't get bored. Mercola dot com also has some great archives, he interviews a lot of cutting edge doctors that are generous to share their knowledge, Stephanie Seneff is one of my favorite interviews on mercola's site- She pointed out the importance of sulphur, which is easily vaporized off with cooking. ALL the nutrients are important and they all do important things. This site is great to see how different people have found solutions, and all are worthwhile. Ted is wonderful, I am glad to see he is recovered from his stroke that worried us all so. So keep learning and it's not enough to stay away from the wrong foods and eat the right foods, but know if the minerals are lacking in the soil, it will be lacking in the food. Look up soilminerals dot com for some of the things minerals do to support plants and us. Example- if the soil is selenium deficient (very common out west) the plants will be unable to MAKE vitamin E, so there is that connection. The plants need the minerals to make the vitamins and they make the vitamins for us and the animals.