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Ted and Bill on Dengue Fever

Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines) on 07/22/2011

I am in the same position as you with the people in the Philippines, most of whom are very poor. This is why I use herbs grown in my small garden and from my area. I show people what the plants look like, teach them how to prepare and make a decoction and then they can cure themselves for free. Best way because, like you, they pass the knowledge on and someone else then benefits. Not so bad the doctors in the Philippines -- except it cost too much for the local Filipinos. But I did have an interesting conversation with two Filipino doctors on Dengue fever which was their speciality. I was a bit wary at first but they were very open to your remedies using aspirin, lysine and Vitamin C etc. Their main method to cure Dengue is to use the Tawa Tawa plant also called Snakeweed (Euphorbia hirta) -- this grows in my garden. This surprised me -- they don't use the drugs. The doctors here have to use herbs to make the cure cheaper otherwise they don't get any business!!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dengue fever is like any other virus, it responds to any typical vitamin C or methylene blue or lysine or aspirin (despite publicity surrounding it causing bleeding) and in combinations or individually. I have routinely cured dengue fever on many occasions and thought it was a minor disease until I discovered it to be dangerous by Western standards. Well it is true it's dangerous if you deprive them of lysine, methylene blue, vitamin C, or herbal supplements and you used only pharma drugs!

Kawa Kawa plant is well known in Philippines, but any antiviral herbs also work, such as sabah snake grass (in Malaysia and Thailand) and andrographis paniculata (aka fatalayjon) and the chicken pox remedy (yakeo) works well too and they ALL work most consistently with lysine. Part of why most herbs works so well is the hypoglycemic effects. In fact most weeds have a very good defense system such that most contain anti-cancer, antiviral properties to begin with, especially resilient ones.

I think the biggest secret is this: there is a cure for the common cold, and all other viruses are the same. Cancer is challenging, but not the way you imagine. It is the destruction of cellular integrity to a molecular level caused by chemicals, virus, fungus, nanobacteria, heavy metals, hormonal modifiers (such as bisphenol A found in canned food products and improper diets such as fruit and sugar consumption). Each has different origins, nanobacteria begin with an infection of nanobacteria, which gives rise to cysts, accumulation of calcium, then it becomes benign, then it becomes malignant. This one doesn't show up, but once the integrity is so damaged, then can we officially name them cancer. I have a few that fit this bill. And there is viral, the most prevalent in Thailand, hepatitis B that gives rise to liver cancer. This is the pattern I see. The Dr. Simoncini fungus theory sounds easy but it is difficult in practice, because sodium bicarbonates get neutralized too easy, carbonates go a long way, but they too don't reach bone marrow and brain tumors, citrates are a better form and if fungus theory holds, you generally know that it is the potassium citrate works better than a sodium citrate or sodium bicarbonate, and asafoetida tincture should work since it is broad spectrum anti fungal and very specific to certain H1N1 and others.


Replied by Alex
Playa Del Coco, Costa Rica

Hi Ted! Can you please tell me the exact dosages and ingredients to fight the Dengue Fever? I am currently living in Costa Rica and hear that its really endemic here. I'm immunodeficient and kind of worried. Thanks, Alex

Replied by Pankaj

Hi. I know its old thread. But I recently got dengue. I have Methylene Blue want to know the proper dosage of M.B. also im taking paracetamol n other meds. Will M.B interact with these meds? Thanks pls reply