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Posted by NV (Anon) on 08/26/2012

My age is 23 yrs and i have degenerative disc disease from 3months. MY CURRENT STATE OF L4/L5 disc is--:9mm, whereas 15mm is normal.... and I am taking your REMEDY (500mg HA+9gm sea salt+500ml water) from last 20 days. my pain is reduced but not cured fully. I want to ask that this solution is TOO SALTY so will there be any side effects (hypertension etc.) of taking this solution for a long time (2-3months approx). *and for how long I have to continue this remedy to fully restore my degeneration? *Also pls tell me about VITAMIN C controversy (PUREBULK AND LISA FROM EARTHCLINIC says to mix vit C in HA for better result, whereas vit C degrades HA by your information). thanks, regards.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The salt helps absorption of HA faster, if you don't want it is fine, but it helps the preserve the HA, but in refrigerator is fine, if there is risk of hypertension. The vitamin C is proven in medical journals, do your research, to cause HA to break down. It isn't needed. Vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid is a pro oxidant, but sodium ascorbate is an antioxidant.


Replied by Susan
New York

To Ted or Bill from San Fernando, How long does the H/A Solution with salt remains effective in the refrigerator ? One week or two?

Replied by Happy
Up The Creek In, Wv, Usa

in reply to--09/13/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand --Ted; if I read what you are saying correctly; then if I use sodium ascorbate in my HA solution, that it will not degtade the HA; because the sodium ascorbate is a anti-oxidant???

This would be a method to include vit C [as ascorbates] into the HA solution, and possibly help keep it from degrading, longer, preserve it.

Of course, Vit C is a major collagen, cartilage, repair nutrient also, and would add to the power of the HA mixture to heal the disks.

So by adding sodium ascorbate to the HA mixture, you both help preserve the mixture, AND add a collagen creating nutrient to the mixture.

Is this correct ? [Your previous post was a little cryptic.]