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Ted's Remedies for Degenerative Disc Disease and Osteoporosis

Posted by Colin (Belfast) on 03/23/2015

Hi ted want to thank you for all the wonderfull work youve done for people, I have been reading for a couple of weeks and it gives me great faith was wondering is there a possibility could you help me with some confussion. I am a 34 yr old male 5ft6 10.5stone and living in belfast n ireland at the age of 14 I have had problems with bad knees went under the knife at 16 and confirmed I have osteoporosis dessicanis, then many yrs later at age of 32 have been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease mainly in the c5/6 area and lower back .I have no more faith in doctors so I want to heal the natural way with some of the remedies on ec the confusion comes as I seen your recipie for osteoporosis and started it straight away in the form of 1/4 teaspoon borax in 1 liter of water Mag citrate 250mgs -twice a day Kelp tablets 3 times a day Vitamin k2 And cod liver oil. Then come across recipie for degenerative disc diesaes 500mgs of ha and two teaspoons of sea salt. Should I take both recipie or what u think and also I heard you mention in a post that it could be to do with bacteria around the joints/disc how do I get rid of this if that is the case, any advice would be much appreciated thank you.