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How to Control Herxheimer Reaction

Posted by D (South Africa) on 05/08/2012

Good day Ted, Firstly, a heartfelt thank you for your contributions to natural healing protocols. Apart from unavailable products in South Africa, we do our best to improvise on your remedies!

The question I have is the following, given the treatment is aggressive: How do I control the Herxheimer reaction, which in this case has now lasted almost 3 weeks, and it refuses to abate. My client is stage IV, having been sent home after very aggressive chemo and radiation, which left him almost dead.

He is adhering strictly to the cancer diet, (no sugar, yeast, milk, bread, alcohol and fast foods, not even anything that comes in a packet) but we are seeing no let up on the Herx. All the readings I did with my quantum analyser indicated that there is an improvement, and regrowth of bone has commenced again, even not giving him any calcium supplements. I am using an Ester C compound for the Vit C supplementation, hopefully that is not incorrect.

Currently I am administering Goldenseal and Artichoke leaf extract to try and alleviate the Herx problem, as the liver has been severely affected by the chemo. Any suggestions will be really helpful, as I need him to stay on the protocol, and not abandon it as a result of the discomfort. BTW, the DMSO has really worked wonders for the skin lesions which is a direct consequence of the chemo. Many thanks and kind regards.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Herxheimer reaction is best relieved with bentonite clay mixed with some water and pasted on the skin and fan dried. Repeat the process as many times as necessary to detox. The other remedy is sodium thiosulfate, lots of it, say 1 teaspoon to detox the oxidative chemicals maybe 4 to 10 times a day.