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Acid or Alkaline?

Posted by Mandi

Hi Ted, I have been reading the Earth Clinic website and your comments for a couple of months now and find it fascinating and helpful.' After years of research on fatigue and now autism, this site has been what I was looking for from the beginning. So, thank you.

My question is: Some websites are insisting that candida albicans thrives in an alkaline environment. I've read this many places specifically, the website from the Biamonte Center for Clinical Nutrition saying that the cells may be acid but, the intracelluar fluid is alkaline causing candida to thrive (in the small intestine). Also read similar reports on a good website using H2O2 for cancer treatment. Please let me in on your thought about this.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The issue of candida thriving in small intestines in "an alkaline" media doesn't make sense. Because in a healthy individuals candida don't thrive. So the fact that small intestines are generally alkaline in healthy individual is not the argument that a healthy individual is sick with candida. The argument is circular. In a person who does have candida the small intestines are actually acid, and people with acid reflux have esophagus pH of 4 or below, including candida, which is still higher, but also acid. The primary metabolism of a candida is sugar, maltose, galactose and other sugar, all these nutrients are primarily acid. The method of killing off candida is alkaline whenever the body's free ammonia are present is the active components that kill off the fungus. The major reason why the world's oceans are so sterile is that its pH are 8 and quite alkaline, otherwise we will have teeming yeast all over the ocean.

When people ferment beer, wine, like the French, grapes pH are primarily acid, needed for the yeast fungus to ferment into alcohol, candida albicans is not different as it is part of a yeast family, in that it's primary food is sugar, like grapes, but grapes are also sour and is how people ferment foods for thousands of years. It's quite difficult to really ferment anything if the solution of grape vine has a pH of 8 or 9. In fact no yeast can survive if the pH is over 9, but many yeast can easily survive if pH is acid at 4 or 5, like the grape juice.

A diseased acquarium fish tanks is no different, whenever the pH reaches below 6, the fungus infects the tanks, but that doesn't happen if it is above 7.

Maybe I'm wrong but I do get reports of people getting cured just using baking soda and acv or just baking soda alone. The baking soda and acv's pH is about 7.5 if you allow it to react completely, where the formula is 2 tablespoons of ACV plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water. Perhaps its all a fluke, but I never hear any success from those who support eating acid forming food to cure yeast or candida problems. Candida also causes heavy metal accumulation and olive oil are also important too. Free radicals metals and acid forming foods often support yeast and fungus growth and this is why some people who take antibiotics have fungus and yeast infections. Antibiotics is a product of yeast, and hence it also tends to support yeast growth, while it may be antibacterial, nearly all antibiotics are acid formng and cause increase in heavy metal accumulation, leading to more free radicals. The acid forming supporters to treat candida just doesn't make sense, and even in laboratory settings, I can't grow candida albicans if the solution on petri dishes are alkaline. Perhaps I' m missing something here, or is it just disinformation. Please see website for the positive feedback received from alkalizing.

Replied by Mandi
Bangkok, Thailand

I hear you and what you are saying is what makes sense.' I guess I just needed to know HOW it worked. I have not taken an antibiotic for years. I freaked out when my kids were babies and gave them a "round" of antibiotics when they were babies with very high fever. It is obvious now that was the beginning of some serious "autistic" symptoms in my son. It is good to have the information on how the antibiotics pollute the body so that I can relay that to my sister and brother who insist on taking them for everything. By the way, I have started with food grade H2O2 in my drinking water-45 drops in my 1/2 gallon container that I drink every day (recommended by Bill from Dancing Algae Company where I ordered the H2O2 from). I will begin with the baking soda-1/4 tsp in a glass of water, morning and eve, for a week (for the candida-still concerned about the borax since I can only find 20 mule team). Then I will add the ACV the next week. Thanks for taking the time to answer. I am grateful.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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I agree with you. I have several cases of children who became ADHD, ADD, and even autistic when they took antibiotics and happens to be quite dangerous especially when they are so young. This can easily be proven when their hair samples have heavy metals that just comes from nowhere and I suspect antibiotics is the cause, at at the very least because research has shown increase in heavy metals, perhaps because it limits the heavy metal excretion. But whatever the case a chemistry 101 will show you that soapy alkaline solutions which helps hydrophobic metals excrete from the kidney while acid forming antibiotics limits hydrophobic metals from excretion, then we see the mechanisms how heavy metals accumulates, at least in children. The heavy metals that accumulate from antibiotic use cause almost a life long learning disability because antibiotics raises heavy metal, lowers immune system because of the fungus in the antibiotics (and this becomes an antibiotic addiction), causes the body to be acid. It is a nightmare to see parents spend years trying to cure the constant infection left by the toxicity of antibiotics. This is one of the biggest unrecognized cause of learning disability in children next to vaccination bringing on ADD, ADHD, and lowered immunity bought on by an initial use of antibiotics, resulting in eczema, skin problems, digestive trouble amongst other. 'It's just too bad there is a lot of disinformation about yeast infection, candida, and uncontrolled antibiotics used in children just to keep the status quo of "business as usual" policy. That's why I have to take a stance on this alkaline issue and why antibiotics are so potentially dangerous. As an example, people think at least in developed countries that nearly everyone has "yeast infections". Yeast infections is virtually unknown in many underdeveloped countries because there's not much use of antibiotics and frequently herbal medicines are still popular. What I think is much of the yeast infections and candida are bought about easier whenever there is a widespread use of antibiotics since antibiotics are made from fungus and obviously a candida gets "protection money" from antibiotics use and becomes easy to infect a person when the body becomes fertile grounds for candida infection, such as high heavy metals, acidic blood, recirulated antibiotic chemicals that prevent bacteria from attacking yeast cells, baking yeast candida the freedom it needs to expand at virtually free from any competing pathogens. p.s. It should be noted that yeast grow in foods with low pH of 6.5 for a candida and most other less infectious yeast grows below pH of 5.0 or lower whenever especially dextrose, maltose (corn syrup), and sucrose sugars are present. During their growth they exist in cheese, meats, syrup and jams. One major sugars that should be avoided I think are the dextrose and the maltose. Interestingly most children and babies that drink milk formula contain dextrose. Yeast infections may be especially more severe if the food has added "maltodextrin" or corn syrup. So this would appear that old fashion sugar is somewhat more safer than foreign sounding sugars used by the sugar industries. Still most sugar should be avoided anyway, yeast needs the sugar like humans need oxygen.

Replied by Kem
San Francisco, Ca, Usa

Being a chronic LT "mysterious" GI disorder patient, I've been treated by a slew of Dr's and just about everything they treated me for (including pain/insomnia) only fueled what seems to be systemic Candida. I'm very frustrated and disheartened since I've tried various anti-candida protocols and seem to be at my all time worst from the process of trying to defeat candida. There is no doubt it is candida, probably not controlled for decades and in fact propelled from all the rx's/mis-dx treatments. I read so much conflicting info about candida it's overwhelming to make any decision about what is true/false or the best path to follow for my journey seeking health/well being, especially considering low funds to try "everything possible".

I wish there was a sure fire one cure to beat Candida but, alas it seems like it's a personal journey which can take decades which I fear I don't have accessible at this juncture. When I go on my weak MEVY route (low strength means hard to cook/clean tend to eat MY with some limited V's) I get backed up and if I eat something with low "fake" sugars things pass (TMI).
When I try something which seems logical, I get scared away from it after reading something saying it's not the right path. I'm far from being in the know and only just starting to get a grasp at all the science of which it's not my strong suit. Have always trusted the dr's and feel like the vast majority failed me in this now 9 years of really ill health and prior decade of declining health.

If a patient like me showed up on your door, what would be your best advice. Does anyone know of an exellent Candida Dr in the SF bay area of Calif>?

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa
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Kem, next time you go to MD ask for the fallowing test: Candida IgG (quantitative) Candida IgA (quantitative) Candida IgM (quantitative), to be sure if indeed this is your problem; otherwise you could be dealing w/ Toxic Black Mold (which is also a fungus but NOT Candida). Also there is a possibility that you have some type of Intestinal Parasitic Infestation (w/ or without Candida). If you have any combination of the aforementioned OR you have some type of Zenobiotic or Heavy Metals, then this would explain the vanity of your efforts at conquering "Candida".

For starters do a 30 day Parasite Cleanse. "HumaWorm" is proly the best herbal on the market but is a little pricey compared to many standard formulas. Two often overlooked products for Candida are ---Caprylic Acid and Glutamine. Take whole body hot baths of Povidine Iodine or Borax (rotate) to help the toxic overload of pathogens. Brown Seaweed or Sodium Alginate taken orally will bring immediate relief by absorbing harmful mycotoxins that accumulate in the gut. The mineral Chromium and the herb Cinnamon (Cinnamon is also anticandidal) help the burning of sugars into energy instead of fermentation. MolyB helps prevent buildup of toxic byproduct of Candida fermentation ---aldehyde.

The MMS protocols would certainly clear out most any harmful body invaders.

Replied by Lucian
Cabot, Ar

Does anyone know if you can use tannin (found in wine making supply stores) in place of tannic acid? I don't know if Ted can answer this.

Replied by Jo

Hi, I am looking for safe cures of candida for my 7 year old daughter. She is currently on a probiotic and taking VCO daily. She is also on a herbals product (black walnut, clove) for parasites. I have also heard that pau d'Arco is fabulous for treating candida, but is it OK for kids to take? My daughter had many antibiotics as a baby for recurrent ear infections... If only I knew then what I now know...... We are looking at diet changes; no yeast/fruit/carbs etc... Just wondering if anyone has any other ideas to add to what we are doin? Thankyou so much.. Blessings to you all xx